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Designing Spaces with an Eye for Interior Design: Megan Ringling

Designing Spaces with an Eye for Interior Design

By Our Team

When HS and HS Sign Shop talk to companies about our team, we like to celebrate our “diverse group of thinkers.” In short, that means we’ve come from a variety of backgrounds besides just marketing.

No one exemplifies that more than Megan Ringling, a designer for HS Sign Shop. Yes, she designs displays, wraps, signage and more. But her early interest was in interior design and designing spaces.

Relationships are Key to Design

Megan says she has sawdust in her veins because her grandfather was a busy homebuilder in Salem, South Dakota. Having built several new homes herself, Megan understands the importance of relationships throughout the design process.

“It’s all about process, reading plans and solving problems,” said Megan. “There are always initial considerations such as finding unique textures, colors or lights to serve the bigger purpose of a space.”

One of Megan’s first big projects was for the Edith Sanford Cancer Center pink guitar wall at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

“That experience opened a lot of doors for me in residential and commercial design,” adds Megan.

Applying Skill Sets to Client Needs

Megan’s experience in homebuilding, residential and commercial design easily apply to how she approaches clients at HS Sign Shop. “Communication and budgeting are essential,” said Megan. “Before we design anything, we must understand the goals.”

Doing so begins with a walkthrough (or several) of a client’s space and lots of discussions.

“In the end, if you have built a relationship and trust, you can do better design and best personalize a unique space for that client.”

That may include a variety of applications from wayfinding signage, murals, outdoor monument signage and even interior and exterior design elements. While HS Sign Shop has access to thousands of material, color and size design options, it all starts with the space.

That’s why a keen eye for designing and envisioning spaces is so important. The team tries to never make assumptions on the best solutions. A request may come in to quote project X. But after reviewing the space, the team may recommend Y or Z.

Any recommendation of changing someone’s business or home, interior or exterior, requires a lot of trust in the relationship. So HS Sign Shop takes extra time to build that trust. It doesn’t hurt that the entire team thrives on problem solving either.

Megan adds that, “We are willing to take the leap on unique projects, we love a challenge!”

Does your company or space have a unique challenge that could use the eye of a design team? Talk to HS Sign Shop today.

Eric Van Beek: Large Format Specialist

Check Out HS Sign Shop Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek on Mixed Thinks!

By Our Team

How does one become a Large Format Specialist? Check out this interview with Eric Van Beek of the HS Sign Shop, as he tells us about his fascinating journey from being behind the mic as a DJ to mastering the art of signage.

You’ll hear about the craziest jobs Eric has worked on over the years, a special project that he was first in the world to get to wrap, and some awesome ideas on distinctive new graphics and wraps for your vehicle on this episode of the HenkinSchultz podcast, Mixed Thinks!

Meet the HS Sign Shop Team!

By Our Team

Our HS Sign Shop team here in Sioux Falls has been hard at work, but they found a little time to record some videos that introduce themselves, and explain our different service options. Our marketing experts, Eric Van Beek and Jason Jellis, have years of experience creating and installing wraps, signage and custom displays – they also know how to have a good time.

We’re serious about our work – and we love to do it – but we also believe it’s important to approach our projects with a creative spirit and a fun attitude. If you have a design or concept all ready to go and just need us to produce it – that’s great! We can do that. If you don’t have an idea or design at all, that’s fine, too. Our design team will give you a number of options and you can choose the one that works best for your business.

Your signs, displays and wraps should nicely fit into the big picture of your advertising efforts. We’ll create a piece for you that will work well within your overall marketing strategy.

Check out the videos and get to know Eric and Jason. We promise we’ll deliver a project for you that will make people smile.