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trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

How to Celebrate America with a Really Cool Matte Trailer Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

When you have some fun UTV side-by-side toys, they need a trailer. And when you get inspired with a trailer wrap design, you need HS Sign Shop.

Inspired and Patriotic Trailer Wrap Ideas

The HS Sign Shop received a lead through their Get a Quote form on their website. What followed was an inspired and patriotic trailer wrap that really got the gang excited.

The client had a few ideas on how to add design to her and her husband’s utility trailer. The black 16 foot trailer was in pristine condition with a high gloss black finish. The customer researched some ideas online and asked HS Sign Shop to help.

The goal was to put matte black on a gloss finish for a subtle yet attention getting look. The flag would stand out – and you could still pick up some nice reflections from the factory gloss paint. As the Sign Shop guys put it, “A very cool effect.”

They settled on Dead Matte Black vinyl material. It had no reflection whatsoever and looked amazing against the trailer.

Going Big with Trailer Design

As most wrap projects go, there is always good collaboration on design. The client shared a few ideas she had researched and we offered a few options.

One option was a smaller more subtle flag design. The other was grander in scale with a full flag nearly spanning the whole side of the trailer. The owner loved it – and we adapted it for both sides, using flag standards. To drive by it – on either side – is to see the flag unfurled with the wind.

While the trailer continues to make quite an impression, it was an economical build too. The black on black process did not require a full wrap. That meant less material. The original gloss black paint is the backdrop. The flag itself is produced in house from contour cut vinyl.

Consequently, the cost of the wrap was very budget friendly. The client was happy with the price and quality and they continue to turn heads as they travel out and about this July.

trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

Do you get inspired by something you’ve seen? If you’re wondering if the HS Sign Shop can do it, they probably can. Check out our before and after pictures to see just what we can do and if you want to learn more, contact the HS Sign Shop today.

RV wrap

When a Big Cause Meets a Big RV Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

For Ed Hoffman, retiring from the TV business was never going to be a true retirement. After over two decades, he was ready to pursue some other passions. One of them was his love of RV-ing in South Dakota – and around the country. Another was his passion for motorcycle safety, helmet use and social responsibility.

A Forty-Foot Idea

Hoffman has always loved motorcycles. And anyone that rides regularly has unfortunately seen an accident, or even several, in their day. Hoffman was no exception. When his friend from South Dakota Rides approached him with an idea for his new RV, he was receptive.

South Dakota Rides advocates for motorcycle riding in the state, providing maps, weather and event information. But more importantly, it is a fierce advocate organization for helmets, safety and training. Hoffman had just recently purchased the new 40-foot RV. South Dakota Rides asked if he would advocate for the organization, on his RV, and share their message around the state.

Hoffman loved the cause marketing idea and agreed to wrap his RV with safety messaging. But with it being a brand new vehicle. Hoffman had some big ideas of his own. That’s where HS Sign Shop came in.

Vinyl Wrapping from Top to Tires

It was a project several weeks in the making. HS Sign Shop was tasked with helping conceptualize what the RV design would be.

We got together to take measurements and began kicking around ideas until something stuck. That’s usually how these big projects begin.

Jason JellisHS Sign Shop Specialist

Hoffman loves South Dakota and knew he didn’t want just another big ad on wheels. He wanted to:

  • Showcase the state’s beauty
  • Showcase the reasons people ride
  • Have a personal message
  • Make an impact wherever he stopped
  • And most importantly, bring attention to the safety message

Our graphics and installation specialists proposed several ideas to Hoffman and together, they settled on a design. The passenger side featured what is essentially a stunning, driving mural of the Badlands with a pair of motorcycle riders in the foreground.

The passenger side shared a personal line from his friend Renee who had survived a terrible motorcycle accident. “On August 2nd, 2018, my helmet saved my life. — Renee” The image was shot in HenkinSchultz’s studio and features Renee holding her severely cracked helmet. She stands in the foreground of Mount Rushmore and stands as a powerful testimonial to wear a helmet.

Wrapped in vinyl from front to back, the beautiful RV also displays the South Dakota Rides logo and corresponding URLs, including Drive Safe SD. Together, it makes a “wow” statement. And wow statements promote causes.

Hoffman says the RV is already making an impact for good. “Everywhere we go we are a huge hit,” says Hoffman. “We have had many people asking if they can share photos of it on their website and social media. The answer was “yes” of course.”

Making an Impact By the Numbers

HS Sign Shop estimates over 1,000 feet of vinyl wrap went into the project. With a project this size, there are countless handles, mirrors, latches etc. to disassemble. What was reassembled was a driving work of art with a very important message on helmet safety.

It is estimated that a vehicle wrap can receive between 30,000 to 80,000 impressions per day. That adds up to around 40,000,000 impressions over the vehicle’s lifetime. And with the miles Hoffman plans on putting on, our bet is he’ll get more.

But of all these numbers, a few remain most important: Raising awareness; increasing the number of helmet riders; and lowering the number of helmet fatalities. That’s the really rewarding part about completing a job of this nature. Doing good.

Do you have a cause or a business that needs to make an impression? Talk to HS Sign Shop and we can brainstorm a solution to support your marketing program. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery.

Tesla vehicle wrap - flat black - hood view

Matte Black Vehicle Wrap Transforms Tesla

By Vehicle Wraps

The Tesla Model 3 is a unique car to begin with. It is fully electric with enhanced autopilot and three exterior cameras. Plus, it has a very minimalist design with a button free interior. To put it mildly, it is one sleek car. When a client approached HenkinSchultz about a matte black custom vehicle wrap finish, the HS Sign Shop team couldn’t wait to tackle this Tesla.

Going from Chrome to Matte Black

The Telsa came to HS Sign Shop with a glossy black finish and chrome detailing. “Dechroming” or a “chrome delete” is the process of hiding or covering chrome with vinyl. The popularity of this vehicle trend is growing.

Some choose chemicals to dechrome, painting is an option, even sandblasting. But vinyl wrap is a sensible and economic choice. Matte black is an attractive option, because it hides the chrome while still giving it a sleek finish and accent. In this case, the HS Sign Shop team covered the:

  • side view mirrors
  • window borders
  • door handles
  • Tesla emblems

Tesla Model 3 Before & After

Custom Vehicle Wrap Requires the Indoors

Doing anything in South Dakota subzero temperatures is difficult. A custom wrap on a vehicle? Impossible. Thankfully, the HS Sign Shop team has ‘Rowena Bay’, the name for their installation space just outside Sioux Falls.

The Rowena Bay stall provided plenty of space – and warmth – for the team to go to work on the Tesla. The brand new car was in pristine condition, but the prep work still requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. Every surface area must be detailed to ensure proper application.

They used 3M Matte Black for the entire exterior and if you look closely, you would never know the vehicle didn’t come out of the assembly line that way. “It’s always fun to work on something that requires that much detail,” says HS Sign Shop Graphics Installation Specialist Justin Vanden Bosch. “You love to walk away from a project like that and see the rewards of your work.”

Finishing Touches and the Benefits of Vinyl

To complete the new sleek matte look, the owner added matte black wheels to accent the wrap finish. It’s safe to say you will notice this car coming and the owner will be a happy driver for years to come.

In addition to be an economical option over painting, vinyl wrapping has many other benefits. It protects your original paint and is 100% removable. Vinyl has a finish that resists and wears much better than paint. Furthermore, it does not affect your warranty or lease agreement.

To learn more about the benefits of vinyl vehicle wraps, and how they’re not just for advertising anymore, contact the HS Sign Shop.

School Pride? Wrap Your School Ride.

By Vehicle Wraps

It’s that great time of year where the music of marching bands wakes you up in the morning. The sounds of drums and trumpets – hopefully in the distance. School is back in session and that means Friday night games, concerts, plays, competitions and a whole lot of school pride. And if you’re wanting to show your school pride, HS Sign Shop can help wrap your ride.

Whether your school trailer is hauling around football pads or band equipment, it can be wrapped. The look is seamless and very clean. Imaging your school name, mascot, bold colors and a driving advertisement for your school pride. HS Sign Shop has completed a few trailer designs lately with outstanding results. So even if your team happens to drop that Friday night thriller, you can look great doing it. And it’s much less cost prohibitive than you may think.

But it’s not just trailers that can be wrapped. Virtually about anything can be wrapped or applied with vinyl. Buses. Vans. Doors. Walls. Windows. Dividers. Gym Floors. You get the idea. Once, we even wrapped an entire RV. Talk about teamwork.

So if you’re excited about the upcoming school year, but less than thrilled about your ride, talk to HS Sign Shop. We can help kick the year off right – and wrap your ride!

Hot Harley Nights Logo trailer side

New Design Makes Big Noise for Hot Harley Nights

By Vehicle Wraps

When the HS Sign Shop announced our Wanna Winna Wrap contest, we had no idea how many would enter, who would enter – and least of all who would win our vehicle wrap giveaway. But we knew we would have a fun challenge no matter what. Much to our delight, the winner was J&L Harley Davidson’s Hot Harley Nights – a Sioux Falls biking tradition raising money for Make-A-Wish South Dakota.

Hot Harley Nights was established by J&L Harley-Davidson in 1996 to raise money for Make-A-Wish South Dakota; to give riders a fun reason to ride; and to showcase Sioux Falls City parks and the surrounding area. The event spans three days and involves a family night, casino run, motorcycle parade, live music, raffles, bike show, silent auction, great food and an outdoor party. They have raised over $2.9 million dollars over the past 22 years.

Not only does Hot Harley Nights support a charitable children’s cause, it’s a really cool project to design a vehicle wrap for. And when you’re talking Harleys, you need a design that makes some noise. So the HenkinSchultz team went to work.

For the 20 foot trailer J&L Harley wanted wrapped, we first began by creating an event logo for Hot Harley Nights. This logo features a stylized epic Harley riding straight out of the horizon. The wrap was finished on four sides with a stunning South Dakota prairie sunset set against the open highway.

“We are so grateful to HenkinSchultz for the great work they’ve done,” said Char Roth, Chief Financial Officer of J&L Harley-Davidson. “It’s really going to help us spread the word for Hot Harley Nights and Make-A-Wish.”

In addition to its bold eye-popping colors, HenkinSchultz also designed a space on the trailer wrap that could be easily swapped out yearly with event information. This required a special vinyl application that could be removed without damaging the background design.

“Every vehicle wrap is different,” says Jason Jellis, Partner/Graphic Designer at HenkinSchultz. “But this one was especially fun to work on. It’s going to turn a lot of heads.”


RV wrap - Winnebago make over

RV Wrap: How to get a New Look on an Old Winnebago

By Vehicle Wraps

Ken and Vicky Levene’s 2001 Winnebago Journey hadn’t been on many journeys when they bought it a few years ago. The previous owner used it as a stationary shelter and rarely ever actually drove it. Over the years, the sun and the elements baked the exterior, but the interior remained pristine. The mileage remained low and the motor remained top-notch – making it an ideal candidate for an RV wrap investment.

Inspiration for the Design

The Levenes wanted a revitalized look but didn’t want to spend the money for a brand new Winnebago. As they began reviewing their options online, they came across the website for the Sioux Falls-based HS Sign Shop, a subsidiary of HenkinSchultz Creative Services. After a discussion with Partner/Graphic Designer Jason Jellis, Ken knew he’d finally found the solution they had been looking for.

Coming up with a unique design for an RV or any vehicle wrap, a customer is only limited by his or her imagination. We also offer countless materials and textures to choose from, including ink-jet printable vinyls – to achieve their vision.

Jason JellisPartner/Graphic Designer

Check out these before and after shots!

(Drag the arrows left or right)

The HS Sign Shop can create a custom design for any RV wrap – making it look as good as new – at a fraction of what new would cost. After the discussion with the Levenes, Jason and the HS Sign Shop graphic design team got to work on developing a custom design. The design they came up with met the exact specifications that Ken and Vicky were looking for, and complimented their existing trailer.

The HS Sign Shop team presented the Levenes with several design options mocked up so they could see how the designs would look when they were on their Winnebago. After Ken and Vicky chose the design they loved, the HS Sign Shop installation team got to work.

RV wrap - Winnebago make over mockup

The Challenges for the RV Wrap

This 36 foot Winnebago provided a few challenges for the installation team. There were unique parts of the RV body to factor in. These included two different awnings and an in-wall slide-out that had to be worked around during the installation process.

As the installation process progressed, it was discovered that the windows needed to be resealed with silicone. This was something the HS Sign Shop crew did that was above and beyond the normal install to make sure this RV was completely ready for the elements.

“We try to treat every project as if it were our own personal project, and this was no exception,” said Jellis.

Materials Used for the RV Wrap

The wrap for this particular RV used a semi-matte finish as opposed to gloss. This created a unique look and worked well to hide imperfections that had accumulated due to weather on the body of the vehicle. The completed wrap took only a few days to finish. When it was done the HS Sign Shop team was excited for Ken and Vicky to get their first look.

What they saw knocked their socks off. It looked like a brand new Winnebago!

The HS Sign Shop makes the customer feel special and that their project is important and they listen to any ideas and concerns. The quality of work was outstanding!

Ken LeveneRV Owner/HS Sign Shop Customer

A few more photos:

“Ken and Vicky were thrilled with how it turned out, and we were too,” said Jason Jellis. “We strive to exceed customer expectations and when the work is done we take as much pride in it as the owner.”

With comparable brand new RV’s starting out with a suggested retail price of $204,000, the investment for wrapping an older model Winnebago can be a drop in the bucket, often coming around 5% of what new would cost.

Contact the HS Sign Shop

If you’d like to make your RV look new, without having to look at a huge price tag, contact the HS Sign Shop for an estimate on a wrap for your RV. Whether you need a custom design or already have a design ready to go, we’re ready to help your dreams hit the road. We can work with your schedule and get the job done quickly so it doesn’t interfere with your weekend getaways.

You can also see more of our vehicle wraps here.

Beds by Design van wrap

Amazing Van Wrap In Under 40 Seconds!

By Vehicle Wraps

Van Wrap Wrap Up

At the HS Sign Shop, we move as quickly as we possibly can to finish your projects. In the video below, watch Eric Van Beek as he completes an entire van wrap from start to finish in less than 40 seconds!

Obviously we had a little fun shooting the entire van wrap with a time-lapse camera. After condensing the process down, the video really gives you a sense of the attention to detail and excellence in execution that the HS Sign Shop team brings to every project we work on. We always work hard and have fun while we do our jobs, bringing a spirit of playfulness and joy into everything we do.

In this particular instance, our client was the mattress factory Beds By Design. Our graphic design team created this van wrap design for their Mercedes Sprinter from scratch, boldly using the BBD logo and colors to make sure the van stood out while on the road – day or night.

After the BBD team approved the design, it went to our installation team, who prepped the vehicle for the van wrap and began the installation process.

This van wrap was a really fun project to work on. Our graphic design team did an excellent job with this, and we all enjoyed seeing how cool the finished product was.

Eric Van BeekLarge Format Specialist

Reflective Vinyl – Great for Nighttime Branding

The logos and text were done on an inkjet reflective vinyl.  This is a very high quality, conformable reflective vinyl from 3M. This material is specifically designed to be visible at night when illuminated by artificial lighting, such as vehicle headlights.

Over 400 square feet of 3M vinyl was printed, laminated and installed for the purple base. In addition, over 170 square feet of 3M reflective vinyl was printed, laminated and installed for the logos and text. Check out the image below of the van reflecting its graphics at night time:

Additional Photos for the Beds by Design Van Wrap

Now that’s a wrap!

The actual van wrap installation occurred over just two days. There are so many different factors that come into play during installation. Our team has the expertise to make sure the process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So while we may not be able to get it all done in less than a minute, we will get it done as quickly as possible. And the results will amaze you!

Contact us today for more information on van wraps, large format graphics and any of your other signage needs.

HS SignShop Installation

Variables That Affect Vehicle Wrap Costs

By Vehicle Wraps

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is how much a vehicle wrap costs. It’s a difficult question, because there are a tremendous amount of variables that come into consideration as we develop an estimate.

What is the size of your vehicle?

A lot of the price depends on the size of your vehicle and the materials used to create your specific wrap. Obviously, a semi truck is going to cost more than a car – but there’s more to it than just size. Certain makes and models have complex body shapes that we factor in to the installation expense.

Is your design ready?

Another factor is the design you’re going to be putting on your wrap. Do you have a logo and other artwork ready to go, or do you need our design team to develop a wrap for you? Our team is able to come up with a custom design just for you, or we can simply print a design that you bring to us. Providing your own art will obviously make a difference in cost.

Learn more about what you need for vehicle wrap design.

We strive to always give you an accurate quote, and provide you with the best possible product within your budget. We don’t just throw out a number in order to get the business. We can’t just give you a ballpark figure, because the range of color and material options can have great differences in price.

Every project we do is different.

There is no “average” job, and we take great care in making sure our estimates and quotes are as accurate as they possibly can be. Our team has years of experience in wrapping vehicles and we advise you to be cautious about any wrap companies that provide an instant, on-the-spot quote without asking the relevant questions about your specific vehicle or design plans.

Our team prides itself on offering all of our clients tremendous flexibility – our work is customized to your specifications, and that’s why we offer a custom quote as opposed to a general price list.

Vehicle Wrap Cost Factors:

Some of the factors that go into our pricing include:

  • Total square footage of the area to be wrapped.
  • The complexity of the compound curves to be wrapped – a flat surface is a much different application than the spoiler and bumper of a car.
  • The paint and surface conditions that the wrap material will be applied to. We take into account door handles, rivets, corrugations, screws and any spoilers or trim that need removing and re-installing.
  • Windows that need to be covered with perforated window film.
  • Bumpers and side mirrors.
  • The complexity of the wrap design.
  • The type of materials used in the wrap itself.

Removal of any prior graphics.

This can be very time consuming, and estimating that removal time is difficult. It depends greatly on the quality of the material that was used, age of the graphics and the procedures used in the original application.

Consider a partial wrap.

If your budget is extremely tight, you may want to consider a partial wrap, or strategically placed decals instead of a full vehicle wrap. Partial wraps, if designed and installed correctly, can be just as impressive. See the image below of Electric Supply Company partially wrapped truck:

If you’re looking to add your logo and some basic contact info to your vehicle, this option may be more appropriate for you. If price isn’t a factor, we can come up with a spectacular design and some incredible materials that will get your business noticed out on the road.

See Our Vehicle Wrap Gallery

Contact us and let’s discuss your project and budget!

Galaxy Gaming car wrap

How To Guide on Vehicle Wraps: Not a DIY Project!

By Vehicle Wraps

If you do a Google search on how to wrap your own vehicle with vinyl graphics, you’ll find quite a few DIY videos and tutorials with mediocre instructions, tools and results. The simple fact is that vehicle wraps are not a DIY project. They can often end up looking like a large faded bumper sticker or blistered paint… a waste of your time and money. But for anyone still wondering about how detailed a process vehicle wrapping is, we’ve laid it out for you.

Before you get started: questions to ask yourself:

  1. How long do you plan on keeping this vehicle? Vehicle wraps can look good for many years, so having a plan to keep your vehicle for several years should be kept in mind.
  2. Is the vehicle in good condition? Hopefully the mechanical and physical condition of the vehicle has tens of thousands of miles to go.
  3. Does the vehicle color match the brand you are trying to promote? Is your car blue, but your company’s brand is red, black and white?

The first steps for a quality vehicle wrap:

  1. A good wash will help our specialist with the installation. If you have bugs, rail dust or other debris (excluding rust), we’ll be able to remove it with special chemicals, so your wrap comes out with a smooth finish.
  2. Logo and design – Hopefully you already have a logo that you plan on keeping for a while for your business. If not, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to create the perfect design.
  3. Look for inspiration – What information do you want your wrap? You can find several examples on our vehicle wrap portfolio page. Our pros go by the Rule of 3’s – meaning your wrap will be most viewed on average for 3 seconds from about 30 feet away. What do you want them to see in that timeframe?

Start the design process:

In order to get the design process started, you’re going to need these three things:

  1. Adobe Illustrator or similar vector program. Photoshop may work with higher resolutions, but a vector program will be quicker, easier and more accurate.
  2. The template for your make and model for your vehicle. The HS Sign Shop has access to virtually every make and model of every vehicle made.
  3. Selected vinyl material. There are hundreds of colors and textures of wrap vinyl to choose from. There’s metal fleck, high gloss, low gloss, matte and even carbon fiber, metallics and chrome to choose from! Not to mention ink-jet printable vinyls…which require laminates to protect and help insure the wrap will stand the test of time and weather.

Swatches with different colors and textures.

Ready to print!

So you have your files looking good and ready for the printer! Your next step is to find a large format printer capable of printing 3M vinyl – the best in the industry! Really there is no substitution when it comes to vinyl suitable for vehicle wraps. Keep in mind the temperatures, precipitation, road conditions and any other extremities your wrap will face. Cheap vinyl will not hold up to these extremities and only last months opposed to years with 3M vinyl.

How much is a vinyl printer? Vinyl printers start at a few thousand dollars and go up into the tens of thousands of dollars. Once you purchase the printer, you will need a place to store it. The printer and laminator will generally need a minimum of 250 square feet of floor space and should be in a temperature-controlled environment.

Eric Van Beek standing next to HS Sign Shop’s large format printer.

Vehicle wrap vinyl must be laminated.

In addition to the large format printer, you’ll also need a laminator. Without lamination, your vehicle wrap won’t last longer than a few months – even less based on weather and driving conditions. A good laminator will start at about $10,000 and go up from there. You’ll need ample amount of space for this too.


Time for installation – finally!

So you have your design printed and laminated and ready for installation…now it’s time to wrap your vehicle. You’ve already spent a lot of time designing and investing in your printer, laminator, and shop space – do you have the training and experience? “You’ll need at least one year experience and training before you can complete a full vehicle wrap properly,” according to print specialist Eric Van Beek. Van Beek has been installing vehicle wraps for over 10 years. “Knowing what tool to use when and where comes with practice, and the more practice you have, the more efficient you become.”

More equipment and tools:

Once you get started with vehicle wraps you’ll find that you have a large assortment of tools and gadgets in your toolbox – from blades, rollers, squeegees and magnets to knifeless tape, heat guns and much more

Completing the installation.

Make sure you are in a temperature-controlled environment between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Go slow and leave no room for error. The slightest imperfection will be glaringly obvious. At the end of the installation use a heat gun and go over every square inch of the wrap at 180 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure proper and long-lasting adhesion.

Wrapping up!

If you followed all these steps, you are probably looking at a beautiful car wrap right now! With quality vinyl, ink, laminate and proper installation techniques, your graphics will last for many years to come. Keep your vehicle clean – especially in the winter in conditions where there is salt on the roads. Washing tips to ensure sustainability of a decal on your vehicle include:

  1. Hand wash your car if possible
  2. Use a touchless car wash station, if you can not hand wash
  3. Avoid using a pressure washer

The process for vehicle wrapping may sound tedious, overwhelming and too time-consuming for most people. Not to mention the large investment in the software and equipment that has to be purchased, maintained and stored. Our experts at HS Sign Shop invite you to reach out to them to help take the hassle out of the not so easy do-it-yourself vehicle wrap. We have the equipment, experience and passion to get your wrap done on time, on budget and on your vehicle the right way!

Electric Supply Company truck wrap

Haul In More Customers With A Truck Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever noticed trucks on the road that are branded with a truck wrap?

Surely you’ve noticed a local plumber or a national moving company with a distinctive truck wrap at some point. What you haven’t noticed are trucks that aren’t using any signage. They pass by without anyone understanding what business they represent.

If your truck isn’t utilizing a wrap, you’re wasting a tremendous opportunity and you need to consult with our experts at the HS Sign Shop today to turn your truck into a giant, moving billboard! According to a September 2016 study by AAA, residents of the United States spend an average of 17,600 minutes a year – the equivalent of 293 hours or just over 12 days – on the road. A study by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement estimates the average US traveler is driving almost 40 miles per day.

Think of all those impressions you’re wasting if you’re not taking advantage of that opportunity to market your business. At the HS Sign Shop, our graphic design team will come up with a truck wrap that will stand out when your fleet is on the street. A distinctive design will help your trucks rule the road – we know you’ll notice on your bottom line. We can come up with creative ways to display your logo, website, email address – whatever you want, we can do. If you already have a design, that’s no problem.

Whether it’s one pickup truck, or a fleet of semis, our team can install a truck wrap that will create awareness of your brand. Contact us at (605) 331-2155 for a consultation today!