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HearSay with HS Sign Shop Specialist Brady Oolman

By March 21, 2023Our Team
Brady Oolman HS Sign Shop Specialist

Don’t let Brady Oolman’s calm demeanor fool you. He’s not only an HS Sign Shop specialist, he’s pretty talented in the hockey rink. And when it comes to tackling client challenges, he’s as cool as ice. We sat down with the HS Sign Shop Specialist to learn a little more.

What is exciting about working in the sign business?

The sign industry is great for many reasons. With many divergent projects and materials, you can always find yourself creative thinking and on your toes which is a big reason I like the work I do. It allows you to do just about anything from straight graphic design work, print production work and still be able to go out and work with your hands and stay moving as well during project installs.

Tell me about your approach to problem solving….

We love to problem solve by bouncing ideas off of one another in the sign shop. There are many different scenarios in the sign industry that use problem solving such as installs. You always have to figure out exactly how to make the clients vision come true but also how to make the install work in their location or budget. So, with a couple different minds to brainstorm, it helps come up with materials and an application that’s just right to look amazing and make the project go smoothly.

What is the purpose of a site visit when looking at an indoor or outdoor installation? 

Site surveys are very important in the sign industry as we like to make sure our application fits just right. With interior signs, there is a lot of planning that goes into a sign and design as walls typically are not just a blank canvas. There’s usually a couple items that get in the way that are often not thought of such as outlets, light switches, and fire alarms. With going on location and getting precise measurements and images of the actual location it allows us to design the production files just right making sure the end product fits in their location.

How do you approach client interactions and help ensure their vision or work?

When approaching a client, it’s nice to come in with some ideas and materials you feel strongly about and will work really nicely with what they are trying to accomplish as we are the ones knowledgeable of what’s able to be produced. There are so many different routes signage can go and still give off an outstanding look. We have to use our creative minds to nail down exactly what will work and look best. If a client can imagine something, we can usually track down a material or concept that will make their dream come true.

Tell us a little about something you enjoy doing out of the office?

Outside of the office there are many things I enjoy, but one activity that stands out and drives me to my happy place is playing hockey. Playing in the men’s league has brought me joy and excitement as it’s always a good time getting to see and chat with some great people and you can’t forget: it’s a great workout as well.

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