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Healthcare Signage, Design and How it’s Changed to Better Serve the Patient

By Business Signage

Jason Jellis, Sign Shop Specialist and HenkinSchultz partner remembers what healthcare signage used to be like.

“The norm for healthcare signage was much different 20 years ago than it is today,” says Jellis. “Basic framed photos of doctors and directional signage was about it.”

A lot has changed in signage, design, technology and thought-process since then. HS Sign Shop team discusses the exciting changes in how healthcare facilities approach design.

It’s Not Tan Walls and Placards Anymore

Most hospitals and clinics were very plain, even sterile, back in the day. The idea was that a hospital was a serious place of business. Today, healthcare facilities are taking a more creative approach, making lobbies and spaces fresh, welcoming and comfortable.

HS Sign Shop Specialist Eric Van Beek is quick to highlight how much things have changed.

“It used to be really plain and uninviting,” says Van Beek. “Today, people are doing anything they can to make their spaces modern, calming and beautiful.”

This includes everything from full wall wraps of landscape scenes or elaborately designed wall displays, lighting, interior design and environmental design.

“It’s about differentiating yourselves from your competition and making a place where people feel relaxed,” says Van Beek.

Van Beek notes that healthcare spaces aren’t merely exam and waiting rooms anymore. They have cafes and coffee shops, spa and therapy spaces, even resting and relaxation spaces. Every space requires a different look and feel. That’s where the HS Sign Shop team comes in.

Signs and Design Options are Limitless

HS Sign Shop has been tasked with a fair share of challenges in its day. From wrapping a semi-trailer to objects of all shapes and sizes, there is rarely any challenge they do not rise up to meet–and exceed expectations.

For example, HS has even wrapped linear accelerators–radiation treatment machines similar to MRIs. The device can be intimidating to patients, so HS’s job was to make it less so and create a warm and welcoming environment that promotes relaxation.

Yes, HS Sign Shop designs and installs using all sorts of vinyl, aluminum and sign material. But their real skill is leaving an impression. Does your healthcare facility or other business want to make a better impression? Contact the HS Sign Shop team today.

Aluminum Banners

Sign Shop Welcomes Aluminum to the Sign Party

By Business Signage

If you’ve been lucky enough to work with the HS Sign Shop crew, you know they’re pretty fun to work with and also great at what they do. Yes, they know signage, design, sign materials and creativity, but they know so much more.

They are in the business of solving problems.

A new way to deliver better signage

The HS Sign Shop crew has designed, delivered and installed every size, shape and color of signage and display imaginable. This includes, in part:

  • Customs displays and wall wraps
  • Donor displays
  • Event planners and staging
  • Customs signage and more

But occasionally, they have to reimagine how they do things. For example, outdoor signage and banners are great. But it does get a bit windy in South Dakota from time to time and our extreme seasons can take their toll on even the highest quality of signs.

When faced with this fact, Eric, Jason and crew put their heads together on how to best workaround this challenge.

“Aluminum banner signs are just a great way to have a more permanent art installation,” said HS Sign Shop Specialist Eric Van Beek.

Eric and the HS Sign Shop team set out, as they often do, to seek a better solution to the several outdoor installations they were faced with. There are countless fabrics and materials that can be printed on, but the key is finding the right material for the right application.

When they discovered an aluminum solution, they knew they had a great new product in their arsenal.

“It prints beautifully, is resistant to the elements, and looks great when installed,” Eric said.

The banners are also a good option for indoor as the material can fade less in the sunlight than some fabrics.

Putting Aluminum and Other Banners to Work

When Augustana College of Sioux Falls made the conversion to Augustana University, the HS Sign Shop team had a massive challenge.

The task was to change over the dozens of various campus signs to “University,” quickly and discreetly. Augustana wanted to announce the news of the change and have all the signage already in place.

This was no small feat, not only in printing and design, but in coordination, time and installation. But HS Sign Shop got it done. This included a beautiful custom-designed wall mural for the Augustana University music department.

It also included our newly designed aluminum banners outside the Elmen Center, the sports complex that is a centerpiece of campus life.

It’s Not Just About the Materials, It’s About Solutions

While aluminum signs are a great new option for campuses and other businesses with permanent signage needs, it’s not just about the material. HS always looks to be on the cutting edge of what is new and impactful.

HS Sign Shop works with schools, companies and individuals to find solutions–whatever they may be. There is rarely a task too big or too small for HS Sign Shop.

Want to learn more? Schedule a site survey today and let HS Sign Shop put their imagination to work.

impressions matter. Here's how to make the right ones.

Impressions matter. Here’s how to make the right ones.

By Business Signage

When you pull into your parking space at work or glance up from your computer, you’re probably not thinking about design. You likely see the same thing each day. HS Sign Shop looks at those same spaces and sees opportunities to make impressions, beyond just signage and vehicle wraps.

Your Space is an Advertisement for You

HenkinSchultz’s building on 69th and Western has stood in its current location for about 20 years. Founder Kirby Schultz has long maintained the building itself is an advertisement for the work we do. It’s the same philosophy our HS Sign Shop team takes into every project.

“We really try to look at a client’s space and see where there is opportunity to make an impression,” said Eric Van Beek. “Any space is a blank canvas that can be used to communicate.” Van Beek is a Large Format Specialist for HS Sign Shop and values talking to clients about their vision and helping make it a reality.

Imagine What You Can Do

At HS Sign Shop, we enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor come to life in signage, donor walls, environmental art, monument signs, vehicle graphics and more. In many cases, it seems our team makes something out of nothing. But the truth is, all design projects and installations start with conversations and imagination.

We have in-depth discussions with clients, discussing goals, ideas, and collaborating on aspirations for design and the spaces.

A site visit is key to this process. Walking through a business’s space, both inside and out, identifies opportunities for design and placement.

For example, a waiting room in an office is an excellent opportunity to communicate to a captive audience. This design can take many forms. It could be a wall art mural of your company history, an artistic recreation of your company mission, or a photographic canvas of work you’ve done and people you’ve served.

Envisioning these spaces is in the blood of the HS Sign Shop crew. When they see a grassy berm on the corner of a building lot, they envision branding that matches the tone and decor of your building.

And when a fleet of vehicles is parked in your lot, the HS Sign Shop team envisions new ways to brand your company and advertise your products or services. But it’s not just about that.

Tasteful Design from People Who Get It

It’s no secret that we can be overwhelmed with advertising and messaging every day. HS Sign Shop is keen to that reality.

Kirby Schultz has long had his passions intermingle. From interior design to photography to architectural design, Schultz and our team feel a deep responsibility to respect the space of any place we design.

Design is an advertisement for what you do and who you are, but it must also fit your space and tastefully represent you. That’s why site visits and conversations are so important. The HS Sign Shop team makes signs, sure, but what we really do is design spaces. We help envision ways for you to maximize the space you already have.

Impressions Matter

Any business person knows that impressions matter, be it a hand shake, an employee’s personal appearance or the general manner in which they interact with people.

With HS Sign Shop and our skilled team, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Make sure you are giving not just impressions, but the right impression that matches your personality, brand and space.

Talk to HS Sign Shop to learn more.

Make an Impression with Reception Signage

By Business Signage

Everyone talks about customer service. It’s important to greet customers nicely, answer their questions and solve their problems. It’s also important to make a great first impression in your office lobby or waiting room.

One way to do this is with lobby signage or reception desk signage. It’s a simple, classy way to reinforce your brand and leave an impression in customers’ minds.

Your Office is Your Brand, Too

Horizon Lobby Sign

Sure. The office is the place where business happens. You do your work, have meetings and in many cases — have visitors. Customers, customer prospects, partners and vendors likely visit where you work.

Why wouldn’t you want to make the best impression on them?

Signage around key traffic areas in your office is one way to make an impression. Think of your greeting area as a blank canvas. There is no limit to the creativity you can use to impress customers.

kappenman Signage

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

HS Sign Shop has created just about every sign imaginable. For indoor office spaces we have created all kinds of variations of the following:

  • Dimensional logo signs
  • Reception desk signage
  • Company branding signage
  • Reception wall signage
  • Mission/Vision/Values signage

But your office signage doesn’t just have to be a big logo behind the receptionist desk.  (Although, we have made some pretty cool ones). Signage or vinyl applications can be used in just about any space imaginable.


The HS Sign Shop team always encourages businesses to think of their own building as an advertisement. Together, they work with our designers to make that artful, classy and design that fits a space.

It’s more than just letters and logos, your sign system reflects who you are as a business.

How to get Started

Most every challenge to the HS Sign Shop crew starts with a site visit. There, we get a real sense of the space and where the opportunities are. It also gives us ideas on how to create art for that space, whether its a logo application or something more elaborate.

If you’re curious about how you can get started, or have your own idea, let’s chat. We want your business to make every great impression it can.


Transform Empty Space with Custom Signage

By Business Signage

Transforming a space doesn’t need to feel like a huge endeavor.

Our HS Sign Shop team has a process locked down to make creative signage happen easily for clients. Whether you have a certain idea in mind or just have a space to fill, we have the experience to help you along the way.

Let’s run through our custom signage installation process and share a case study from a real client example.

Custom Sign Shop Process in Six Steps

From concept to design to the installation itself, we make virtually any display of any size or color work for signage needs.

While each sign project is different, our approach is fairly similar. Here are the steps we take to bring interior and exterior displays to life — from the drawing board to execution!

  1. Initial Walkthrough
    Typically the process begins with an initial walkthrough of the empty space with the client — whether that be a full office, wall, floor, vehicle, etc. We consider the environment first to determine the boundaries and dimensions of the signage. We collaborate with the client to get an idea or what their goal is for the space.
  2. Design Ideas & Concepting
    After our team knows what we’re working with, we begin coming up with design ideas to match up with the needs of the sign or display. We conceptualize how the creative will compliment and work with the space.
  3. Estimate for Quote
    After we know the dimensions and the design, we’re able to compile an estimation. It’s our goal to be transparent about pricing and realistically estimate the cost of materials and labor.
  4. Sign Production
    This is the fun part. We produce all types of signs in-house at our sign shop in Sioux Falls. We’re experts at large format printing and rendering designs to the exact specifications of the empty space.
  5. Coordination with Vendors
    HS Sign Shop coordinates with third-party vendors like construction teams, electricians, carpenters — anyone involved in the process to make sure communication and execution are a success.
  6. Final Installation
    After we effectively follow each step of our process, we’re ready to install the custom display or wrap ourselves — with our client’s final approval!

Case Study: Horizon Health Care

To help you visualize how the process works, let’s look to a recent sign project we were excited to be a part of for Horizon Health Care.

Horizon Health Care opened a new clinic location in Yankton, SD. From interior to exterior signage, this client needed a way to have eye-catching signage on the street to catch attention as well as interior signage adding to the overall patient experience.

To kick off the process, the HS Sign Shop did an initial walkthrough on the site while it was still under construction. By witnessing the renovation process, our team was able to come up with better ideas to fit and fill the space available per the client’s vision.

With their bright color palette involving purple and yellow hues, Horizon Health Care’s brand made it easy to create fun, positive, and uplifting signs to support their mission of “Keeping communities well”.

Here’s what we designed and installed:

  • Exterior building signage
  • Exterior window graphics
  • Entrance signage
  • Reception desk signage
  • Children wall wrap mural
  • Waiting room wall graphics
  • And more…

Before the installation, we made sure the overall estimate and artwork design were approved by the client. It was crucial for us to make sure our custom designs matched up with their vision.

hhc mural

After we installed the signs, Horizon was ready to officially open their doors and welcome patients to their stunning new clinic!

Need Creative Signs for Your Business?

The HS Sign Shop team has a wide range of creative experiences working with custom signage for buildings and interior design. We’re passionate about expressing your brand identity and positioning your signs for success.

Whether your business needs a full wall display or logo sign, we can help!

Put our HS Sign Shop team, and we’ll design and install business signs and displays to your liking. Contact us today!


In Good Times & Bad, HS Sign Shop Services Answer the Call

By Business Signage

HS Sign Shop has always been proud of our ability to do what is needed for our customers. Big or small. Simple or complex. This doesn’t change with a crisis. It adapts.

We still pride ourselves in meeting our customer’s needs. Even when a pandemic changes those needs dramatically.

Safety Materials for Businesses

HS Sign Shop never really thought sneeze guards would be a big part of our business plan, but here we are. We’ve always dealt in multiple materials for signage, dividers, wall-mounted art and more.

Today, we have all the materials to help make a safer office or retail division. And our designers are always striving to find tasteful and pleasant designs to fit a space.

Floor graphics have always been a fun part of the business — as a creative way to advertise. Today, floor decals for businesses provide necessary reminders of social distancing, especially in retail businesses. You’ll likely notice some are more prominent than others. HS Sign Shop’s job is to do what is right and appropriate for your business.

Instructional signage and safety signage are important too. Directional signs and safety reminders also make up a big chunk of our work.

Signs to Celebrate the Good Things Too

It’s not all reminders, warnings or instructions. HS Sign Shop is proud to have been involved in some fun and inspirational projects, as well. When Avera approached us about hero signage for their front line workers, we were thrilled to help.

When ESPN’s College Gameday came to South Dakota State University, we were there, too. In a very short amount of time, we completed massive scale football graphics that were seen around the world.

Custom signage can help celebrate your business, too. We’ve done a lot of education with customers on the value of vehicle wraps. It’s not only a way to show your pride in your business. It’s a driving advertisement everywhere you go.

Surprising Signage Challenges We’ve Tackled

The HS Sign Shop is a lot more than its name. The dedicated team is committed to not only solving problems, but doing good design. There are very few creative challenges or obstacles they haven’t seen.

Some of the more unique sign projects we’ve tackled include:

  • RVs
  • Farm Fuel Tank
  • Monument Signs
  • Boats
  • Stairsteps

You can see the full scope of HS Sign Shop work — and better yet, reach out to us in person to discuss any idea or challenge — big or small.

HS Blog Design Sign Shop-BusinessGraphics-01

Ideas for Interior Signs for Business Signage

By Business Signage

Do you know what “successories” are?

If the term doesn’t ring a bell initially, we’re willing to bet you’ve seen one. Successories are posters commonly found in office spaces with phrases like “Make It Happen” or Perseverance” underneath a stunning landscape backdrop.

While successories are intended to inspire, this type of office art ends up not saying much about who your business is.

That’s where custom interior signage plays a key role in distinguishing your company.

5 Types of Interior Displays for Your Office Space

Whether you’re looking to use a space as a canvas or for a specific purpose, here are just a few ideas.

Avera ecare wall graphics

Branding Elements

The Avera Ecare wall graphics add a distinctive flair to the office with brand colors and health icons. Design elements connect and center around the work of the department.

LSS donor display

Logo & Company Slogan

The LSS logo and slogan make a bold, heartwarming statement. Each panel of the sign contains one big, blue letter. When set up next to each other, the panels spell out the phrase “Together”.

Avera Pasque Display -Custom wall graphics in Sioux Falls, SD

Mission Statement

In the halls of Avera Health is the mission statement of the hospital. The mission statement expresses the overall goal of the regional health system in Sioux Falls, SD.

Interstates Awards Wall Display

Achievements Display

The Interstates awards display wall features their mission to understand needs and deliver results with trophies and awards of achievement.

Interstates Custom Wall Design

Wall Mural

In addition to their achievement wall, the Interstates company mural is custom made to express what the company is all about. Employee photos give the business character while backing up their values.

HS Sign Shop Can Make Your Interior Signage Successful

Installing interior signs isn’t nearly as easy as hanging up pictures.

Reach out to our HS Sign Shop team here in Sioux Falls, SD. Our signage experts, Jason Jellis and Eric Van Beek, have years of experience creating and installing custom displays.

Contact us today for ideas, designs and strategies on your signage.

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Trade Show Inspiration

A Whole New World of Options for Trade Show Signage

By Business Signage

The trade shows of the old days were the same everywhere. You walked into a sea of black skirted tables. Some had signs hanging from them or behind them. People in suits handed you a brochure. But those days are gone. Trade show signage has evolved in the most fantastic way.

Trade Show Materials as Art

If the idea of a trade show is to engage a prospect, the space in which you do that should be engaging. Many of today’s better booths are full on art exhibits. They are interactive playgrounds, multimedia showcases and even coffee shops. Event, an online blog for Event Management, highlights some of the best ideas for 2019.

When you’re looking to build a more elaborate trade show presence, you have several options at your disposal:

  • Hanging triangle, circle and square banners
  • Multi-angled structures
  • Electronic sensors
  • Fun floor graphics
  • Illuminated signage
  • Funky furniture
  • Raised platforms
  • Uplighting

Any combination of the above can become an elaborate and functional work of art. Like all good art, it draws people to it. And when you’re in the business of selling, that’s exactly what you want – people drawn in.

Ronning Trade Show Booth design

Compact, But Impactful Options

If you’ve ever been on the trade show circuit, you know the drill. You pop your materials out of the storage closet, dust off their carrying cases. You might check some as baggage or ship them all. When you arrive, you jump through another set of hoops to find them and transport them.

But today’s display options are so much better to transport. Retractable banners are a wonderful option for the smaller trade show displayer. They are light, colorful, sleek, easy to set up and priced at a great value. Customize them with multiple messages. Let your creativity shine.

HS Sign Shop has done countless of these from smaller retractable banners to event banners and electronic displays. Even if you have a limited budget, don’t limit your imagination when it comes to a trade show or event.

The options are limitless:

  • Banner Stands
  • Hanging Banners
  • Wall Mounted Displays
  • Table Covers
  • Collapsible Displays
  • Folding Panel Displays
  • Counters
  • Info Centers
  • Sign Systems
  • Display Lighting
  • Shipping Cases
  • Fabric Backwalls
  • Island Exhibits
  • Hanging Structures
  • Architectural Structures
  • Fabric iPad Stands
  • Fabric Counters and Kiosks
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Tents
  • Banners and Flags

If the idea of a trade show is to engage a prospect, the space in which you do that should be engaging. Many of today’s better booths are full on art exhibits. They are interactive playgrounds, multimedia showcases and even coffee shops.

Looking to make your trade show more of a show? Contact the HS Sign Shop.

Interstates Wall Mural

How Labels, Decals and Signage Can Improve Efficiency At Your Business

By Business Signage, Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

In business these days it’s important to take advantage of every edge possible. When we think about labels, decals and signage, we often think of the identifying and promotional aspects of them – they can be a great marketing tool to provide basic information about your brand, and getting your name out in the marketplace. We love to come up with creative ways to cover the basics – such as the name of your company, your logo and your location. Our design team is able to come up with a completely new look for your business, if that’s what you need.

But you may not have ever considered how labels, decals and signage can be utilized to improve efficiency amongst your in-house teams. We can develop some innovative ways to increase efficiency, and even inspire your employees!

Walls, Floors & Exteriors

One way you may be able to maximize workflow and direct traffic in your office or production facility is by utilizing floor graphics. Strategic placement of floor decals helps acclimate new employees to your facility, as well as helping guests navigate your space with ease. This is especially relevant for larger factories and facilities.

Large, eye-catching wall graphics can be used to inform your employees of best practices, important new policies, general company information, philosophical musings and inspirational quotes. A work environment that provides a supportive décor enhances engagement and productivity amongst the employees.

Whether you want to label your machinery to take that extra step in the name of safety, or if you want to take your workflow or organizational chart and turn them into a unique art piece that helps keep your team on task, the HS Sign Shop can design and create unique labels, decals and signage that will help your employees be their best.

Equipment & Hazardous Chemicals

If your industry deals in dangerous equipment or hazardous chemicals, you may want to consider going above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements to maximize your team’s safety. We can enhance and enlarge any required safety labels or we can customize an informative and entertaining way to hammer home the importance of staying safe on the jobsite.

We can create labels and decals that communicate this extremely important information in a memorable manner – for both your team and any subcontractors or visitors you may have on-site. Have you considered labeling your equipment in a way that reminds users about safety and performance issues? It may be time to consider going beyond minimum compliance, especially if your business operates under the auspices of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If you do work on a dangerous jobsite, you may want to consider signage that speaks to how long its been since the last accident on the job. This works both as a safety message and a motivational message to make sure everyone is working hard, safely, to extend that streak!

Products & Packages

If your business specializes in packaging and shipping operations, you may want to consider assigning colors and designs on delivery trucks, equipment, boxes, walls or floors to help streamline your delivery process. We can print labels and decals that will not only help your sales, but decrease the time it takes for the product to get through the delivery process.

If you’re looking for a way to be able to change your message, pricing or promotional information without a long lead time, temporary signage can be an excellent option to keep your employees in the know and on the same page in a fast moving environment. It’s also a great way to keep your team up to speed and tailor information in an industry where variable data and content are the norm.

The HS Sign Shop is here for any of your label, decal or signage needs. If you don’t have a design you like, our team will create a new one you’ll love. If you already have the design, that’s no problem – we can produce the work and install it for you. Contact us for more ideas on promoting your business and increasing the efficiency of your employees!