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Vehicle Wraps – Getting Noticed Beyond the Streets

Vehicle Wraps – Getting Noticed Beyond the Streets

So wrapping a vehicle — or entire fleet of vehicles — offers lots of benefits. The HS Sign Shop has spoken extensively about the extremely low cost per impression of having your business featured on your vehicle. Driving around town or to a job immediately gets your company name in front of new eyeballs, in new places.

What else does a branded vehicle wrap say about your business? And how can you make the most of those impressions?

Impressions Matter

As we’ve discussed, vehicle wraps are an extremely cost effective way to get a large number of impressions (or views). But what about the impression you make with your brand?

Vehicle wraps say you’re proud of your business, you take it seriously and you are open for more business. They show you pay attention to detail, and that’s something every customer wants.

Making the Most of Those Impressions

With vinyl vehicles wraps — and the countless variations of materials out there — the branding possibilities are endless. So, how do you make the most out of them? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my logo clean, reflined and up-to-date? Am I excited to feature it prominently?
  • What colors not only reflect my logo, but also my line of business? And will it stand out?
  • What do I want a viewer to do? Call? Visit the URL? Scan a QR code?
  • Am I matching the message to the medium? i.e.
    – We’re Driven.
    – Next Stop? Your Home.

In short, bold colors, short messaging and a design tailored to your vehicle’s shape and company business will go a long way towards making the most of your impressions.

Don’t Forget to Park

Well, parking seems like an obvious thing. But think about where you park, too. You can strategically park your vehicle fleet in high traffic areas or good visibility spots on your own property. It’s just one more way to stretch the impact of your message a bit further.

If you’re considering vehicle messaging to help gain attention for your business, contact HS today.

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