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Jefferson High School Show Choir Trailer Wrap

Your Vehicle Fleet is Your Voice

By Vehicle Wraps

Everyone already knows South Dakota weather and roads can be tough on vehicles. And if you’re in a business where you have a commercial fleet or set of work vehicles, you probably know this all too well.

Vehicle appearance is especially important to businesses because it represents your voice, your brand and reflects your attention to detail. Vehicle wraps for your commercial fleet are one way to not only advertise your business, but also protect your vehicle.

The Benefits of a Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicles

First off, let’s talk about the structural benefits of wrapping your commercial vehicle.

  • It can protect your finish from abrasions and scratches
  • Wrapping lasts a long time, but is easily removable when the time comes
  • Generally, it is much more affordable than painting
  • And, it can help protect the resale value of your vehicles

Gone are the days of sticky stickers and messy applications. Today’s vinyl materials and technologies are easy to install and uninstall with the help of  specialists like the team at HS Sign Shop.

The benefits are not only practical and structural, they’re cosmetic, too:

  • There are countless design choices and colors
  • Individual parts or sections can be wrapped separately
  • And, it’s an easy way to update your look

Not to mention, we haven’t even touched on perhaps the greatest benefit: Advertising your business!

A Vehicle Fleet as Powerful Moving Billboards

Because you are always on the move, there is hardly a better value than a vehicle wrap. Our own HS wrapped van receives thousands of impressions a day when we’re on the go – and hundreds a day when we’re parked!

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. A consistent look to your vehicle fleet helps the public recall you when they eventually need your service. It also shows you value professionalism in your appearance and work.

And the costs per impression are some of the least expensive in the advertising industry. So for a little bit of fleet inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

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HS Sign Shop discusses how donor walls provide recognition and enhance space.

Thank Donors Through Great Design

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

Most every association, school or non-profit benefits from the generosity of individual donors. Donors are the lifeblood of many organizations. Recognizing them is not only important to say “thank you”, it can also be a centerpiece design for your space.

More Materials, Unlimited Design Options

Gone are the days of a wooden plaque with tiny metal engraved squares. Today’s technologies and materials now allow limitless options to highlight donors in stylish, creative and memorable ways.

Whether it be through photographs, text, timelines, historical elements or any combination of the above, your recognition of donors doesn’t have to be a bland corner of your building. It can be a centerpiece of your space.

City of Luverne

Examining Your Space and Knowing Your Goals

When clients approach HS Sign Shop about things like signage, interior design and donor walls, they often have an idea in mind. It is the job of our designers to help flush that idea out and come to life in its fullest.

“We approach every space with a fresh set of eyes,” says HS Sign Shop specialist Jason Jellis. “We can take a simple idea and enhance it to make it spectacular and a design element offices and organizations can be proud of.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon SDSU

Never Lose Track of Design

Thanking donors, of course, fulfills a couple goals: showing appreciation for those who give and recognizing their contributions publicly. However, doing so should also fulfill your desire for a well-designed, beautiful space.

There’s no reason a donor wall, donor space or memorial structure of any kind should be boring. With imagination, planning and thoughtful design, your donor space can not only be a place of recognition, but a beautifully designed destination. Done right, it can attract new donors, too!

Are you considering or reconsidering how you recognize your donors or dedicate a space to celebrate them? Talk to HS Sign Shop today.

Sigma Phi Epsilon SDSU

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Designing Spaces with an Eye for Interior Design: Megan Ringling

Designing Spaces with an Eye for Interior Design

By Our Team

When HS and HS Sign Shop talk to companies about our team, we like to celebrate our “diverse group of thinkers.” In short, that means we’ve come from a variety of backgrounds besides just marketing.

No one exemplifies that more than Megan Ringling, a designer for HS Sign Shop. Yes, she designs displays, wraps, signage and more. But her early interest was in interior design and designing spaces.

Relationships are Key to Design

Megan says she has sawdust in her veins because her grandfather was a busy homebuilder in Salem, South Dakota. Having built several new homes herself, Megan understands the importance of relationships throughout the design process.

“It’s all about process, reading plans and solving problems,” said Megan. “There are always initial considerations such as finding unique textures, colors or lights to serve the bigger purpose of a space.”

One of Megan’s first big projects was for the Edith Sanford Cancer Center pink guitar wall at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

“That experience opened a lot of doors for me in residential and commercial design,” adds Megan.

Applying Skill Sets to Client Needs

Megan’s experience in homebuilding, residential and commercial design easily apply to how she approaches clients at HS Sign Shop. “Communication and budgeting are essential,” said Megan. “Before we design anything, we must understand the goals.”

Doing so begins with a walkthrough (or several) of a client’s space and lots of discussions.

“In the end, if you have built a relationship and trust, you can do better design and best personalize a unique space for that client.”

That may include a variety of applications from wayfinding signage, murals, outdoor monument signage and even interior and exterior design elements. While HS Sign Shop has access to thousands of material, color and size design options, it all starts with the space.

That’s why a keen eye for designing and envisioning spaces is so important. The team tries to never make assumptions on the best solutions. A request may come in to quote project X. But after reviewing the space, the team may recommend Y or Z.

Any recommendation of changing someone’s business or home, interior or exterior, requires a lot of trust in the relationship. So HS Sign Shop takes extra time to build that trust. It doesn’t hurt that the entire team thrives on problem solving either.

Megan adds that, “We are willing to take the leap on unique projects, we love a challenge!”

Does your company or space have a unique challenge that could use the eye of a design team? Talk to HS Sign Shop today.

Strategic Branding of a Facility

Strategic Branding of a Facility

By Business Signage

When you’re building a new facility, you start with a blueprint. Strategic branding and facility branding work the same way. At HS Sign Shop, we don’t pour foundations or erect buildings, but we do have a blueprint for how we approach branding them.

Form and Function of Business Signage and Branding

We’ve discussed it before in previous blogs, but the HS Sign Shop team always starts with a site visit. In that visit, we snap photography, take measurements and hear your thoughts on your space. It’s the beginning of our blueprint and our strategy.

When you’re thinking in terms of branding your facility with signage or art, it’s good to think in terms of both form and function. Examples of form execution include:

  • Logo or illustrative elements
  • Wall murals or photography
  • And basically anything that serves as design or branding enhancement

But we also look at a building in terms of function, too. Functional elements can include:

  • Exterior signage or monument signs
  • Window decals
  • Indoor wayfinding or directional signage
  • Donor or history walls
  • And anything that serves a specific informational function

Your Space Helps Shape Our Strategy

This is where the HS Sign Shop strategy comes into play. Form and function should work together. Finding the right balance of design and information is what can really take your building or facility to the next level.

We don’t look to cover every natural space with design, but rather explore the best opportunities to add brand elements tastefully. Our team works with you to develop your space into an advertisement for your business and a place that is comfortable and welcoming to visitors and staff.

So Don’t Just Decorate, Strategize

Our designers at HS Sign Shop love to strategize how a space will both look and function great. When HS worked with Luverne Aquatics and Fitness Center, we made intentional choices on where to put what, and which areas of their new facility would experience the most customer traffic.

That’s where the beauty of working with us comes into play. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to branding a facility, which is why we sit down with you, tour your space, and make recommendations based on your budget, goals, and vision.

Looking for a blueprint and strategy on designing your space? Talk to the HS Sign Shop today.

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Creating Clarity and Consistency with Custom Floor Graphics

Creating Clarity and Consistency with Custom Floor Graphics

By Floor Graphics

Floor graphics have become increasingly common in the past few decades, and their popularity was only accelerated by the pandemic.

Now that the majority of the public is accustomed to them, there is a great opportunity to use floor graphics in clear and creative ways–and our team at the Sign Shop is here to help you with every step.

Floor Directions and Instructions

First, we’ll start with the obvious usages of floor signage: directions and navigation.

If you walk through a mall or a major shopping center, you’ll probably notice some sort of signage on the ground, which likely refers to social distancing, six feet apart, etc. But really, we need to think less about pandemic applications and more about creating an efficient and clear user experience.

Many restaurants and retail spaces use arrows or circles to mark where customers should go or stand in the store. These are fantastic, affordable and easily implementable ways of managing traffic, as well as making guests feel confident and comfortable.

Outside of brick and mortar stores, any event held in a convention center, ballroom, or even outdoors benefits from floor directions and instructions.

Since most people will not immediately know where to go at an event, floor signage is a great way to educate the public while saving on resources and staffing bandwidth.

Really, if your space is somewhat confusing to navigate through, floor signage is a great option.

Branding and Messaging

There’s one thing we emphasize with every floor graphic project we work on, and that’s branding.

Everything you make for materials should fit into your brand, even if it’s simple as matching colors and fonts. A unified look reinforces your branding and can create brand recognition in places that would normally limit it, like event centers and outdoor venues.

And while we’ve touched on directional graphics, we love to step outside the box and find new ways to apply floor graphics whenever we can.

For example, placing floor graphics in front of a reception desk or a doorway with a welcoming or inspirational message is a great way to invite people into your space. We’ve also wrapped stairs, too, including our own.

Furthermore, a simple image or a mission statement can go a long way in brightening up a location. It comes down to what your organization wants to do, and by working with us, you can explore opportunities for signage you never knew you had.

Event Branding

As we previously mentioned, floor graphics are great to use for events. Most venues allow some sort of installation to be used, and with the right design and layout, you can reinforce the branding of it effectively.

While we’ve talked mainly about floor graphics, it’s important to know you’re not limited. A variety of materials and executions can create fun signage overhead, on wall space, or even around unsightly dividers or structures.

The best way to determine how to use signage to your advantage is to talk to us. We’ll do a complimentary site visit to envision what’s possible from the floor to the ceiling and beyond.

sign shop graphic

Interior Signage: Mission and Vision

By Business Signage

Let Your Mission Statement Show

Most companies have some form of mission, vision and values they live by. The problem is, oftentimes they are buried away in a filing cabinet or hard-to-find website link.

However, featuring your mission or values as part of your interior signage is one way the HS Sign Shop helps companies tastefully highlight what they are all about.

use your space to tell who you are

Using Your Space To Tell Who You Are

So, let’s take a few examples of mission, vision and value statements and consider how you may incorporate them.

  • Courtesy, Honesty and Consistency
  • Passionate About Solutions
  • We Continuously Improve All Areas of Service

These statements could potentially be for most any company, but they give you an idea on how to envision them at work.

Imagine a customer service counter with “Courtesy, Honesty and Consistency” beautifully and dramatically as part of your decor. It’s a reminder to both customers – and employees – of what you stand for.

Or imagine a waiting space with “Passionate About Solutions” greeting any one who comes in the door.

These aren’t just any old “ads” you see everywhere. They can truly be inspirational works of art that are tastefully part of your decor. So how do you begin considering an interior space makeover?

HS Sign Shop Process

HS Sign Shop Process

HS takes a customized and consulting approach. Maybe you have a partial idea of what you want–or a space where you know you want “something”. The HS Sign Shop team will do a site visit with you to hear your thoughts and explore your space.

As we consider design, we’ll stay up to date on all industry trends, including materials,
manufacturing, application methods and technologies available to you.

We take the time to understand the challenge, offer solutions and then design and create with established processes to make sure we deliver on our commitment.

HS Sign Shop Process

Speaking of Mission, Vision and Values….

A lot of companies are not only looking for an update to their interior, they’re reconsidering their mission language, too. Businesses and customers change and evolve. So sometimes your message needs to also change.

HS Sign Shop and our HenkinSchultz team can help with that, too. If you’re looking to design your interior space with the things you believe–or are looking for a better way to say the things you believe, contact HS today.

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animation of hanging signs

Modern Signage with Classic Style

By Business Signage

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a well-designed sign for a business. The character, the simple, well-thought out design, and the way it makes its mark on a city landscape is something that can be hard to replicate.

Many people wonder what their options are for exterior business signs, and they often don’t realize there are more possibilities than a basic backlit sign. In fact, there are seemingly endless opportunities to create a unique exterior display.

What you need is a business partner in your corner who will analyze your space and come up with a way to make an impactful impression.

Horizon Exterior Sign

What an Exterior Sign Can Do for You

The optimal exterior business sign catches people’s attention and sticks with them long after they’ve passed it.

Think about the signs you see on your daily commute. An iconic banking logo, golden arches, a bold religious symbol–exterior signs are the most practical way to get in front of people with your branding.


Most exterior signs the HS Sign Shop does fall into one of four categories:

  1. Monument Signs (Freestanding structures typically in front of a building or near a road)
  2. Dimensional Letter and Logo Building Signs (Custom machined displays installed on a building or storefront)
  3. Backlit Sign Panels (Acrylic sign faces within a lit sign frame)
  4. Vinyl Window Displays (Vinyl applied to storefront glass)

Often, these are lit up at night in some sort of way, so while your organization may not be open, it is certainly making an impact and sticking with people no matter the time of the day.

Simply put, there is no better way to leverage your existing real estate as an advertising opportunity than with exterior signage.

Great Planes Travel

How HS Sign Shop Can Exceed Your Expectations

Working with us is unique because we consider everything about your project, including your space, your audience, and your budget. This allows us to create extraordinary results.

Our in-house printing materials are durable and versatile, allowing us to create a sign that pushes your name out to every passerby in the area–combining it with your building’s design and lighting to seamlessly transition your space into a new look.

Further, creating a sign is not the unattainable specialty it used to be. The design principles and classic styling are still around, but now it can be done for any size of business without breaking the bank.

At the end of the day, it’s about leaving your visual mark on the community in the best way possible, and ideally, becoming an iconic structure that everyone remembers.

If you need to display your brand more proudly and effectively, trust the HS Sign Shop to help you stand out.

Simply put, there is no better way to leverage your existing real estate as an advertising opportunity than with exterior signage.

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Pop with Updated Materials

Returning to Trade Shows: Pop with Updated Materials

By Business Signage, Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

Trade shows are coming back, and while they may look a little different, now’s a crucial time to stand out and get your name noticed.

If you’ve updated your brand recently, or haven’t printed new banners in a while, you need some new materials to help your booth pop.

The Power of Refreshing Your Materials

Creating an updated look for your trade show booth is a great way to get noticed and not blend into the crowd.

We’ve all seen booth designs that consist of a singular, faded logo banner and some supporting stands behind them that have a lot of small, unattractive, and unnecessary text.

The most effective trade banners we’ve seen have a unified theme, bright brand colors, minimal (but effective) copy, and an enticing design that attracts people to your booth while conveying a message about your company or organization.

Obviously you want to stay on brand, but a new layout and bolder design is a good way to avoid being stagnant and looking like the sea of other vendors who have over-crowded banners around their booth.

This follows a basic principle that’s often found in effective marketing and advertising–when your competitors go one direction, you should go the other way.

And while some executives within your organization may worry about not providing enough information, you should bear in mind that the banners are just the tip of the iceberg–once they get to the booth, you can give them more details.

The Materials You Should Have for a Trade Show

There are a lot of items you can have at a trade show booth, and the key to deciding what to bring is to understand your space and what is necessary information.

If you have a traditional booth size of 10×10, you’ll need at least a banner behind you and a table cover. Step and repeat banners and basic logo banners are common, but the options are limitless.

Some of our favorite banners are structured a lot like a brochure or a sales sheet. The most important information and visual elements should appear first and up top, and if people want more information, they can scan further down and approach the booth for handout materials.

This helps with locking in on a sale and provides your floor workers the opportunity to make contact with a prospect and exchange contact information.

Furthermore, with the increase in demand for social distancing and new health and safety protocols at many event centers, booths are getting larger areas, meaning you have more room for displays and tables.

Moving Past Basic Booth Design

There are many opportunities to showcase your brand at a trade show or event–it’s just a matter of knowing what’s allowed in a venue and not letting opportunities go to waste.

If you are the prime sponsor or host of a trade show and event, you are going to have more space available. Many people get tempted to just spread out their materials or add more of the same, but why not try something else?

You can place photo booth backdrops and interactive displays and demonstrations into your area, and these are designed to encourage people to interact with your brand and have more positive associations with it.

Even going outside of the booth, you can have directional floor clings to lead people to your sales table. Or maybe you just want to engage and entertain with some interesting copy and design.

Whatever you’re given for a trade show, whether you’re the host or a booth stuck in the back corner, it’s imperative you make the most of your space. If you aren’t sure how to capitalize on your live event, call the HS Sign Shop–we’ll be more than happy to create something that will drive your audience to move.

Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

By Vehicle Wraps

It’s been said there are two sides to every story. But truthfully, there’s probably a lot more than that. At least that’s how we look at it at the HS Sign Shop. When it came time to wrap our own van, we took a two-sided approach.

Getting the Most Out of Our Own Motorized Billboard

HenkinSchultz has our own vehicle we use for a variety of delivery and sign-shop related duties. It’s a 2019 RAM Promaster. And like all vehicles, it has many sides. When it came time to update our own vehicle art, we decided to make the most of it.

Unlike a digital billboard or other more permanent signage, there really are no laws regulating the size of lettering or what you can display on your vehicle.

“That allows you a lot more creativity when designing for a vehicle,” says HS Sign Shop specialist, Jason Jellis. “You can use the entire space if you want.”

In the case of HS’s vehicle, our designers decided to use one side to promote the HS Sign Shop and the other side to promote the value of creativity and making an impression. In addition, because the van represents our work, we even included a photograph of our building on the rear latch doors.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped

A Lot of Impressions for Very Few Dollars

Making an impression is always the goal of good advertising. Depending on needs, our team will recommend a variety of platforms and locations for marketing, where we evaluate potential reach, audience, and cost.

When the situation calls for getting in front of as many people as possible, you can’t beat the bang for your buck you get from a vehicle wrap.

We are always on the move and visiting different cities and locations across the region, and our van consistently pulls in hundreds, if not thousands of impressions a day, even when it’s parked.

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. Consistent branding and a noticeable look of a vehicle will help the public recall brands.

After a few months, people often start recognizing vehicles from blocks away without having to read the copy. That level of brand recall is hard to match, and by implementing this strategy as part of your marketing mix, you can connect with people across multiple traditional and digital touchpoints.

Making a Vehicle Wrap Work for Your Business

Every business with a company vehicle, from plumbing businesses to healthcare organizations, can benefit from a vehicle wrap. Our specialists work individually with each client to make sure the wrap conveys the right message and achieves a visually appealing look that matches brand standards.

For a gallery of inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped
Physical Signage in a Digital World

Physical Signage in a Digital World

By Business Signage

With the growth of digital signage and all kinds of sign technology, a lot has changed in the business and advertising world.

Between devices, computers and street signage, consumers are exposed to more advertising than ever. Even though we live in a world of digital signs, we can never underestimate the importance of physical signage.

Signs Can Take a Number of Forms

Signs are more than just a physical identifier, they are a reflection of your brand and how you do business. They can take any number of forms, and be made from any number of materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Free-standing
  • Illuminated
  • Concrete
  • Landscaped

So in a digital world, it’s good to know your options with more “permanent” signage. When you have the need for signage, we are here and ready to help.

To begin, an HS Sign Shop designer will meet with you, do a site visit on the proposed location and get a sense of your vision.

They take a number of factors into consideration:

  • Location
  • Lighting
  • Obstructions
  • Weather
  • Competing Signage
  • Overall Budget

A sign is something physical we create. But the real science here is creating and designing something that proudly reflects your business. Everything from the materials to the sizing to the placement should stand the test of time and be an affordable investment for you that continues to pay dividends.

Digital Signage Versus Permanent Signage

The HS team creates lots of digital artwork, billboards and digital signage for clients. We’re fans of the technology and flexibility of digital but there is a time and place for both digital and more permanent signage.

Like all things tech, digital is ever evolving. But it can be susceptible to snow, ice, power outages, and a whole lot of competition from all the beeps, alerts and flashing we see daily.

More permanent sign solutions don’t just mark your location. They say, “We’re here. We’re going to be around. And you can trust us.” It’s all about considering the application.

To use a far out example, Mount Rushmore is a permanent stone installation. Whereas, a rotating digital menu board at the concession shop is a perfect marketing solution. It’s all about picking the application and material that best suits your intention.

Your “signage” should be functional and take great form. The combinations of colors, materials and methods to create a “wow” piece of art are virtually endless. They combine to make a first impression. And, they exist to make consistent impressions.

A weathered billboard that says, “Welcome to our City,” makes an entirely different impression than an uplit, landscaped, rose-quartzite carving. It’s all about making an impact and maximizing longevity.

A Few Final Thoughts on “Signs”

We are a sign shop because “signs” are what people are looking for. However, the creative work of the team goes far beyond a logo on the curb or on the door.

Our goal is never to just make a marker, but turn every space into an artful impression. Yes, people need to know who and where you are. But a thoughtfully designed identifier also says a lot about ‘what’ and ‘why’ you do it.

We look at everything as a blank canvas to showcase your logo or tell a bigger story. And if digital is the right solution for your space, we can help you with that, too.