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How a Donor Display Can Be a True Work of Art

By October 23, 2023Business Signage
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Whether you’re a hospital, museum, church, school or other non-profit institution, you’ve likely relied on the generosity of donors. Why not celebrate their generosity, with a donor display worthy of their gifts. The vision of what a donor wall can be has dramatically changed. The HS Sign Shop team discusses how.

Making Walls Come to Life

We have to admit, even the phrase “donor wall” sounds kind of stuffy. But with today’s modern materials and new technologies, the sky is truly the limit on making a wall come to life. You’re display may include:

  • 3-dimension materials
  • Interactive video
  • Customized artwork
  • Stylized photography
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Any combination of paint, materials, glass, acrylic and more!

A donor display is typically placed in a high-traffic location to maximize viewing and garner the most attention for your donors. It only makes sense that such a space should not only serve the function of recognition, but also art.

Where to Start

HS Sign Shop team begins any donor wall project with a site visit and a discussion. Our team will:

  • Meet in person to look at your space
  • Discuss your vision for the project
  • Examine your current design, architecture and environment
  • Collaborate on initial designs and material suggestions
  • Follow-through from concept to completion

In many cases, there are several discussions as the project evolves. But that doesn’t mean the process is cumbersome. HS’s Sign Shop team is not only highly adept and creating and installing, they’re a lot of fun to work with, too. And they take great pride in designing something you can be proud to show off.

“With any project, we want to make sure the efforts of donors are on full display,” said HS Sign Shop Specialist Jason Jellis. “And there are tasteful and impactful ways to make it really something special that reflects your mission, too.”

Let the Fun Begin

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out some of HS Sign Shop’s work. You may find something that catches your eye or have a unique idea of your own. Give us a call at 605.331.2155 or email and let’s have a conversation on what’s possible.

donor wall inspiration
donor wall inspiration

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