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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps – Getting Noticed Beyond the Streets

Vehicle Wraps – Getting Noticed Beyond the Streets

By Vehicle Wraps

So wrapping a vehicle — or entire fleet of vehicles — offers lots of benefits. The HS Sign Shop has spoken extensively about the extremely low cost per impression of having your business featured on your vehicle. Driving around town or to a job immediately gets your company name in front of new eyeballs, in new places.

What else does a branded vehicle wrap say about your business? And how can you make the most of those impressions?

Impressions Matter

As we’ve discussed, vehicle wraps are an extremely cost effective way to get a large number of impressions (or views). But what about the impression you make with your brand?

Vehicle wraps say you’re proud of your business, you take it seriously and you are open for more business. They show you pay attention to detail, and that’s something every customer wants.

Making the Most of Those Impressions

With vinyl vehicles wraps — and the countless variations of materials out there — the branding possibilities are endless. So, how do you make the most out of them? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my logo clean, reflined and up-to-date? Am I excited to feature it prominently?
  • What colors not only reflect my logo, but also my line of business? And will it stand out?
  • What do I want a viewer to do? Call? Visit the URL? Scan a QR code?
  • Am I matching the message to the medium? i.e.
    – We’re Driven.
    – Next Stop? Your Home.

In short, bold colors, short messaging and a design tailored to your vehicle’s shape and company business will go a long way towards making the most of your impressions.

Don’t Forget to Park

Well, parking seems like an obvious thing. But think about where you park, too. You can strategically park your vehicle fleet in high traffic areas or good visibility spots on your own property. It’s just one more way to stretch the impact of your message a bit further.

If you’re considering vehicle messaging to help gain attention for your business, contact HS today.

Jefferson High School Show Choir Trailer Wrap

Your Vehicle Fleet is Your Voice

By Vehicle Wraps

Everyone already knows South Dakota weather and roads can be tough on vehicles. And if you’re in a business where you have a commercial fleet or set of work vehicles, you probably know this all too well.

Vehicle appearance is especially important to businesses because it represents your voice, your brand and reflects your attention to detail. Vehicle wraps for your commercial fleet are one way to not only advertise your business, but also protect your vehicle.

The Benefits of a Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicles

First off, let’s talk about the structural benefits of wrapping your commercial vehicle.

  • It can protect your finish from abrasions and scratches
  • Wrapping lasts a long time, but is easily removable when the time comes
  • Generally, it is much more affordable than painting
  • And, it can help protect the resale value of your vehicles

Gone are the days of sticky stickers and messy applications. Today’s vinyl materials and technologies are easy to install and uninstall with the help of  specialists like the team at HS Sign Shop.

The benefits are not only practical and structural, they’re cosmetic, too:

  • There are countless design choices and colors
  • Individual parts or sections can be wrapped separately
  • And, it’s an easy way to update your look

Not to mention, we haven’t even touched on perhaps the greatest benefit: Advertising your business!

A Vehicle Fleet as Powerful Moving Billboards

Because you are always on the move, there is hardly a better value than a vehicle wrap. Our own HS wrapped van receives thousands of impressions a day when we’re on the go – and hundreds a day when we’re parked!

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. A consistent look to your vehicle fleet helps the public recall you when they eventually need your service. It also shows you value professionalism in your appearance and work.

And the costs per impression are some of the least expensive in the advertising industry. So for a little bit of fleet inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

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Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

By Vehicle Wraps

It’s been said there are two sides to every story. But truthfully, there’s probably a lot more than that. At least that’s how we look at it at the HS Sign Shop. When it came time to wrap our own van, we took a two-sided approach.

Getting the Most Out of Our Own Motorized Billboard

HenkinSchultz has our own vehicle we use for a variety of delivery and sign-shop related duties. It’s a 2019 RAM Promaster. And like all vehicles, it has many sides. When it came time to update our own vehicle art, we decided to make the most of it.

Unlike a digital billboard or other more permanent signage, there really are no laws regulating the size of lettering or what you can display on your vehicle.

“That allows you a lot more creativity when designing for a vehicle,” says HS Sign Shop specialist, Jason Jellis. “You can use the entire space if you want.”

In the case of HS’s vehicle, our designers decided to use one side to promote the HS Sign Shop and the other side to promote the value of creativity and making an impression. In addition, because the van represents our work, we even included a photograph of our building on the rear latch doors.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped

A Lot of Impressions for Very Few Dollars

Making an impression is always the goal of good advertising. Depending on needs, our team will recommend a variety of platforms and locations for marketing, where we evaluate potential reach, audience, and cost.

When the situation calls for getting in front of as many people as possible, you can’t beat the bang for your buck you get from a vehicle wrap.

We are always on the move and visiting different cities and locations across the region, and our van consistently pulls in hundreds, if not thousands of impressions a day, even when it’s parked.

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. Consistent branding and a noticeable look of a vehicle will help the public recall brands.

After a few months, people often start recognizing vehicles from blocks away without having to read the copy. That level of brand recall is hard to match, and by implementing this strategy as part of your marketing mix, you can connect with people across multiple traditional and digital touchpoints.

Making a Vehicle Wrap Work for Your Business

Every business with a company vehicle, from plumbing businesses to healthcare organizations, can benefit from a vehicle wrap. Our specialists work individually with each client to make sure the wrap conveys the right message and achieves a visually appealing look that matches brand standards.

For a gallery of inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped
Vehicle Graphics: 6 Reasons to Advertise on 4 Wheels

Vehicle Graphics: 6 Reasons to Advertise on 4 Wheels

By Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics:

HS Sign Shop has talked a lot about the value of vehicle wraps and vehicle signage. Besides branding your company, there are a lot of reasons to consider vehicle graphics for your four-wheel fleet.

1. Eyeballs at every turn

When you see a branded vehicle at an intersection, parking lot or out and about town, you can’t click off it. Traffic volume in your area is likely higher than you think. Your vehicle becomes a form of advertising, a driving commercial, and there’s no way to fast forward through it. The more you drive, the more you’re advertising. You can have virtually unlimited exposure around your community.

2. It’s easy to stand out

Car wraps can range from simple window decals to full vinyl wraps. The opportunities are endless. But more importantly, they are a way to stand out. Most consumer or fleet vehicles look a lot alike, a lot of them are plain white in color or similar in model. When you brand your vehicle, you’re already standing out in the crowd. The human eye is always attracted to something different.

3. Use the assets you already have

With vehicle signage and branding, you are using the assets you already have, like putting a sign on the side of your building. Except, this is a building that drives. The only additional investment you’re making is the signage itself and today’s technology makes that much more affordable than you might think.

4. It’s easy to update

In the past, you perhaps painted vehicles or had sticky decals that are hard to remove. That’s just not the case anymore. Today’s vinyl applications can be easily removed should you wish to update your look. Change out your messaging on one area of the vehicle or update an entire vehicle if you’re rebranding.

5. Wraps Protect Your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps and decals actually protect your vehicle’s finish. There is no harm to the exterior of the vehicle should you remove them. And those little dings, chips and scrapes on your paint are a lot less likely.

6. It Doesn’t Matter How Many Wheels You Have

Sure, we’re mostly talking about four wheels, but that isn’t all HS Sign Shop does. We’ve wrapped about any object or vehicle you can imagine: boats, RV’s, semi trailers, motorcycles and more. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

For a gallery of inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our vehicle specialists today.

Fleet Graphics and Vehicle Branding Make Moving Impressions

By Vehicle Wraps

One of the most important things about branding is consistency. Consistency should happen in all aspects of your business from customer service, to product, to even your signage and vehicle fleet graphics. Make the most of your existing brand with a car, truck or van vehicle sign.

Promote Your Business With Fleet Graphics

Branding your vehicle fleet is one of the simplest ways to promote your business, whatever your business is. If you have a fleet of vehicles, it’s important that they look their best from top to bottom. This includes them being clean and detailed, of course. But they can also be driving billboards with the help of HS Sign Shop.

Put Your Vehicles to Work For You

One of the beauties of fleet graphics is you can put them to work for you while your team is working.

Take Sioux Falls, for example. Sioux Falls has a population of just under 200,000 people, not to mention the thousands who commute to do business here. 41st and Louise and 57th and Louise are two of the busiest intersections in the city.

That’s a lot of impressions as you go to and from a job or delivery. This page on our website does a good job of breaking down those numbers for you.

HS sign shop has branded vehicles of every shape, size and color from full designs to simple logo marks. We’ve wrapped:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Trailers
  • Semis
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • And more!

The options are as endless as your imagination. And once our team sits down with you to brainstorm, you’re one step closer to maximizing the power of your vehicle.

Rebranding and Vehicle Signage

Another area where vehicle signage becomes very useful is re-branding or launching a new campaign, like Culligan Water. What better way to refresh your image than to refresh your vehicles with high-quality car wraps and car decals. The HS Sign Shop has done fleet graphics for Culligan Water for years and they are now launching a new wrap design.

culligan water wrapped van

Updating your fleet can be a very powerful form of unveiling your brand or new idea or even new product. As we’ve mentioned earlier, very few marketing options get as many impressions as a branded fleet that makes its way around town every day.

What’s more our team at HS sign shop makes the process very easy. We handle the entire fleet branding process completely in-house from start to finish. One of our HS Sign Shop pros will consult with you on your goals, your colors and any rebrand or redesign.

We’ll set goals for your project, a reasonable budget and make sure there are no surprises. Our process, and more importantly, our professional designers, help ensure you are thrilled with the end outcome.

If we’ve piqued your interest, reach out to HS Sign Shop today. One of brilliant gifted sign techs would be happy to talk to you. Or check this out for inspiration.

Oxi Fresh van wrap

Cool Van Wrap Client Feature: Oxi Fresh

By Vehicle Wraps

Custom branding on company vehicles simply brings more attention to a business.

In fact, Americans drive approximately 11,498 miles each year according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Meaning, fleet advertising can generate thousands of daily impressions on the road!

For our Oxi Fresh client, investing marketing dollars in a van wrap just made sense. Find out why this type of advertising is effective and has potential for marketing your business.

Company Signage on the Road

A van wrap is essentially a business’s mobile billboard on wheels.

Van or RV wrap graphics are typically digitally-printed with vinyl by professional sign shop experts who have experience with large-format printing. The wrap graphics can be printed to fully or partially cover the vehicle. This type of signage can even cover the windows as it won’t get in the way of a driver’s line of sight on the road.

Reasons to apply vinyl graphics to company vans:

  • Business or service is new.
  • Undergoing an updated logo or rebrand.
  • Running a campaign.
  • Need to replace outdated or old graphics.
  • Purchased new fleet vehicles.

Check out our vehicle wrap FAQ to learn more.

Promote Services with Van Wrap Graphics like Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh van wrap

Did you know that 97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles versus only 19% for billboard advertising? In a single day you can get thousands of impressions from possible clients. Whether you’re driving the vehicle down the busiest street or parking it in front of your business, you’ll be getting noticed.

Oxi Fresh’s van does an excellent job of promoting their services, phone number, and website. Plus, the bright blue and images of foamy soap bubbles really make it stand out from other vehicles.

Benefits of van wraps:

  • Displays an image of professionalism for a company.
  • Helps to stand out from competitors.
  • Builds trust and brand recognition.
  • Cost effective form of advertising.
  • Protects vehicle from scratches.
  • Nondisruptive way of marketing on the road.

Get cool van wrap inspiration, and let us know what works best for your company!

Contact the HS Sign Shop for a Full Van Wrap Cost

Whether you already have the graphics ready for your commercial van wrap project, or if you need our designers to create a customized look that’s right for you, we can design, print and install whatever you need.

Our HS Sign Shop experts have 40+ years of combined experience with large format graphics.

Contact us for a quote and learn more about what we can do for your fleet advertising!

Vehicle Wraps: Moving Billboards that Catch Attention

By Vehicle Wraps

Is your marketing on the move?

A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to advertise your business. This form of signage is essentially a moving billboard that is able to capture attention wherever it goes.

Turning a vehicle into an advertising medium doesn’t cost as much as you might think, and is extremely effective considering the amount of impressions you receive.

Let’s get into why wrapping your vehicle is a good investment.

A Good Marketing Investment that Pays

Fleet advertising is the most affordable way to spread the word about your business and services. When you compare what a wrap costs to the amount of impressions you get, it makes the investment well worth it.

In fact, one vehicle wrap can reach up to 50,000 views a month on average. And, 97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles vs. 19% for billboards. Talk about driving awareness!

High-performance wraps that aren’t temporary last for 5-7 years, depending on how well the wrap is taken care of. In total, the lifetime of a vehicle wrap can bring your business over 40,000,000 impressions!

Regardless of all that attention, vehicle wrap graphics build trust for your brand as they project an image of professionalism on the road. This can help you stand out from the competition even further.

That’s not just good marketing, that’s brilliance.

Optimize Your Fleet with a Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle wrap graphics can form to any shape, size, or type of automobile.

If you’re searching for car wrap companies, consider the HS Sign Shop. From the design to the installation, we can morph your ideas into reality. Whether you need a temporary or high-performance wrap, we have your vehicle branding covered — literally.

We recommend reviewing frequently asked questions on vehicle wraps to learn more about the process.

Sign Your Vehicles to Maximize Your Marketing

Turn your company vehicle into your own moving billboard to maximize your marketing budgets.

Start by requesting a fast, free quote. The HS Sign Shop will give you a price range for a vehicle wrap based on your needs!

Kinds of vehicle wraps

Top 3 Types of Vehicle Wrap Graphics

By Vehicle Wraps

Our vehicle wrap designs come in all shapes and sizes.

The flexibility of vinyl makes it possible to create and install a custom wrap for any vehicle — whether that be a car, truck, van, RV, or trailer.

While we can make whichever type of vinyl wrap work for you, we typically categorize these vehicle wraps into three different types: die-cut, partial, or full.

Comparison of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Wraps start out as large sheets of adhesive-backed, vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application. They come in an array of styles and finishes – from matte, satin or gloss finishes, to chrome and beyond. Printed designs containing your logo, photos, graphics, textures, or branded elements are all options.

Here’s a comparison of the three most common types of vinyl wraps the HS Sign Shop team offers.

Die-Cut Vinyl Custom Wrap:

truck vehicle wrap

A die-cut vinyl wrap adds a touch of design to your windows or vehicle body.

This is an affordable option for adding branding to your company’s fleet. By placing your business name, logo, and website on a vehicle, you’re able to create brand awareness while driving around.

The high amount of impressions you’ll receive of your business name alone makes the return on investment worth it.

Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap:

Waterbury vehicle wrap

A partial vinyl wrap provides design coverage for only a portion of the vehicle. This option often ranges from ⅓ to ⅔ of your vehicle being covered with a vinyl wrap.

This works well for your business’s service vans and vehicles. With your brand’s colors, logo, and list of services, you’re able to tell a quick story on what your company can offer to potential customers.

Full Vinyl Custom Wrap:

galaxy gaming full truck wrap

A full vinyl wrap covers the entire vehicle.

This type of vinyl wrap makes a bold statement. It gives you a wide canvas to play with and enhances your opportunity for getting noticed while on the road. Eye-catching graphics cover the body of the vehicle and windows without disrupting your line of sight while driving.

If you need to amp up your fleet advertising, a full custom wrap will successfully do the trick.

Let’s Wrap Up…

That’s a wrap on the different types of vehicle custom graphics.

From concept to installation, we can make your project come to life for advertising on the road. Vinyl wraps are able to be installed as a temporary wrap that is easily removable or as a more permanent wrap that typically lasts between 5-7 years (depending on overall treatment).

Interested in hiring the HS Sign Shop team for your vehicle signage needs? Request a fast, free quote. Contact us for a quote and we’ll give you a price range for a vehicle wrap based on your needs!

vehicle wrap services

Commercial Vehicle Wraps: A Great Investment for the New Year

By Vehicle Wraps

Custom branding on vehicles is on the move.

And so are we. On average, Americans drive approximately 11,498 miles each year according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

It makes sense that vehicle advertising generates thousands of daily impressions on the road.

Get to know more about this type of advertising, why it’s effective, and how you can customize your company vehicles with our help!

Take Your Company Signage Ideas on the Road

A vehicle wrap is simply a digitally-printed mobile billboard on wheels. It is commonly printed on vinyl by professional sign shop experts.

Vehicle graphics tend to be eye-catching. A business is able to select either a full wrap covering the entire vehicle or a partial wrap. Wraps can go over the windows and won’t get in the way of your line of sight while driving.

Here are a variety of reasons to consider a wrap or graphics for your vehicle:

  • Your business or service is new.
  • You are undergoing an updated logo or rebrand.
  • You’re running a campaign.
  • You need to replace outdated or old graphics.
  • You purchased new fleet vehicles.

Check out our vehicle wrap FAQ to learn more.

Impact of a Full Vehicle Wrap Versus Other Forms of Advertising

Print advertising for a newspaper can run at about $23.70 per thousand people who see it. In comparison, a vehicle wrap is estimated to cost only 35 cents per thousand eyeballs.

This form of advertising is one of the most affordable mediums out there. Besides affordability, vehicle wraps are effective too.

97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles versus only 19% for billboard advertising. In a single day you can get thousands of impressions from possible clients. Whether you’re driving the vehicle down the busiest street or parking it in front of your business, you’ll be getting noticed.

It also projects an image of professionalism on your company, building trust and making you stand out among competitors.

Get Custom & Cool Van Wrap Designs

Whether you already have the graphics ready for your vehicle wrap project, or if you need our designers to create a customized look that’s right for you, we can design, print and install whatever you need.

When choosing a type of vehicle wrap, here are some things to consider:

  • What your ideal budget is
  • How much exposure you would like to have
  • What will fit your brand and marketing efforts best
  • What will fit the message you want to convey best

Get car wrap inspiration, and let us know what catches your eye!

Contact the HS Sign Shop for a Full Vehicle Wrap Cost

Fleet advertising is one of the most affordable ways to spread the word about a business or service. HS Sign Shop experts customize vehicles of all kinds — and budgets.

Our sign shop experts have 40+ years of combined experience with large format graphics. Whether you need a truck, van, trailer, or car wrap, we have you covered on the design and installation.

Get a fast, free quote from the HS Sign Shop! Contact us for a quote and learn more about what we can do for your company signage!

trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

How to Celebrate America with a Really Cool Matte Trailer Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

When you have some fun UTV side-by-side toys, they need a trailer. And when you get inspired with a trailer wrap design, you need HS Sign Shop.

Inspired and Patriotic Trailer Wrap Ideas

The HS Sign Shop received a lead through their Get a Quote form on their website. What followed was an inspired and patriotic trailer wrap that really got the gang excited.

The client had a few ideas on how to add design to her and her husband’s utility trailer. The black 16 foot trailer was in pristine condition with a high gloss black finish. The customer researched some ideas online and asked HS Sign Shop to help.

The goal was to put matte black on a gloss finish for a subtle yet attention getting look. The flag would stand out – and you could still pick up some nice reflections from the factory gloss paint. As the Sign Shop guys put it, “A very cool effect.”

They settled on Dead Matte Black vinyl material. It had no reflection whatsoever and looked amazing against the trailer.

Going Big with Trailer Design

As most wrap projects go, there is always good collaboration on design. The client shared a few ideas she had researched and we offered a few options.

One option was a smaller more subtle flag design. The other was grander in scale with a full flag nearly spanning the whole side of the trailer. The owner loved it – and we adapted it for both sides, using flag standards. To drive by it – on either side – is to see the flag unfurled with the wind.

While the trailer continues to make quite an impression, it was an economical build too. The black on black process did not require a full wrap. That meant less material. The original gloss black paint is the backdrop. The flag itself is produced in house from contour cut vinyl.

Consequently, the cost of the wrap was very budget friendly. The client was happy with the price and quality and they continue to turn heads as they travel out and about this July.

trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

Do you get inspired by something you’ve seen? If you’re wondering if the HS Sign Shop can do it, they probably can. Check out our before and after pictures to see just what we can do and if you want to learn more, contact the HS Sign Shop today.