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Big Images - Big impact

Big Images, Big Impact

By Business Signage

You’ll hear us talk a lot about using an interior office space as a canvas, where we find an area that will work great for a display and make it come to life. These come in all shapes and sizes, and one thing is for certain–we absolutely love going big when we can.

Some of our favorite projects we’ve done have been huge wrap displays on tall walls and in large halls. It’s always a huge challenge, but the reward is even bigger.

And really, it’s less about us filling walls chock full of imagery, but more about conveying a message to an organization’s audience that makes an impact.

Big Images Stand Out

Placards and small displays can certainly be effective, but when you go big, you are really putting your stake in the ground. It sends a message that you are willing to stand behind, and that message can be crafted to do whatever you need it to.

Oftentimes our clients assume interior murals and exterior displays are only the right option for a few select industries and businesses, but really, it can be applied to almost anything.

“Within sports, we can inspire and intimidate; within law, we can instill confidence and trust; and within auto repair shops, we can promote timeliness and accountability.” said Jason Jellis, the leader of our Sign Shop. “If your business is truly proud of what it does, why not make that stand out in the biggest way possible?”

The HS Sign Shop works directly with you and your space to come up with signage options customized to the “canvas” that is your building.

And in most cases, this can be scaled up. Thanks to our design and installation process, we can make murals that go up multiple stories and take up thousands of square feet.

“We have done a lot of office murals and wall wraps that are massive in scale,” said Eric Van Beek, our lead Sign Shop Specialist. “In most cases, the only limit is imagination, and we have plenty of it.”

If you think your business, organization, or office space would benefit from making a bold statement through a custom display, contact our team and start imagining the possibilities.

College and High School Signage in Big Spaces Big Thinking and Big Impact

School Signage in Big Spaces: Big Thinking and Big Impact

By College Signage, High School Signage

As schools look to open up in some form in this unique year, HS Sign Shop is busy creating graphics, signage, sign design and more for high schools and colleges.

We’re helping schools kick off the year in a big way.

More than Just Banners or Posters

When you think of signs, you may think of something that’s flat on a surface. For example, it could be a Tigers mascot vinyl sign hanging on the wall. Or it could be a fabric banner outside the entrance to your school.

College Signage at Mount Marty UniversityHS has installed countless shapes and sizes for area schools and colleges, many of which make a big impact in a unique way.

Mount Marty University’s Benedict’s Cafe is a great campus location for students to gather, have a coffee, study or hang out. HS was challenged with branding this fun common location in an impactful way.

Two central pillars sat in the middle of the common space. They, of course served architectural function, but were otherwise plain beige structures. The HS Sign Shop team seamlessly wrapped the pillars in Lancer blue and yellow with the Mount Marty name.

The two columns now serve as artistic centerpieces and a point of pride for their growing student body.

Big Signage Makes Big Impact in Other Ways

Branding a school and showing your pride is important, but school signage, especially on the college level, makes an impact in other ways, too.

  • Makes students and staff feel at home
  • Impresses visitors, alumni and donors
  • And can even intimidate that sports team rival

Our team has gotten very familiar with these large glass windows on the campus of South Dakota State University.

When ESPN’s College GameDay came to town, we installed massive football player graphics as a showcase background element to their broadcast production. More recently we installed a “Welcome Back Jackrabbits” design to the windows.

SDSU College Banner Signs Game DayThe space will serve as a welcome area and great photo opportunity for when students are back on campus.

Not Just for Universities, High Schools Benefit from Signage Too

When we talk about big, we’re talking about impressions, not necessarily budget. An impactful sign doesn’t have to be out of reach for a high school or middle school either.

Harrisburg High School challenged our team with branding their football stadium — and yes — intimidating their rivals some, too. As visitors enter from the west, they are greeted by the eyes of the prized Harrisburg Tiger.

Harrisburg High School Graphics Signage at StadiumFinishing the massive 24’ x 10’ structure not only took a bit of creativity, it took some legwork, too. The installation required three people to hang, an 86-foot boom lift, and a lot of patience with the wind. But the Sign Shop was up to the challenge.

Challenge Us to See What We Can Do for Your School

Whether it’s banners or signs for college events or school events, or something more permanent, challenge us.

Remember, you don’t have to come to HS Sign Shop with a completely finished idea. Our team loves to meet with you, explore your space, discuss your goals and build a vision together.

As you look around your school space and look ahead to the school year, let HS Sign Shop help you make the most of it. Contact us today for a no obligation site visit!

wrapping the unexpected

Projects We Wrapped that You Wouldn’t Expect

By Client Features

From pumpkins to pontoons, the HS Sign Shop can wrap it!

Our team of large format printing and custom wrap experts have designed and installed signage for a wide variety of projects.

Let’s dive into our approach of providing signs to unique client needs — along with photos from some of our favorite unexpected sign installs!

HS Sign Shop Takes a Multifaceted Approach to Signage

Our multifaceted approach to vinyl wraps and signage gives us the ability to tackle just about any client project. We are uniquely positioned to transform whatever you need us to.

Some clients come to us with a specific idea in mind. Others show up with a blank slate that just “needs something”.  Either way, with our experience, we know the steps to take. Check out some of our favorite unexpected projects!

5 Examples of What We Can Wrap for Clients

pontoon after vinyl wrap

1. Festive Pontoon Wrap or Boat Wrap
What could be a better decoration for a 4th of July boat party? This patriotic pontoon wrap makes cruising the open waters even more fun.

The sturdy and unobstructive nature of vinyl boat wraps makes it a great material for customizing your boat. This is also a wonderful way to proudly declare the name of your ship!

electrical box

2. Electrical Box Cover
Minnesota West Community & Technology College added a flair of marketing to their electrical boxes. This is a clever way to cover up those unsightly green cubes while branding your campus.

Lake Lorraine Logo Pumpkins

3. Lake Lorraine Logo Pumpkins
Lake Lorraine celebrated Halloween at their shopping mall in Sioux Falls, SD. We wrapped upwards of 30 pumpkins to brand their location in a fun way.

Augustana newspaper machines

4. Augustana News Stand Wraps
Augustana University asked us to add vinyl wraps to their newspaper stands on campus. The vinyl covers give eye-catching accessibility to newspapers for the good of informing smart students.

Train at Arnold's Park - Custom Graphics

5. Train Signage at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji
Choose us to wrap your train! We wrapped this train at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji, IA with minor vinyl touches that made a big difference.

Our Sign Shop in Sioux Falls Can Make It Happen!

The HS Sign Shop has put together custom signage for a variety of purposes. From concept to design to the installation itself, we can make any vinyl wrap work for your needs.
Request a fast, free quote on your signage idea! We’ll give you information on the process, cost, and anything else you have questions on.

Vehicle Wraps: Moving Billboards that Catch Attention

By Vehicle Wraps

Is your marketing on the move?

A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to advertise your business. This form of signage is essentially a moving billboard that is able to capture attention wherever it goes.

Turning a vehicle into an advertising medium doesn’t cost as much as you might think, and is extremely effective considering the amount of impressions you receive.

Let’s get into why wrapping your vehicle is a good investment.

A Good Marketing Investment that Pays

Fleet advertising is the most affordable way to spread the word about your business and services. When you compare what a wrap costs to the amount of impressions you get, it makes the investment well worth it.

In fact, one vehicle wrap can reach up to 50,000 views a month on average. And, 97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles vs. 19% for billboards. Talk about driving awareness!

High-performance wraps that aren’t temporary last for 5-7 years, depending on how well the wrap is taken care of. In total, the lifetime of a vehicle wrap can bring your business over 40,000,000 impressions!

Regardless of all that attention, vehicle wrap graphics build trust for your brand as they project an image of professionalism on the road. This can help you stand out from the competition even further.

That’s not just good marketing, that’s brilliance.

Optimize Your Fleet with a Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle wrap graphics can form to any shape, size, or type of automobile.

If you’re searching for car wrap companies, consider the HS Sign Shop. From the design to the installation, we can morph your ideas into reality. Whether you need a temporary or high-performance wrap, we have your vehicle branding covered — literally.

We recommend reviewing frequently asked questions on vehicle wraps to learn more about the process.

Sign Your Vehicles to Maximize Your Marketing

Turn your company vehicle into your own moving billboard to maximize your marketing budgets.

Start by requesting a fast, free quote. The HS Sign Shop will give you a price range for a vehicle wrap based on your needs!

When a Blank Building Becomes Business Signage That Makes a Statement

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

The guys at the HS Sign Shop are used to tackling business signage challenges. They live for it, in fact. When Interstates Companies purchased a new office space in Omaha, they had a blank canvas for custom wall displays and turned to the HS Sign Shop.

HS Sign Shop Makes Ideas Real with Custom Wall Displays

Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek has a saying he uses a lot. “We take the abstract and make it real. Like, ‘hold it in your hands and hang it on the wall’ real.”

And it’s true. That’s how the HS Sign Shop team approaches every interior space. But in the case of there were A LOT of walls. Van Beek estimates business signage was created for over 70 surfaces.

“It really was just a large series of empty offices and spaces,” says Van Beek. “Interstates is a very forward-thinking and dynamic company. Our challenge was to reflect that.”

The Full Scope of Signage Wall Design

As with most design projects of this scope, there are both functional and inspirational elements.

Everything from the break room to the bathroom needed to be labeled, of course. But, there was also a need for photography, branding, mission and more. The installation took nearly three days and included:

  • Custom designed wall wraps
  • Room signage
  • Column wraps
  • Logo vinyl applications
  • Large format photography
  • Brushed aluminum  artwork
  • Custom dimensional room labels
  • Various other design elements

Design and Installation

It’s one thing to load approximately 2,000 square feet of material into the van and drive south to Omaha. It’s an entirely different thing to plan and design beforehand.

HS team spent weeks preparing for the installation. Their planning included a site visit to see and measure the various spaces. It also included several conceptual and creative meetings.

This is typical of how the HS Sign Shop approaches a job, no matter the scope. It all begins with a lot of conversations and truly working to discover and guide a client’s vision.

Do you need to have a conversation about improving your space and making it a brand showcase? We can do that. And we invite you to check out our other work for inspiration.

View the Full Gallery of the Interstates Project:

A Few Creative Ways to Use Vinyl Wraps and Custom Signage

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

If you’re looking to transform a space, small steps can go a long way..

A blank wall. Your vehicle. A store front.  There are many creative ways to use whatever area you have available.

Some clients come to us with a specific idea in mind.  Others just show up with a space. An area that just “needs something”.  Either way, with our experience, we know the steps to take. Check out some of our favorite creative projects!

Vinyl Signs, Dimensional Displays and More.  Whatever It Takes To Be Transformational.

It’s amazing how design elements big or small can catch the eye or build a brand. All needs, budgets and spaces are different. We work with what you’ve got.

Avera McKennan Foundation Donor Wall

1. Donor Wall Display

A donor wall is a great way to give a special thank you message to donors. With an original display, you’re able to pay a kind tribute to the donors who have given so much.

A boring list of names really doesn’t do the trick. The best donor displays weave in a story about your philanthropic mission, while promoting continued giving in the future. Sometimes a donor will be so moved to see their name as part of a passionate display that they will feel inspired to donate even more.

RV wrap - Winnebago make over after

2. Family RV Motorhome Wrap

Traveling on your next road trip gets even better with a one-of-a-kind camper. With a pop of color and playful design, your RV motorhome is bound to stand out at the campsite.

Life’s a journey. Might as well make the most out of your motorhome away from home. See our vehicle wrap FAQ to get answers on frequently asked questions like how the vinyl wrap process begins, what to do to take care of an RV wrap, and more.

ArtVision Wall Display

3. Reception / Lobby Wall Mural

Our opthamologist client, ArtVision, has a custom wall display that forms to the curved wall seamlessly. This distinctive piece not only functions as a work of art but also portrays their superior vision services.

Give your clientele something to cast their eyes on as soon as they walk into your business. What better way to make a solid first impression than with an exclusive sign true to your brand?

Break Room After

4. Break Room Vinyl Graphics

As a subtle escape from the daily grind, this client has a quote display placed right in the break room.

Team building doesn’t just happen on it’s own. A message like “We rise by lifting others” speaks directly to employees while they’re in a relaxed setting. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Small design elements can make a big impact. This one is proof.

pontoon after vinyl wrap

5. Pontoon Vinyl Wrap

The sturdy yet non-intrusive nature of vinyl makes it a great solution for personalizing your boat! This patriotic pontoon wrap makes exploring the open waters even more fun.

Plus, what better decoration could there be for a 4th of July party?

HS Sign Shop Makes Ideas Come to Life

As you can see, the HS Sign Shop has put together custom signage for a variety of purposes. From concept to design to the installation itself, we can make any vinyl wrap or display work for your needs.

Get started by requesting a fast, free quote! We’ll give you information on the process, cost, and anything else you have questions on. Reach out today!

Kinds of vehicle wraps

Top 3 Types of Vehicle Wrap Graphics

By Vehicle Wraps

Our vehicle wrap designs come in all shapes and sizes.

The flexibility of vinyl makes it possible to create and install a custom wrap for any vehicle — whether that be a car, truck, van, RV, or trailer.

While we can make whichever type of vinyl wrap work for you, we typically categorize these vehicle wraps into three different types: die-cut, partial, or full.

Comparison of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Wraps start out as large sheets of adhesive-backed, vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application. They come in an array of styles and finishes – from matte, satin or gloss finishes, to chrome and beyond. Printed designs containing your logo, photos, graphics, textures, or branded elements are all options.

Here’s a comparison of the three most common types of vinyl wraps the HS Sign Shop team offers.

Die-Cut Vinyl Custom Wrap:

truck vehicle wrap

A die-cut vinyl wrap adds a touch of design to your windows or vehicle body.

This is an affordable option for adding branding to your company’s fleet. By placing your business name, logo, and website on a vehicle, you’re able to create brand awareness while driving around.

The high amount of impressions you’ll receive of your business name alone makes the return on investment worth it.

Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap:

Waterbury vehicle wrap

A partial vinyl wrap provides design coverage for only a portion of the vehicle. This option often ranges from ⅓ to ⅔ of your vehicle being covered with a vinyl wrap.

This works well for your business’s service vans and vehicles. With your brand’s colors, logo, and list of services, you’re able to tell a quick story on what your company can offer to potential customers.

Full Vinyl Custom Wrap:

galaxy gaming full truck wrap

A full vinyl wrap covers the entire vehicle.

This type of vinyl wrap makes a bold statement. It gives you a wide canvas to play with and enhances your opportunity for getting noticed while on the road. Eye-catching graphics cover the body of the vehicle and windows without disrupting your line of sight while driving.

If you need to amp up your fleet advertising, a full custom wrap will successfully do the trick.

Let’s Wrap Up…

That’s a wrap on the different types of vehicle custom graphics.

From concept to installation, we can make your project come to life for advertising on the road. Vinyl wraps are able to be installed as a temporary wrap that is easily removable or as a more permanent wrap that typically lasts between 5-7 years (depending on overall treatment).

Interested in hiring the HS Sign Shop team for your vehicle signage needs? Request a fast, free quote. Contact us for a quote and we’ll give you a price range for a vehicle wrap based on your needs!

vehicle wrap services

Commercial Vehicle Wraps: A Great Investment for the New Year

By Vehicle Wraps

Custom branding on vehicles is on the move.

And so are we. On average, Americans drive approximately 11,498 miles each year according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

It makes sense that vehicle advertising generates thousands of daily impressions on the road.

Get to know more about this type of advertising, why it’s effective, and how you can customize your company vehicles with our help!

Take Your Company Signage Ideas on the Road

A vehicle wrap is simply a digitally-printed mobile billboard on wheels. It is commonly printed on vinyl by professional sign shop experts.

Vehicle graphics tend to be eye-catching. A business is able to select either a full wrap covering the entire vehicle or a partial wrap. Wraps can go over the windows and won’t get in the way of your line of sight while driving.

Here are a variety of reasons to consider a wrap or graphics for your vehicle:

  • Your business or service is new.
  • You are undergoing an updated logo or rebrand.
  • You’re running a campaign.
  • You need to replace outdated or old graphics.
  • You purchased new fleet vehicles.

Check out our vehicle wrap FAQ to learn more.

Impact of a Full Vehicle Wrap Versus Other Forms of Advertising

Print advertising for a newspaper can run at about $23.70 per thousand people who see it. In comparison, a vehicle wrap is estimated to cost only 35 cents per thousand eyeballs.

This form of advertising is one of the most affordable mediums out there. Besides affordability, vehicle wraps are effective too.

97% of people remember ads placed on commercial vehicles versus only 19% for billboard advertising. In a single day you can get thousands of impressions from possible clients. Whether you’re driving the vehicle down the busiest street or parking it in front of your business, you’ll be getting noticed.

It also projects an image of professionalism on your company, building trust and making you stand out among competitors.

Get Custom & Cool Van Wrap Designs

Whether you already have the graphics ready for your vehicle wrap project, or if you need our designers to create a customized look that’s right for you, we can design, print and install whatever you need.

When choosing a type of vehicle wrap, here are some things to consider:

  • What your ideal budget is
  • How much exposure you would like to have
  • What will fit your brand and marketing efforts best
  • What will fit the message you want to convey best

Get car wrap inspiration, and let us know what catches your eye!

Contact the HS Sign Shop for a Full Vehicle Wrap Cost

Fleet advertising is one of the most affordable ways to spread the word about a business or service. HS Sign Shop experts customize vehicles of all kinds — and budgets.

Our sign shop experts have 40+ years of combined experience with large format graphics. Whether you need a truck, van, trailer, or car wrap, we have you covered on the design and installation.

Get a fast, free quote from the HS Sign Shop! Contact us for a quote and learn more about what we can do for your company signage!

SDSU game day graphics

SDSU College Signage for ESPN College GameDay

By Wall Wraps & Custom Displays

ESPN Comes to SDSU, HS Helps in a Big Way

It was a historic day for South Dakota State University when College GameDay announced it would be rolling into the Brookings campus. The university, city and entire state were abuzz with anticipation of the ESPN crew and a national television audience.

Preparing for National Television with Custom Displays

South Dakota State University and the Jackrabbit football program were thrilled with the announcement and excited to host. It was College GameDay’s first trip to South Dakota. The popular Saturday morning program had been to Fargo previously to feature North Dakota State University, the Jack’s fierce rival.

Needless to say, SDSU felt the pressure to perform, on the field, and in front of the camera.

GameDay preparations began immediately, as ESPN crew and SDSU staff discussed the schedule of events, logistics, locations and the million other details that come with a nationally televised event.

ESPN and the University choose a location near the historic Coughlin Campanile with the SDSU Foundation Alumni Center in the background. The beautiful Jerome J. Lohr building was a perfect opportunity to showcase the university’s football program. However, the building’s exterior currently was largely a blank canvas.

With the eyes of the country focused on GameDay and South Dakota State, the SDSU Foundation called HS Sign Shop to build something big and memorable for the big day.

500 Square Feet of College Signage for Prime Viewing

The SDSU Foundation wanted to make the space in front of the building a popular spot. They imagined fans and crowds stopping in the front to take selfies and photos in front of the football graphics they envisioned. But the clock was ticking and the large building windows were still blank.

“We were on the phone with SDSU Foundation discussing it on Tuesday,” says HS Sign Shop Specialist Jason Jellis. “They were designed, printed and installed on-site in less than 48 hours.”

Jellis added that the weather cooperated and that fact helped in turning the project quickly. Here are a few fun facts about the signage itself:

  • Full size = 50 feet wide x 9 ½ feet tall
  • Approximately 500 square feet total
  • 12 panels made up the composition
  • High-resolution full color
  • Special perforated window vinyl

Jellis said, “The SDSU Foundation was very appreciative. It’s always great to work with great people.” Jellis and the HS Sign Shop team are always excited to jump on a challenge.

Do you have a challenge of your own? Challenge HS Sign Shop!

Harrisburg stadium logo sign

School Branding That Makes a Big Roar

By High School Signage

Fall means football in South Dakota. And at Harrisburg High School, their prized Tigers are kicking off the season with brand new football stadium signage courtesy of HS Sign Shop.

Custom Signage Greets Incoming Fans

HS Sign Shop staff not only love their jobs, they love sports too. Sports signage installations are some of the most fulfilling projects we do.

Every installation begins with a thorough site visit. The site visit is an opportunity to scope out existing branding and signage, structural barriers or focal points and to take precise measurements. In the case of the Harrisburg High School Tigers, our task was a stadium.

Harrisburg stadium, football field, track and sporting facilities are a huge source of pride for the school and the community. The on field game experience is second to none. But the off-the-field entrance to the stadium presented a challenge, and an opportunity.

The large back side of the stadium bleachers and press box faced to the west. Most fans enter the stadium from the west, where the primary parking lot is located. Artistically, there is nothing particularly appealing about the back side structure of bleacher seating.

However, the center of that space is the backside of the press box facing the parking lot. It provided the perfect blank canvas for a show of school pride. Today, that blank canvas boasts a 24’ x 10’ display of the Harrisburg tiger’s intense eyes greeting football fans as they enter.

Design and Installation of Exterior Sign

Jason Jellis, HS Sign Shop specialist said the project was especially fun, “Any time we get to design and install something this large and visible, it’s very rewarding.” Jellis and Harrisburg staff worked together on the vision, design and installation of the eyes. “These projects are always a collaboration, bouncing around ideas and designs to make the final project even better.”

Here are a few fun facts about the install:

  • Final size is 24’ x 10’
  • Assembled in (4) 6’ x 10’ vinyl panels
  • Took (3) people to install
  • …and required an 86’ boom lift

Custom Signage and More

In many ways, there is a custom element to every school signage or other commercial install. Do you have a sports venue or business that has a space you want to put to work for you. Talk to HS Sign Shop and we can brainstorm solutions with signs and graphics. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery.

Photos of Different Angles/Viewpoints: