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A Guide to Business Signage Acronyms & Terms

By April 27, 2023May 3rd, 2023Business Signage
A Guide to Business Signage Acronyms & Terms - HS Sign Shop

Sometimes Jason and the crew at the HS Sign Shop are so good at their craft, their intricate knowledge even confuses us. They can look at a prospective signage or design project and immediately start talking about solutions.

So, we’re here to help sort through the terms and options you should know if considering exterior signage or interior design.

There is No One Perfect “Sign” Solution, There are Many

Part of the job of the HS Sign team is to help you find the right solution or combination of solutions for your signage and design needs. The options at your fingertips are countless. Here are a few of the more common choices:

Copper Leaf custom sign

Monument signs – Monument signs are larger, weather-resistant signs that sit close to ground level – or on the ground – and are constructed to be a solid feature that can withstand time and make a dramatic impact and first impression for your business.

First Presbyterian Church

Pylon signs – These freestanding signs can be described as a pole or set of poles with advertising messaging on top. They can be one, two or multiple- sided.

Cimpl Arena at Mount Marty

Building signs – A very versatile option to fulfill many functions: name and logo, directions, seasonal sales or any other type of promotional message. They are durable and easy to maintain.

Interstates Custom Wall

Wall signs – Your wall is often your best asset. Using self-adhesive vinyl for wall signage makes it very easy to install and remove artwork. Of course, there are countless more permanent options, too.

SDSU game day graphics

Window graphics – Again, window graphics are printed on vinyl and placed on glass windows or storefronts. They are high-impact and cost effective in both branding and boosting sales.

Augustana University Alumnibanners

Pole signs – These signs are mounted to poles and are often used for directions to your business or helping navigate an outdoor space, such as parking. Pole signs are extremely versatile in size and usage.

A Few Terms to Know Along the Way

Regardless of whatever signage or design combination best suits your business, here are few terms to know about the signage journey from concept to completion.

Site Survey – The site survey is where the HS Sign Shop team physically takes a tour of your location, does some initial measurements and has an informal conversation about your needs and vision.

Conception – Conception may cover many conversations. The HS team will share some options, build out quotes, get your feedback and work toward a full design.

Design and Review – This is the fun part, creating the layout and renderings to help you picture your signage and designs in-place. Prior to any materials being ordered, the HS Sign Shop team works to ensure full buy-in on the entire project scope and budget.

Install – Install typically doesn’t have to interrupt any work operations, though it may pose some minor inconveniences. HS Sign Shop can work with you on the best time and day to plan your install, taking both work and weather into consideration.

Maintenance  – Today’s materials are almost maintenance free. However, depending on the complexity of your materials, lighting, location, landscaping etc, there are always things to consider. HS Sign Shop team can develop a regular maintenance and checkup plan with you.

Making the Case for the Importance of Signage

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom why a business may need to consider new signage “outside,” when most interactions are happening “inside” or “online.”

According to a study by Nielsen, out-of-home or outdoor advertising was the most effective “offline” medium to drive online activity.

Why? Because outdoor signs connect with your clients in the places they frequent, gaining eyeballs and encouraging engagement on the spot.

Signage raises a company’s visibility — and the likelihood a customer will seek them out on their phone or research them when they are in the market for services.

If you’re in the market for signage services, or, to just better understand the complexity of your options, contact HS Sign Shop today.

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