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Mount Marty campus signage

Mount Marty College Signage Feature

By College Signage

Mount Marty, a college in Yankton, SD, reached out to the HS Sign Shop originally for an interior wall display two years ago. This custom display outlined the rich history of the nursing education program at the college.

Mount Marty liked what HS did for the nursing display series, and wished to continue working with our team on their next big endeavor: a full rebrand.

The design team worked with the HS Sign Shop to create a brand new logo and a series of custom signage across the campus.

Mount Marty College: Prime Example of HS Teamwork

Mount Marty campus signage

For the project to be a true success, it required multiple minds from our HS Sign Shop and design team to work together. Thanks to our strong collaboration, we were able to create a fully integrated rebrand and installation plan for the Mount Marty campus.

Our team believes the rebrand is a prime example of teamwork at HS. Together, we put together a highly strategic launch of the rebrand right before classes began in the fall.

HenkinSchultz & HS Sign Shop provides a strong solution because we all work together in-house. We produce every phase of the project—from conception to creation—all right here in one building. No other agency or sign shop can offer what we can.

Jason JellisPartner/Graphic Design

With brand verbiage such as “momentum” and “commitment”, the colors and designs had to stand out in a big way on campus. This required working with nearly all of the departments across Mount Marty for the concept creation to be a success.

After the concept of the logo design was complete, the HS Sign Shop worked backwards to figure out the physical installation. To begin, a visit to the location onsite is required.

HS Sign Shop Visited the Campus Prior to the Install

Mount Marty campus signage

Physical limitations of a space can make a world of difference for an installation of any kind.

Every space has benefits and limitations. Our HS Sign Shop crew knows what to look for prior to an install. For example, a building will likely be reinforced with lines from columns or beams that can shape a display in a pleasing way. Or, a wall exhibits a repeating pattern that can be mimicked on the sign.

The goal is to create a cohesive end product that integrates well with the surroundings and unique elements of a space.

Before the actual installation, the HS Sign Shop figures out all of the details beforehand. This makes the work go much more smoothly. In fact, roughly 90% of the work is done with planning before the installation takes place.

After months of working out the details, the installation only took three days to complete.

HS Sign Shop installed over 30 pole banners throughout campus, updated all of the monument signs and added dimension and excitement to prominent college buildings like the Cimpl Basketball Arena and Roncalli Welcome Center.

Fall Students Immersed with Newly Rebranded College Signage

One of the biggest factors when a student is choosing a school is the way the campus makes them feel. Bold colors and a powerful brand consistent throughout campus can make the difference.

The Mount Marty campus successfully welcomed students attending fall classes with a new logo and feel all across campus. Contact the HS Sign Shop to learn more about what we can do for your campus!

HS Blog Design Sign Shop-BusinessGraphics-01

Ideas for Interior Signs for Business Signage

By Business Signage

Do you know what “successories” are?

If the term doesn’t ring a bell initially, we’re willing to bet you’ve seen one. Successories are posters commonly found in office spaces with phrases like “Make It Happen” or Perseverance” underneath a stunning landscape backdrop.

While successories are intended to inspire, this type of office art ends up not saying much about who your business is.

That’s where custom interior signage plays a key role in distinguishing your company.

5 Types of Interior Displays for Your Office Space

Whether you’re looking to use a space as a canvas or for a specific purpose, here are just a few ideas.

Avera ecare wall graphics

Branding Elements

The Avera Ecare wall graphics add a distinctive flair to the office with brand colors and health icons. Design elements connect and center around the work of the department.

LSS donor display

Logo & Company Slogan

The LSS logo and slogan make a bold, heartwarming statement. Each panel of the sign contains one big, blue letter. When set up next to each other, the panels spell out the phrase “Together”.

Avera Pasque Display -Custom wall graphics in Sioux Falls, SD

Mission Statement

In the halls of Avera Health is the mission statement of the hospital. The mission statement expresses the overall goal of the regional health system in Sioux Falls, SD.

Interstates Awards Wall Display

Achievements Display

The Interstates awards display wall features their mission to understand needs and deliver results with trophies and awards of achievement.

Interstates Custom Wall Design

Wall Mural

In addition to their achievement wall, the Interstates company mural is custom made to express what the company is all about. Employee photos give the business character while backing up their values.

HS Sign Shop Can Make Your Interior Signage Successful

Installing interior signs isn’t nearly as easy as hanging up pictures.

Reach out to our HS Sign Shop team here in Sioux Falls, SD. Our signage experts, Jason Jellis and Eric Van Beek, have years of experience creating and installing custom displays.

Contact us today for ideas, designs and strategies on your signage.

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trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

How to Celebrate America with a Really Cool Matte Trailer Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

When you have some fun UTV side-by-side toys, they need a trailer. And when you get inspired with a trailer wrap design, you need HS Sign Shop.

Inspired and Patriotic Trailer Wrap Ideas

The HS Sign Shop received a lead through their Get a Quote form on their website. What followed was an inspired and patriotic trailer wrap that really got the gang excited.

The client had a few ideas on how to add design to her and her husband’s utility trailer. The black 16 foot trailer was in pristine condition with a high gloss black finish. The customer researched some ideas online and asked HS Sign Shop to help.

The goal was to put matte black on a gloss finish for a subtle yet attention getting look. The flag would stand out – and you could still pick up some nice reflections from the factory gloss paint. As the Sign Shop guys put it, “A very cool effect.”

They settled on Dead Matte Black vinyl material. It had no reflection whatsoever and looked amazing against the trailer.

Going Big with Trailer Design

As most wrap projects go, there is always good collaboration on design. The client shared a few ideas she had researched and we offered a few options.

One option was a smaller more subtle flag design. The other was grander in scale with a full flag nearly spanning the whole side of the trailer. The owner loved it – and we adapted it for both sides, using flag standards. To drive by it – on either side – is to see the flag unfurled with the wind.

While the trailer continues to make quite an impression, it was an economical build too. The black on black process did not require a full wrap. That meant less material. The original gloss black paint is the backdrop. The flag itself is produced in house from contour cut vinyl.

Consequently, the cost of the wrap was very budget friendly. The client was happy with the price and quality and they continue to turn heads as they travel out and about this July.

trailer with vinyl wrap of flag

Do you get inspired by something you’ve seen? If you’re wondering if the HS Sign Shop can do it, they probably can. Check out our before and after pictures to see just what we can do and if you want to learn more, contact the HS Sign Shop today.

Donor Dislpay

Donor Wall Displays Make an Impact for Your Hospital or University

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

A donor display honors those who’ve given to your hospital, university or other institution. The right display pays tribute to the donors who made your endeavor possible. It can also tell a story about your philanthropic mission and promote future giving.

Donor walls should not be an afterthought. Instead, they should be included in your capital campaign planning. Obviously you want them to catch attention. But you also want to engage people to contribute.

They are a great opportunity to express your vision and mission through visual artwork. Take the Avera McKennan Rock Rapids donor wall for example. This installation really created a beautiful visual flow. It is a piece of artwork that demands to be seen.

Avera Merrill Pioneer Hospital Lighted Sign

Your donors want to feel special and you have an obligation to make that happen. Celebrate your donors with a donor recognition display that represents your organization and the capital you raised.

Think Outside the Box When You Create

The HS Sign Shop team enjoys meeting with our clients and exploring the space first. Most of the time it’s a very collaborative process. Our goal is to create a display that is not only functional, but is also a piece of art that fits the environment.

Here’s an example of how it typically works:

Understand the Vision

  • Discuss the scope of the project
  • Understand the campaign and organization
  • Define schedule & deadline
  • Define an overall budget

Create the Design

  • Work with the HS Sign Shop designer
  • Concepting, design and proof out mockup
  • Adjust or approve

Make it a Reality

  • Order materials if necessary
  • Pre-assembly
  • Finishing and installation

It’s vitally important to your business to make sure you’re carrying your entire brand through your building. Every display representing your company should be consistent with your messaging goals.

Whether indoor, or outdoor, we make sure all of your displays align with your environment and entire campaign. Contact us today for ideas, designs and strategies on how to say a very important ‘thanks’ to your very important donors.

RV wrap

When a Big Cause Meets a Big RV Wrap

By Vehicle Wraps

For Ed Hoffman, retiring from the TV business was never going to be a true retirement. After over two decades, he was ready to pursue some other passions. One of them was his love of RV-ing in South Dakota – and around the country. Another was his passion for motorcycle safety, helmet use and social responsibility.

A Forty-Foot Idea

Hoffman has always loved motorcycles. And anyone that rides regularly has unfortunately seen an accident, or even several, in their day. Hoffman was no exception. When his friend from South Dakota Rides approached him with an idea for his new RV, he was receptive.

South Dakota Rides advocates for motorcycle riding in the state, providing maps, weather and event information. But more importantly, it is a fierce advocate organization for helmets, safety and training. Hoffman had just recently purchased the new 40-foot RV. South Dakota Rides asked if he would advocate for the organization, on his RV, and share their message around the state.

Hoffman loved the cause marketing idea and agreed to wrap his RV with safety messaging. But with it being a brand new vehicle. Hoffman had some big ideas of his own. That’s where HS Sign Shop came in.

Vinyl Wrapping from Top to Tires

It was a project several weeks in the making. HS Sign Shop was tasked with helping conceptualize what the RV design would be.

We got together to take measurements and began kicking around ideas until something stuck. That’s usually how these big projects begin.

Jason JellisHS Sign Shop Specialist

Hoffman loves South Dakota and knew he didn’t want just another big ad on wheels. He wanted to:

  • Showcase the state’s beauty
  • Showcase the reasons people ride
  • Have a personal message
  • Make an impact wherever he stopped
  • And most importantly, bring attention to the safety message

Our graphics and installation specialists proposed several ideas to Hoffman and together, they settled on a design. The passenger side featured what is essentially a stunning, driving mural of the Badlands with a pair of motorcycle riders in the foreground.

The passenger side shared a personal line from his friend Renee who had survived a terrible motorcycle accident. “On August 2nd, 2018, my helmet saved my life. — Renee” The image was shot in HenkinSchultz’s studio and features Renee holding her severely cracked helmet. She stands in the foreground of Mount Rushmore and stands as a powerful testimonial to wear a helmet.

Wrapped in vinyl from front to back, the beautiful RV also displays the South Dakota Rides logo and corresponding URLs, including Drive Safe SD. Together, it makes a “wow” statement. And wow statements promote causes.

Hoffman says the RV is already making an impact for good. “Everywhere we go we are a huge hit,” says Hoffman. “We have had many people asking if they can share photos of it on their website and social media. The answer was “yes” of course.”

Making an Impact By the Numbers

HS Sign Shop estimates over 1,000 feet of vinyl wrap went into the project. With a project this size, there are countless handles, mirrors, latches etc. to disassemble. What was reassembled was a driving work of art with a very important message on helmet safety.

It is estimated that a vehicle wrap can receive between 30,000 to 80,000 impressions per day. That adds up to around 40,000,000 impressions over the vehicle’s lifetime. And with the miles Hoffman plans on putting on, our bet is he’ll get more.

But of all these numbers, a few remain most important: Raising awareness; increasing the number of helmet riders; and lowering the number of helmet fatalities. That’s the really rewarding part about completing a job of this nature. Doing good.

Do you have a cause or a business that needs to make an impression? Talk to HS Sign Shop and we can brainstorm a solution to support your marketing program. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery.

Trade Show Inspiration

A Whole New World of Options for Trade Show Signage

By Business Signage

The trade shows of the old days were the same everywhere. You walked into a sea of black skirted tables. Some had signs hanging from them or behind them. People in suits handed you a brochure. But those days are gone. Trade show signage has evolved in the most fantastic way.

Trade Show Materials as Art

If the idea of a trade show is to engage a prospect, the space in which you do that should be engaging. Many of today’s better booths are full on art exhibits. They are interactive playgrounds, multimedia showcases and even coffee shops. Event, an online blog for Event Management, highlights some of the best ideas for 2019.

When you’re looking to build a more elaborate trade show presence, you have several options at your disposal:

  • Hanging triangle, circle and square banners
  • Multi-angled structures
  • Electronic sensors
  • Fun floor graphics
  • Illuminated signage
  • Funky furniture
  • Raised platforms
  • Uplighting

Any combination of the above can become an elaborate and functional work of art. Like all good art, it draws people to it. And when you’re in the business of selling, that’s exactly what you want – people drawn in.

Ronning Trade Show Booth design

Compact, But Impactful Options

If you’ve ever been on the trade show circuit, you know the drill. You pop your materials out of the storage closet, dust off their carrying cases. You might check some as baggage or ship them all. When you arrive, you jump through another set of hoops to find them and transport them.

But today’s display options are so much better to transport. Retractable banners are a wonderful option for the smaller trade show displayer. They are light, colorful, sleek, easy to set up and priced at a great value. Customize them with multiple messages. Let your creativity shine.

HS Sign Shop has done countless of these from smaller retractable banners to event banners and electronic displays. Even if you have a limited budget, don’t limit your imagination when it comes to a trade show or event.

The options are limitless:

  • Banner Stands
  • Hanging Banners
  • Wall Mounted Displays
  • Table Covers
  • Collapsible Displays
  • Folding Panel Displays
  • Counters
  • Info Centers
  • Sign Systems
  • Display Lighting
  • Shipping Cases
  • Fabric Backwalls
  • Island Exhibits
  • Hanging Structures
  • Architectural Structures
  • Fabric iPad Stands
  • Fabric Counters and Kiosks
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Tents
  • Banners and Flags

If the idea of a trade show is to engage a prospect, the space in which you do that should be engaging. Many of today’s better booths are full on art exhibits. They are interactive playgrounds, multimedia showcases and even coffee shops.

Looking to make your trade show more of a show? Contact the HS Sign Shop.

Campus Signage - show your pride

College & University Signage adds Beauty, Function & School Pride

By Latest News

Most of us have a favorite team. It may be our own college or university or some far off Division I powerhouse. Either way, we love our school pride. And school branding with campus signage is one way a school truly demonstrates pride in itself.

All you have to do is walk across a campus. Is it well groomed and landscaped? Do you see evidence of the school colors? Mascot name or school logo? Does exterior signage direct you where you’re going? All of these elements combine to offer a place that feels like home, a place you can support.

The Benefits of Beautification and School Branding

HS Sign Shop designs and produces a lot of signage. Yes. But when it comes to working with schools, we do so much more than that.

We’ve collaborated with colleges and universities on about every scale imaginable. From replacing simple parking signs to rebranding entire campuses. We have a passion for it and enjoy these types of installations. But how does this really benefit your school? Let us count the ways.

1. It shows your pride.

If you’re a Viking or a Tiger and proud of it, you have to show it. Seeing your school name, brand or mascot boosts student morale.

2. It makes recruitment easier.

Juniors or seniors on a campus visit consider a college’s appearance. It’s their first impression.

3. Alumni and donors take notice.

Every school depends on alumni and donors for existence. Donations are more likely to continue when donors see the fruits of their contributions.

4. Eyesores can be reduced.

That big green transformer box serves a very critical function on-campus, so do those concrete parking slabs. Both can be covered tastefully.

5. We all need direction.

Looking for a building, a class, an administrative office? This is important stuff to the wide-eyed college freshman.

6. It’s more than signs. Displays tell stories.

Every institution has a story, a historic timeline or nod to its origin and faculty. Beautiful displays are central to campus life.

What to Consider When Branding a Campus

There are a lot of obvious ways to brand and beautify your campus –

Augustana newspaper machines


Monument Signs

SDSU sports wall

Athletic Signage

Mount Marty College bus wrap

Vehicle Wraps

alumni center


jensen room

Unique Displays

When picking a partner to do any campus signage, make sure you work with visionaries. You want an idea that comes to life. HS has a history collaborating on many levels. We can install and complete the exact vision of a university staffer. Or we can take a small idea and make it much bigger.

Another advantage of working with HS Sign Shop is that we are backed by the full creative resources of HenkinSchultz. That means the sky’s the limit on both materials and creative design. We’ve used water, steel, lights, acrylic, vinyl, fabric, photography and even recycling to create art that is so much more than signage.

“In short, we love the pride that staff and alumni take in a campus,” says HS Sign Shop Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek. “We love to make it even easier to be proud.”

Get a quote or ask us how.

Tesla vehicle wrap - flat black - hood view

Matte Black Vehicle Wrap Transforms Tesla

By Vehicle Wraps

The Tesla Model 3 is a unique car to begin with. It is fully electric with enhanced autopilot and three exterior cameras. Plus, it has a very minimalist design with a button free interior.

To put it mildly, it is one sleek car. When a client approached HenkinSchultz about a matte black custom vehicle wrap finish, the HS Sign Shop team couldn’t wait to tackle this Tesla.

Going from Chrome to Matte Black Car Wrap

The Tesla came to HS Sign Shop with a glossy black finish and chrome detailing. “Dechroming” or a “chrome delete” is the process of hiding or covering chrome with vinyl. The popularity of this vehicle trend is growing.

Some choose chemicals to dechrome, painting is an option, even sandblasting. But vinyl car wrap is a sensible and economic choice. Matte black is an attractive option, because it hides the chrome while still giving it a sleek finish and accent. In this case, the HS Sign Shop team covered the:

  • side view mirrors
  • window borders
  • door handles
  • Tesla emblems

Tesla Model 3 Before & After

Custom Car Wraps Require the Indoors

Doing anything in South Dakota subzero temperatures is difficult. A custom wrap on a vehicle? Impossible. Thankfully, the HS Sign Shop team has ‘Rowena Bay’, the name for their installation space just outside Sioux Falls.

The Rowena Bay stall provided plenty of space – and warmth – for the team to go to work on the Tesla. The brand new car was in pristine condition, but the prep work still requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. Every surface area must be detailed to ensure proper application.

They used 3M Matte Black for the entire exterior and if you look closely, you would never know the vehicle didn’t come out of the assembly line that way. “It’s always fun to work on something that requires that much detail,” says HS Sign Shop Graphics Installation Specialist Justin Vanden Bosch. “You love to walk away from a project like that and see the rewards of your work.”

Finishing Touches and the Benefits of Vinyl of Vinyl Wraps

To complete the new sleek matte look, the owner added matte black wheels to accent the wrap finish. It’s safe to say you will notice this car coming and the owner will be a happy driver for years to come.

In addition to being an economical option over painting, vinyl wrapping has many other benefits. It protects your original paint and is 100% removable. Vinyl has a finish that resists and wears much better than paint. Furthermore, it does not affect your warranty or lease agreement. Learn more about the three types of vinyl wraps to apply to your vehicle.

Interested in having the HS Sign Shop team design and install a car wrap for you? Request a fast, free quote. We’ll give you a vinyl wrap price range based on your needs!

Sign Shop Gets Behind Beer and Brewing

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

It’s not every day the HS Sign Shop gets to play with beer.

Ben’s Brewing Company changed that. Owner Ben Hanten witnessed the explosion of craft brewing first hand while living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Hanten brought his love of beer and entrepreneurship to Yankton, South Dakota to start his bar and eventually brew his own craft beer line.

Ben’s Gets a Makeover

A popular stop in Yankton for years, Ben’s physical location is historic. It features a hand cranked elevator system that lowers wheat, barley and hops to the basement where the beer is brewed. The main floor is Ben’s bar area and upstairs is a second speakeasy called The Copper Room.

There was just one problem. Most of the beer brand signs and decorations on Ben’s wall were beers he didn’t carry. Ben is a tireless promoter of the local economy and business development. He realized he was missing an opportunity to have Ben’s Brewing Company better reflect the local landmark he already is.


“There was a great space to work with there, what made it a fun challenge was the fact we had to do it before opening hours, since the bar is open every day of the year.” says HS Sign Shop Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek.

Eric Van Beek

The Redesign

HS Sign Shop and Ben drew up a plan to rebrand the perimeter walls of the bar. Together, we designed a wrap for roughly 75% of the wall space. Portions of the wall focused on their beer brands, others on seasonal flavors with decorative wrapped clipboards hanging on the wall.

Another area was dedicated to displaying the entire beer brewing process from barley to beverage. Customers could now sit and witness the fun design showing exactly what was going on underneath them in the basement.


Finally, HS Sign Shop tackled the upstairs Copper Room space too. The speakeasy resembles prohibition era bars with a discreet entrance and craft cocktails. To emphasize this hidden vibe, HS wrapped the east wall in Ben’s in a warm brick wrap leading upstairs to The Copper Room. We also gave the upstairs a makeover with a buttoned upholstery pattern in browns, tans and copper featuring graphics of their custom cocktails.  

All in all, the HS work featured over 750 feet of vinyl. That’s a lot of vinyl for a lot of great beer.

To see how HS Sign Shop helps businesses better use their space, check out more of our custom wall wrap work. 

A Rich History in Nursing on Display at Mount Marty

By Client Features

For decades, Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota has been known for its nursing program. As Mount Marty looked to its future, it also wanted to honor its past. HenkinSchultz was enlisted to help with a display that does just that.

Mount Marty’s Nursing History

Mount Marty’s history began back in the early 1900’s at Sacred Heart Hospital where a nursing program was established by the Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery. The program was truly considered a “pioneer” program in South Dakota.

Mount Marty wanted to ensure that current students understood the rich history of the program. “The goal was to design a space where our nursing alumni, from both the Sacred Heart School of Nursing and Mount Marty College, could visit and reminisce about their days “on the hill,” says Shannon Viereck, Director of Annual Giving & Advancement Officer.

“Our goal is that every alumnus that visits the display will able to find themselves and celebrate their place in our story.”


How the Project Began

In order to make the project a reality, Mount Marty set out to raise the required funds. With fantastic participation from alumni volunteers, they were able to raise a significant amount to pay for the project and provide additional support for the nursing program.

Throughout the planning process, Mount Marty worked with an alumni committee to develop the visual timeline information, conduct research and dig through boxes and albums to find images. They discussed many different design ideas during nine months of planning with the HS team.

“Jason and Eric were great to work with from the beginning of the project through completion,” adds Viereck. “We never imagined how well it would come together.”

The Nuts and Bolts of the Design

HS wrapped the interior of four custom-made display cases.  The vinyl wrapping featured the bulk of the design including:

  • photographs
  • additional design elements
  • and the historic timeline itself 

Every display installation features unique challenges. For the detailed information throughout each era on the timeline, HS printed directly onto clear acrylic panels and mounted them with aluminum stand-off hardware. There were 50 total acrylic panels featured in all. 

To display artifacts used throughout decade after decade of the nursing program, HS  provided glass shelves with slim, aluminum brackets. The combination paired perfectly with the acrylic panels and aluminum stand-offs.

HS also wrapped an adjacent wall with a collage of historic photos.  The wall also features a large digital screen display.

Mount Marty wall after

Response to the Display and Future Work

In October, Mount Marty hosted an open house for the new Avera Nursing Center, where the display is housed. The college continues to receive compliments from alumni, faculty and community members in attendance. The Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery worked tirelessly more than 100 years ago to start a nursing education program in Yankton, and are proud to showcase their efforts and the foundation they created.

HS is now working on five new display cases on the second floor of the Mount Marty’s nursing center. They will be stand-alone displays, each with its own theme.  One will focus on the long-standing relationship between the Mount Marty nursing program and the US Military.  Another on the nursing programs uniforms and how they’ve changed through the years.

“Thank you, HenkinSchultz, for helping us celebrate our program and all the individuals that have made it what it is today.”

To learn more about how you can celebrate your history or space, contact HS Sign Shop.