HS Sign Shop Team

Jason Jellis

Long before he earned his degree in graphic design, Jason inherited a “can do” attitude from his father who inherited it from his father and so on. We think this South Dakota native can do about anything – graphic design, interior design, trade show graphics, IT and more. Jason says that, more than anything, event production sends him to his happy place, but as far as we can tell, he lives in his happy place. No matter what his day looks like or what impossible tasks he has on his schedule, he does it with a smile and makes it look easy.


Graphic Design


Event Staging and Installation


Classic Car Restoration


Mike Bolton

Professionally speaking, Michael has spent the past 10+ years in the printing industry – screen printing to be more specific. But he’s also had the chance to refine his skills in large format printing. Having been born and raised in rural South Dakota, Michael got a relatively early start in the “working world,” helping his grandfather with his lawn mowing business.

Growing up in a small town helped instill a real commitment to assisting “neighbors” with just about any issue, concern, or problem that came up. Most who know him would attest that Michael doesn’t need the full knowledge – of say, household plumbing or electrical work – to work through things and find a solution.


Printing on Assorted Substrates


Production and Detail


Beard Growth


Brady Oolman

Brady has worked in graphic design and large format printing since 2017. He specializes in being able to take a wide variety of projects, envision them, create them, and get them out the door and installed.

When Brady isn’t growing his design portfolio, he can be found hanging with friends and family, lifting weights or playing men’s league hockey. He also loves food and assures us, “Yes, that is a hobby!”


Graphic Design and Print Production


Vinyl Installation


Scoring Goals in Beer League Hockey