HS Sign Shop Team


Eric Van Beek

A native of Rock Valley, Iowa, Eric has lived in Sioux Falls for the last 17 years. Eric understands every aspect of the large format industry. From estimates to design to application…If you have questions, Eric has answers. In addition to his broad array of signage and wrapping work, Eric has a distinctive voice that has been used in commercials and radio broadcasting all over the United States. He’s also a Beatles fan – so much so that he and his wife were in a Beatles tribute band. He’s hoping that he and his wife and kids can eventually start one of those annoying family bands. Fingers Crossed.


Vinyl Wrap Application


Large Format Printing and Production


Beatles Bass Lines


Jason Jellis

Long before he earned his degree in graphic design, Jason inherited a “can do” attitude from his father who inherited it from his father and so on. We think this South Dakota native can do about anything – graphic design, interior design, trade show graphics, IT and more. Jason says that, more than anything, event production sends him to his happy place, but as far as we can tell, he lives in his happy place. No matter what his day looks like or what impossible tasks he has on his schedule, he does it with a smile and makes it look easy.


Graphic Design


Event Staging and Installation


Classic Car Restoration


Justin Vanden Bosch

In addition to making a strong first impression himself, Justin makes memorable vehicle wraps, signs and large format graphics that generate tens of thousands of impressions for clients. Justin received an Associates Degree in Marketing and Graphic Communications from Southeast Tech, and with over 12 years of sign shop experience under his (tool) belt, he’s an expert in creating marketing that maximizes the message. He became a 3M Certified installer in 2010. Born in Sheldon, Iowa, Justin has been in South Dakota since he finished high school. He loves raising his young family in Harrisburg, and as a graphics installation specialist, he raises the profile of brands in the area with amazing signage, vehicle wraps and large format graphics.


Vinyl Wrap Application


Large Format Printing & Production


Beard Game