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“I’ve Been Everywhere, Man” – An Update from the Sign Shop Van

By July 27, 2023Our Team
HSSS Blog - Van Travel

We recently talked to the HS van in an edition of HearSay. He displayed his usual humility in getting the HS Sign Shop team from point A to B to C. Since the shop has been especially busy these past couple years, we thought we’d take a moment to document the travels and celebrate the work!

Whether it’s landmark signs in Iowa, new installs in Minneapolis or one of dozens of trips to South Dakota State University (and a lot of places in between), the HS Sign Shop team has been active creating and installing:

  • Business and exterior signage
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Custom displays and wall wraps
  • Donor displays
  • Event banners and staging displays
  • And every combination or custom request in-between

HS Sign Shop Specialist Mike Bolton cites a couple projects, in particular, that demanded a lot of running around.

Interstates decided to consolidate three separate locations across Omaha,” said Bolton. “That involved not only pulling down signage we installed and moving it, but adding new pieces, too.”

Bolton and the team got to know the backstreets of Omaha very well as they also installed large white window lettering facing the roadways to Interstates new office and installed a variety of interior graphics for privacy, wayfinding and decoration.

Every project creates some additional type of challenge, too. While installing lighted Avera displays in Gregory and Mitchell, the team worked with multiple parties to finish the installations. Not to mention, they made several trips to different hardware stores to find just the right electrical connections to make their adapters work with existing wired outlets.

All totaled, we’re pretty sure the HS Sign Shop team and van have traveled about 1.7 million miles. (We have not officially audited or confirmed that figure). But we do know this, all the work that’s been done to date has captured the attention of a lot of eyes across the midwest.

If you’re looking to attract some attention, the HS van and Sign Shop team is ready to come to you.

HSSS Blog - Van Travel - Infographic

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