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Creating Clarity and Consistency with Custom Floor Graphics

Creating Clarity and Consistency with Custom Floor Graphics

By Floor Graphics

Floor graphics have become increasingly common in the past few decades, and their popularity was only accelerated by the pandemic.

Now that the majority of the public is accustomed to them, there is a great opportunity to use floor graphics in clear and creative ways–and our team at the Sign Shop is here to help you with every step.

Floor Directions and Instructions

First, we’ll start with the obvious usages of floor signage: directions and navigation.

If you walk through a mall or a major shopping center, you’ll probably notice some sort of signage on the ground, which likely refers to social distancing, six feet apart, etc. But really, we need to think less about pandemic applications and more about creating an efficient and clear user experience.

Many restaurants and retail spaces use arrows or circles to mark where customers should go or stand in the store. These are fantastic, affordable and easily implementable ways of managing traffic, as well as making guests feel confident and comfortable.

Outside of brick and mortar stores, any event held in a convention center, ballroom, or even outdoors benefits from floor directions and instructions.

Since most people will not immediately know where to go at an event, floor signage is a great way to educate the public while saving on resources and staffing bandwidth.

Really, if your space is somewhat confusing to navigate through, floor signage is a great option.

Branding and Messaging

There’s one thing we emphasize with every floor graphic project we work on, and that’s branding.

Everything you make for materials should fit into your brand, even if it’s simple as matching colors and fonts. A unified look reinforces your branding and can create brand recognition in places that would normally limit it, like event centers and outdoor venues.

And while we’ve touched on directional graphics, we love to step outside the box and find new ways to apply floor graphics whenever we can.

For example, placing floor graphics in front of a reception desk or a doorway with a welcoming or inspirational message is a great way to invite people into your space. We’ve also wrapped stairs, too, including our own.

Furthermore, a simple image or a mission statement can go a long way in brightening up a location. It comes down to what your organization wants to do, and by working with us, you can explore opportunities for signage you never knew you had.

Event Branding

As we previously mentioned, floor graphics are great to use for events. Most venues allow some sort of installation to be used, and with the right design and layout, you can reinforce the branding of it effectively.

While we’ve talked mainly about floor graphics, it’s important to know you’re not limited. A variety of materials and executions can create fun signage overhead, on wall space, or even around unsightly dividers or structures.

The best way to determine how to use signage to your advantage is to talk to us. We’ll do a complimentary site visit to envision what’s possible from the floor to the ceiling and beyond.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward…Onto Floor Graphics!

By Floor Graphics

Floor graphics will get the attention of even the most distracted without being a major distraction itself. You’ve often heard the complaint that society is always walking around staring down at their phones. Well, instead of complaining, you might as well make use of it.

Whether you want to use them to advertise or to creatively amp up your office space, floor graphics are well worth the money. Not only can they be an inexpensive addition to your marketing, they will also make your company distinctive.

When you use floor graphics, you make a strong impression for your clients the minute they walk into the door.

And, the ways in which you can effectively use floor graphics are endless. Some unique ways include: putting it right by the door so that it’s the first thing people see, laying it across a staircase, using it to direct or motivate people, and our personal favorite, pairing them with wall graphics so the graphics flow into and complement each other.

Our team will work with you to design the perfect floor graphic for your space. So, put your best foot forward and give us a call at (605) 331-2155 or visit us online.