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Your Vehicle Fleet is Your Voice

By October 25, 2022Vehicle Wraps
Jefferson High School Show Choir Trailer Wrap

Everyone already knows South Dakota weather and roads can be tough on vehicles. And if you’re in a business where you have a commercial fleet or set of work vehicles, you probably know this all too well.

Vehicle appearance is especially important to businesses because it represents your voice, your brand and reflects your attention to detail. Vehicle wraps for your commercial fleet are one way to not only advertise your business, but also protect your vehicle.

The Benefits of a Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicles

First off, let’s talk about the structural benefits of wrapping your commercial vehicle.

  • It can protect your finish from abrasions and scratches
  • Wrapping lasts a long time, but is easily removable when the time comes
  • Generally, it is much more affordable than painting
  • And, it can help protect the resale value of your vehicles

Gone are the days of sticky stickers and messy applications. Today’s vinyl materials and technologies are easy to install and uninstall with the help of  specialists like the team at HS Sign Shop.

The benefits are not only practical and structural, they’re cosmetic, too:

  • There are countless design choices and colors
  • Individual parts or sections can be wrapped separately
  • And, it’s an easy way to update your look

Not to mention, we haven’t even touched on perhaps the greatest benefit: Advertising your business!

A Vehicle Fleet as Powerful Moving Billboards

Because you are always on the move, there is hardly a better value than a vehicle wrap. Our own HS wrapped van receives thousands of impressions a day when we’re on the go – and hundreds a day when we’re parked!

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. A consistent look to your vehicle fleet helps the public recall you when they eventually need your service. It also shows you value professionalism in your appearance and work.

And the costs per impression are some of the least expensive in the advertising industry. So for a little bit of fleet inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

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