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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Sign

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Sign

HS and the HS Sign Shop design a lot of signage: billboards, monument signs, and any combination of exterior and interior branding in-between. When thinking of the difference between a sign and other visual elements, our designers compiled these 5 keys to consider when designing your signage.

  1. Legibility – Legibility is important for all types of design, but it’s especially important with signage. Signs are viewed anywhere from a few feet to a few blocks away. It’s important to understand the limitations of where your signage lives. Taking that context into consideration should inform your font size, the number of graphic elements, and additional wording.
  2. Contrast – Contrast and legibility go hand-in-hand. Contrast involves your light and dark color combinations, background, materials, and is especially important when considering your signage is seen regularly at night as well as during the day.
  3. Surveying the Site – The best designed signage can be hampered by its environment. That’s why a site survey is so important. HS takes pictures of the space, shares ideas on how to make the best use of it, and notes any competing elements or additional installation needs like lighting or weather-resistant materials.
  4. Measurement – There is zero margin for error when placing a sign of any kind. It seems like a no-brainer, but exact measurements of both the space as well as the depth, width and height of the signage are crucial. This not only ensures the proper design specs, it also assures any outside material vendors of your requirements. In many cases, this not only benefits the design, it makes sure you are in compliance with any zoning requirements, especially for outdoor signage and shared spaces.
  5. Less is More – Even something as small as a business card has some latitude in how much you can say. That reader is holding your card in their hand, and they have more time to consider what you’re saying. This is not the case with signage. Most viewers only have a few seconds to safely view your signage message. Keep it short and impactful: a phrase and a logo; your logo and a URL; your logo and a call to action. The end.

The Legacy of Signage

Yes, a sign is a physical object that is designed and installed. But it’s so much more than that. It is the physical identifier of your business and a glimpse into your brand. For those who are unfamiliar with you, it’s a first impression – and even part of your legacy. If someone sees a sign they recognize for years, it’s a testament to your consistency and longstanding presence. In short, it is part of your legacy.

HS Knows Signage

Do you need a sign created with forward-thinking design and construction? HS is here to make it happen. Our experts are here to consider the variables you may not – and free you to do the work you do, all in an effort to promote where – and who – you are. Call the HS Sign Shop today at 605.331.2155 or email Jason directly:

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