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Interior Design as Advertising for Your Brand

By December 1, 2022Business Signage
Interior Design as Advertising for Your Brand

One of HenkinSchultz’s primary functions is to help people with their advertising, including what to say, where to say it and why.

But as the HS Sign Shop reminds us this month, many businesses can take advantage of their very own advertising space, too. How? By making their buildings, offices and interior spaces a true reflection of who they are as a company.

Design is More than Filling Your Space

One of the fun things about being a marketing agency that serves many types of companies, is that we get to see the inside and outside of many types of businesses.

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of similar elements: those fun paintings you found at the big box store, some framed prints, plaques, certificates or awards. And while all of those are nice things, are they truly telling the story of who you are? Are they truly being an advertisement for your business?

How to Tastefully Tell Your Story

Using your interior space is not only about design, it’s about tastefully telling your story. The HS Sign shop has done this for countless clients.

“Sign” itself is somewhat of a limiting word, because there are many different types of materials and options that can be applied to your interior design including:

  • Wall wraps
  • Custom displays
  • Historical timelines
  • Mission, vision and values pieces
  • Etched glass and privacy applications
  • Directional signage
  • Paint and vinyl applications

It’s really limited only by your imagination. And with today’s technology and materials, it doesn’t necessarily have to be limited by your budget either.

A Simple Walkthrough Can Make a Dramatic DifferenceThe options may seem a bit overwhelming, but a simple walkthrough can make all the difference. The HS Sign Shop team is very skilled at taking a look at your space and discussing what is possible – and more importantly, impactful.

Are you looking to advertise your own story on your own four – or forty – walls? Contact HS Sign Shop today.

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