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Our Clients’ Work is Our Work, Too

By November 20, 2023Business Signage
Our Clients’ Work is Our Work, Too

There’s a reason each of the HS Sign Shop team members has a tape measure at their side. Because with any signage or related installation, it’s the details that really matter. The details in both design and construction make the difference on completed projects – and installs everyone can be proud of for years to come. In short, our clients’ work is our work, too.

Understanding People and Communicating Process

It takes a very special set of skills to work at HS Sign Shop. You must be a great visualizer and designer, as well as have a passion to build and install. These alone are very rare skill combinations. But in addition, it’s important to connect with people and communicate through the entire process.

Our team does exactly that.

We could brag about these guys all day long, but the referrals coming from our current clients say it best. We continually hear that Jason Jellis and team make the process fun and easy. Our guys never say “no” to a challenge and always have a smile on their faces while tackling it.

This is a great benefit to our clients because any design and construction can be a stressful endeavor. Communication and responsiveness is key when juggling all the elements involved. That’s not only great attention to detail, it’s great attention to our clients’ goals.

The Details of Design and Installation

We’ve talked a lot about things to consider when designing a sign. But design is only one stage of the process. Here are just a few of the details our team considers with any project.

  • Does the design reflect the business’s goals and brand?
  • What is the right combination of materials required for outdoor or indoor placement?
  • Is it scalable? How can we expand, maintain and update over time?
  • Are we properly coordinating the timelines and structural requirements with marketing managers, architects, operations managers and considering all zoning and electrical requirements?
  • And of course, does it make the visual impact required?

There are many places to order a sign. But there are only a few that deliver a team with professionalism and expertise to walk alongside every step of the way. The details matter because any good investment should gain returns. We don’t want clients to just breathe a sigh of relief when something is completed, we want them to be exceptionally proud to show it off.

Now Back to Those Tools

In addition to those trusty tape measures, you’ll find the HS Sign Shop team equipped with cutters, markers, solvents, ratchets, drills, and every tool under the sun to make a great design and installation happen. And in the rare case they don’t have something, they always find it.

One final tool? Exceptional pride in the work done. Our team doesn’t rest until a job is completed to exact specification and client satisfaction. It’s because we treat your work as our own. That’s an attention to details that not only eases minds, but turns heads.

Are you looking to turn heads with a sign, design, display or even something you’re imagining that you haven’t quite put your fingers on yet? HS Sign Shop is here to help. Call 605.331.2155 or

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