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wrapping the unexpected

Projects We Wrapped that You Wouldn’t Expect

By Client Features

From pumpkins to pontoons, the HS Sign Shop can wrap it!

Our team of large format printing and custom wrap experts have designed and installed signage for a wide variety of projects.

Let’s dive into our approach of providing signs to unique client needs — along with photos from some of our favorite unexpected sign installs!

HS Sign Shop Takes a Multifaceted Approach to Signage

Our multifaceted approach to vinyl wraps and signage gives us the ability to tackle just about any client project. We are uniquely positioned to transform whatever you need us to.

Some clients come to us with a specific idea in mind. Others show up with a blank slate that just “needs something”.  Either way, with our experience, we know the steps to take. Check out some of our favorite unexpected projects!

5 Examples of What We Can Wrap for Clients

pontoon after vinyl wrap

1. Festive Pontoon Wrap or Boat Wrap
What could be a better decoration for a 4th of July boat party? This patriotic pontoon wrap makes cruising the open waters even more fun.

The sturdy and unobstructive nature of vinyl boat wraps makes it a great material for customizing your boat. This is also a wonderful way to proudly declare the name of your ship!

electrical box

2. Electrical Box Cover
Minnesota West Community & Technology College added a flair of marketing to their electrical boxes. This is a clever way to cover up those unsightly green cubes while branding your campus.

Lake Lorraine Logo Pumpkins

3. Lake Lorraine Logo Pumpkins
Lake Lorraine celebrated Halloween at their shopping mall in Sioux Falls, SD. We wrapped upwards of 30 pumpkins to brand their location in a fun way.

Augustana newspaper machines

4. Augustana News Stand Wraps
Augustana University asked us to add vinyl wraps to their newspaper stands on campus. The vinyl covers give eye-catching accessibility to newspapers for the good of informing smart students.

Train at Arnold's Park - Custom Graphics

5. Train Signage at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji
Choose us to wrap your train! We wrapped this train at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji, IA with minor vinyl touches that made a big difference.

Our Sign Shop in Sioux Falls Can Make It Happen!

The HS Sign Shop has put together custom signage for a variety of purposes. From concept to design to the installation itself, we can make any vinyl wrap work for your needs.
Request a fast, free quote on your signage idea! We’ll give you information on the process, cost, and anything else you have questions on.

A Rich History in Nursing on Display at Mount Marty

By Client Features

For decades, Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota has been known for its nursing program. As Mount Marty looked to its future, it also wanted to honor its past. HenkinSchultz was enlisted to help with a display that does just that.

Mount Marty’s Nursing History

Mount Marty’s history began back in the early 1900’s at Sacred Heart Hospital where a nursing program was established by the Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery. The program was truly considered a “pioneer” program in South Dakota.

Mount Marty wanted to ensure that current students understood the rich history of the program. “The goal was to design a space where our nursing alumni, from both the Sacred Heart School of Nursing and Mount Marty College, could visit and reminisce about their days “on the hill,” says Shannon Viereck, Director of Annual Giving & Advancement Officer.

“Our goal is that every alumnus that visits the display will able to find themselves and celebrate their place in our story.”


How the Project Began

In order to make the project a reality, Mount Marty set out to raise the required funds. With fantastic participation from alumni volunteers, they were able to raise a significant amount to pay for the project and provide additional support for the nursing program.

Throughout the planning process, Mount Marty worked with an alumni committee to develop the visual timeline information, conduct research and dig through boxes and albums to find images. They discussed many different design ideas during nine months of planning with the HS team.

“Jason and Eric were great to work with from the beginning of the project through completion,” adds Viereck. “We never imagined how well it would come together.”

The Nuts and Bolts of the Design

HS wrapped the interior of four custom-made display cases.  The vinyl wrapping featured the bulk of the design including:

  • photographs
  • additional design elements
  • and the historic timeline itself 

Every display installation features unique challenges. For the detailed information throughout each era on the timeline, HS printed directly onto clear acrylic panels and mounted them with aluminum stand-off hardware. There were 50 total acrylic panels featured in all. 

To display artifacts used throughout decade after decade of the nursing program, HS  provided glass shelves with slim, aluminum brackets. The combination paired perfectly with the acrylic panels and aluminum stand-offs.

HS also wrapped an adjacent wall with a collage of historic photos.  The wall also features a large digital screen display.

Mount Marty wall after

Response to the Display and Future Work

In October, Mount Marty hosted an open house for the new Avera Nursing Center, where the display is housed. The college continues to receive compliments from alumni, faculty and community members in attendance. The Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery worked tirelessly more than 100 years ago to start a nursing education program in Yankton, and are proud to showcase their efforts and the foundation they created.

HS is now working on five new display cases on the second floor of the Mount Marty’s nursing center. They will be stand-alone displays, each with its own theme.  One will focus on the long-standing relationship between the Mount Marty nursing program and the US Military.  Another on the nursing programs uniforms and how they’ve changed through the years.

“Thank you, HenkinSchultz, for helping us celebrate our program and all the individuals that have made it what it is today.”

To learn more about how you can celebrate your history or space, contact HS Sign Shop.

Augustana University wall graphics

Augustana Music Department’s Wall Wrap

By Client Features, Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

Custom graphics and photography in wall wraps: an alternative to hand painted art.

In this Q & A, we sat down with Eric Van Beek, our Large Format Specialist who installed this piece of art at Augustana University’s music department.

Where did the inspiration for this wall wrap come from?

The inspiration for this idea came from Augustana themselves. They had the vision for this “time collage” and HenkinSchultz graphic designer Tammy Larson came up with the design and did an amazing job. Augustana had the idea to show a timeline from the early days of their music department to the current era of what the the department looks like today. This piece features professors, students, concerts and more all brought together in the glow of Augie gold. Splashes of muted color with century-old photos make this a breathtaking blend of art and history.

What materials were used for this project?

The wall graphics were actually printed on material very similar to what we use to wrap vehicles. It’s an incredibly advanced, conformable vinyl that can be heated and pressed into the deep texture of a cinder block wall. It’s a very high quality 3M material. We also used an ultra matte finish laminate to prevent glare. Glare can be a major distraction when light reflects off of a textured wall. Because of our techniques, specialized tools and experience the graphics actually look hand painted but in actuality it’s high res photography.

What tools and processes were used to adhere the vinyl and laminate to the wall?

Different sized rollers and heat were used to press the material into the textures and grout lines. The rollers look quite simple, but are surprisingly specialized for certain widths, depths, shapes and also hold up to very high temperatures. These along with heat guns, squeegees, blades and a lot of experience can create a beautiful, durable & unique addition to any space.

And because this wall wrap is in a temperature controlled environment, it can be expected to last a very long time?

Correct. Vehicle wraps are exposed to a wide range of temperatures and sunlight and can last up to 10 years. This wrap is exposed to students (chuckle), but will last as long as Augustana wants it to.

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