Sign Shop FAQ


Vehicle Wrap FAQs

What is a vehicle wrap?

We can do vehicle wraps on all different shapes and sizes of vehicles. Wraps start out as large sheets of adhesive-backed vinyl film designed specifically to be applied to a vehicle. They come in a wide variety of styles and finishes – from matte, satin or gloss finishes, to chrome, “carbon fiber” and beyond. We can do printed designs containing photos, imagery, graphics, textures, branded elements or “accents” on vehicle features such as trims, spoilers, hoods, trunks and roofs.

Can I wash my wrapped vehicle?

Hand washing is the best way to keep your wrapped vehicle clean. Avoid high pressure car wash systems as they can damage the adhesive around the edges. It is okay to run it through a normal car wash as long as it is not high pressure.

Can I wax my wrapped vehicle?

There is no need to wax a vehicle with a full wrap. If your vehicle is only partially wrapped, you can use wax on the exposed paint, but make sure to remove any buildup along the edge of the graphics.

How long do vinyl, vehicle wraps last?

It depends on the materials you want used for your wrap. We can install a temporary wrap that is easily removable and is great for your short-term needs, or we can install a high performance wrap that has a 5-7 year lifespan, depending on conditions, care and overall treatment.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

No. The materials we use actually protect your paint job from minor scratches. Unless there has been previous damage, vehicle wraps will protect your paint against sun overexposure, chips and abrasions. The vinyl can also be removed after your promotion ends, leaving your original paint job in the same condition it was before it was covered. What can damage your paint job is an improper installation or removal.

How do I prepare my vehicle before the wrap?

Bring us a freshly washed vehicle and we’ll take care of the rest!

Custom Displays & Wall Wraps FAQs

How long will my custom diplay sign/wrap last?

Whether you’re looking for a short-term display or a long-term wrap, our HS Sign Shop experts will work with you to pick out the right materials that match the conditions and length of time you need your custom display to last. We’ve made signs for weekend events as well as long term signage that can last indefinitely.

Do you deliver and install the display or wrap?

We can handle all of your delivery and installation needs – contact us for more information.

When will I receive my display or wrap?

We will be able to give you an estimate on delivery when we can factor in the complexity and size of your particular project.

Are there standards in sizes or colors I have to adhere to?

We can create signs in virtually any size or color you would need – from wrapping a box to an entire building, we can do it, in any color of the rainbow. Our graphic design team can consult with you regarding a recommended color palette, if you need.

Donor Displays FAQs

What is a donor display?

A donor display recognizes and honors those who’ve contributed to a certain cause by name at your office or institution.

Would my donor display have to be permanent?

No, we can create a donor display for you that can be temporary or permanent – it’s up to you.

Why should I have a donor display?

If your donor display is done properly, it should not only honor those who’ve made a financial contribution, it should inspire more people to give even more. We’ve seen donors so moved by seeing their name in a display that they made another contribution right then and there.

Does it have to be just a boring listing of names?

It certainly doesn’t have to be. Our experts and graphic design team can come up with a dazzling display that will draw attention, fit in with your brand and be an attractive addition to your space on its own terms.

Event Banners & Staging Displays FAQs

What are staging displays?

We can create event banners and  staging displays that range from A-frames, tents, trade show booths, table skirting, backdrop banners, pop-up displays, digital display boards or kiosks that work great for a convention or trade show. We can create or recommend component parts that you can use in a more permanent setting after the show is done.

How long will it take to make my event banner or staging display?

It depends on the size of the project and the material that you would like to use. Contact us for more information and we’ll happily discuss an estimate with you.

Will you help with installation and set up?

Absolutely. We can assist you in the delivery, installation and set up of your booth, and also give you advice on proper storage as well as any possibilities that component parts of the booth may have to be used in a more permanent manner.

I need something bigger than a banner – can you make that?

Yes, we can! We’d be happy to discuss a custom wall wrap if you’d like to make a BIG impression in your space.

Signage FAQs

How long will my sign last?

It depends on whether you’re having signage made for the indoors or outdoors, and the material we use to create your sign. Our experts will be able to give you an estimate on longevity when we have more information about the type of sign and the location where it will be.

How long will it take to make my sign?

We strive to complete your sign as soon as we possibly can, but it depends on the size, materials and complexity of your project. We will be able to give you an estimate when we have your project’s specific information. Contact us for more details.

Will I have to maintain my sign?

Depending on the weather conditions and the type of material used to create your sign, it may need to be cleaned over time. We will provide specific recommendations on sign maintenance depending on the location and type of sign you’re having made.

What if I have a copyrighted image in my sign?

You need to make sure you have permission from the owner of the copyright before we can create that sign for you. If you are not the authorized copyright holder for the image, then we need a release from the copyright holder.