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Reconsidering Your Marketing Touchpoints

By September 28, 2023Business Signage
Reconsidering Your Marketing Touchpoints

When you talk to one of our HS Sign Shop specialists, you may hear them talk about marketing touchpoints. The team installs interior, exterior and vehicle signage of all types. But what they really do when they visit your business site is consider your marketing touchpoints.

You Space is Your Advertising

HS Founder Kirby Schultz is a big believer in the fact that your entire space is an advertisement for what you do. As a designer of HS’s own building space, Kirby has passed that philosophy along to the Sign Shop team.

So what is a marketing touchpoint? As it relates to signage and interior design, it’s any space your customers or prospects may see regularly—while driving by, waiting in the lobby or sitting in a conference room.

Where to Begin

Most every HS Sign Shop job begins with a site visit, an audit of your space. Just as HS’s team talks about the customer journey in traditional and digital advertising, we look at the journey your customers take through your physical space, too.

This may include:

  • What does the entrance to your building look like?
  • What obstacles may exist to having a clear visual of your location?
  • What images, information or artwork greet a customer upon entry?
  • What displays or messaging engage a customer while they wait?
  • Do they get a sense of what you do when they walk down a hallway?
  • Do you have a vehicle fleet and does it visually represent you?
  • And in general, is your interior friendly and welcoming?

These are just a few of the things we consider when looking at the marketing touchpoints that your customer may engage with in their physical journey to—and through—your business.

It’s Not Just About the Ads, It’s About the Experience

It’s been well documented that consumers receive thousands of advertising messages each day. So to be clear, we’re not talking about slapping ads on top of everything you own. We’re talking about creating tasteful spaces that tell your story including:

  • Color and palette choices
  • Large scale photography or mural art
  • Stylized typography of your mission or values
  • Three-dimensional art displays
  • And more!

The options are only limited by your imagination. So if you are reimagining your marketing touchpoints, let the HS Sign Shop team do some imagining with you. Call 605.331.2155.

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