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HearSay with Large Format Print Specialist Michael Bolton

By February 28, 2023Our Team
Michael Bolton

HS Sign Shop specialist Michael Bolton not only loves the open road, he loves opening up possibilities for clients, be it envisioning an answer or building a solution. In this two part series talking to the HS Sign Shop crew, Michael shares a few thoughts on the things that rev him up.

What is exciting about working in the sign business?

The diversity involved is truly exciting….there is seemingly no end to the duties and details that can come about when a client has a vision, or when a client gives us some creative free reign.

Tell me about your approach to problem solving….

Since I was young I’ve approached almost everything with a bit of an engineering mind. So I look at nearly everything through a “How can I do this?” lens….of course then one must weigh in other deciding factors i.e. client wishes, budgetary restrictions, etc.

What is the purpose of a site visit when looking at an indoor or outdoor installation? 

Site surveys are generally very important for a sign shop person. A visit allows us to get our eyes and hands on exactly what it is that we will be working on. We can see first hand if there might be any problem areas, we can measure it ourselves to make sure we know exactly how big or small we can make the signage, and it allows us to make drawings and take pictures to properly mock up what we plan to do for our client.

How do you approach client interactions and help ensure their vision or work?

Client interactions, although a bit more focused on the task that we were hired for, are not a far cry from any other human interaction. I like people to feel that I am an inviting person ready to conversate about almost anything. I do not think that there is a much more powerful “sales” tool than comfortability. When someone feels comfortable with you they will keep you in mind going forward, and then you are afforded the chance at dependability, another strong tool in the customer service industry.

Tell us a little about something you enjoy doing out of the office?

I am a motorcycle enthusiast….I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I feel when I’m in the seat of my Harley!

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