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Internal Branding - Your Employees Are Also Your Customers

Internal Branding – Your Employees Are Also Your Customers

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Customers are the lifeblood of your business, but so are your people. Without the hard work and dedication of your team members, you likely couldn’t do the things you do. Inspiring them and retaining them is key to success. Internal branding on your mission, vision and values is one way to instill pride and inspire your workforce.

What is Internal Branding?

Branding is so much more than a logo on your vehicle fleet or an embroidery on your shirt or jacket. Those things are important. But “internal branding” mostly refers to consistent reminders of why we’re all here, why we do what we do for work, and why we should aspire to continue and improve that work.

When a team member enters the HenkinSchultz building, they are reminded that we are “Crazy Obsessed” about our work, seeing personalized art work displays that reflect our personalities. It’s a reminder of our purpose and a bit of inspiration to be enthused about our mission to help businesses and organizations…

…and more importantly, how we conduct ourselves as people working on your behalf.

The Small Things Matter

We get it. Business is constantly moving. Things are always changing. That’s why a friendly reminder of your mission, vision and values can be – well, quite valuable.

There are many ways to reinforce that sense of pride in work:

  • Branding clothing, vehicles and other gear in a way that says, “You are representing us. You are a key part to what we do”.
  • Making the entrance and exit to the workplace a positive one. It’s a subtle thing. But when a team member sees the history of your workplace, some messaging on what you stand for and a small reminder of what you aim for, that means a lot.

In a very competitive workforce, the small things matter. HS Sign Shop’s goal isn’t to redesign your space or just add art. Our goal is to help produce subtle reminders that encourage everyone to remember why they work for you.

Make it Bigger, And Make it Real

What you do everyday matters. We’re here to help you remind customers and team members of that. When you’re ready to inspire your team with your mission. HS Sign Shop is here to help. Call 605.331.2155 or

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