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HS Sign Shop Builds Just About Anything

By January 17, 2023Latest News
We Can Build Anything

The HS Sign Shop makes signage, of course, but they do a lot more than that. They imagine, design, build and install visions and dreams. And doing so not only takes a lot of talent, it takes a lot of material. It doesn’t hurt to be good with your hands, either.

Designing and Building Whatever it Takes

Designing and building comes natural to Sign Shop designer and HS partner Jason Jellis. Since he was a child he loved to take things apart and put them back together.

“I’ve always just enjoyed the process of figuring it out,” says Jellis. In a lot of ways, that’s what the HS Sign Shop team does every day.

‘Figuring it Out’

Figuring it out is central to what the HS Sign Shop does, especially on larger scale events, design builds, or anything with environmental, weather-related or structural challenges.

Here are just a few of the challenges or considerations throughout the process:

  • How long will something stay up?
  • Are they 3-dimensional or flat?
  • Is it temporary or permanent?
  • What load will walls, stages or riggings bear?
  • What assets are permanent structures?
  • Which assets are electronic or projected?
  • Where will high traffic areas be?

These are just a few of the countless structural or space/facility challenges we consider. After considering all aspects of the project, the team has to build it all.

Now We Have to Build It

Fortunately, the HS Sign Shop team members are all a lot like Jason—and very used to having to figure it out. But their planning is a lot more strategic than that. They go into every event, signage or related installation job with a vast set of previous experience that guides the decisions they make on materials and applications.

And speaking of materials, HS Sign Shop has ordered, cut, painted, melted, soldered, glued, hammered and nailed them all.

“We love to envision and design,” said Jellis. “The building can be a lot of fun, too.”

HS Sign Shop maintains a 2,500 square foot climate controlled warehouse to build and store elements year round—big enough to fit a semi-trailer indoors.

Projects Big and Small

So no matter the time of year or the scope of your project, you can trust HS Sign Shop to build it.

When “Bat Out of Hell – The Musical” debuted at Paris Las Vegas, Jellis and the HS Sign Shop team concepted, built and assembled a custom 3-D motorcycle display to be a visual centerpiece on the casino floor. When it comes to making impressions, it doesn’t get much bigger than Vegas.

And if you’re looking for something just a bit smaller than that, talk to them too. They’re in the problem solving business.

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