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Thank Donors Through Great Design

HS Sign Shop discusses how donor walls provide recognition and enhance space.

Most every association, school or non-profit benefits from the generosity of individual donors. Donors are the lifeblood of many organizations. Recognizing them is not only important to say “thank you”, it can also be a centerpiece design for your space.

More Materials, Unlimited Design Options

Gone are the days of a wooden plaque with tiny metal engraved squares. Today’s technologies and materials now allow limitless options to highlight donors in stylish, creative and memorable ways.

Whether it be through photographs, text, timelines, historical elements or any combination of the above, your recognition of donors doesn’t have to be a bland corner of your building. It can be a centerpiece of your space.

City of Luverne

Examining Your Space and Knowing Your Goals

When clients approach HS Sign Shop about things like signage, interior design and donor walls, they often have an idea in mind. It is the job of our designers to help flush that idea out and come to life in its fullest.

“We approach every space with a fresh set of eyes,” says HS Sign Shop specialist Jason Jellis. “We can take a simple idea and enhance it to make it spectacular and a design element offices and organizations can be proud of.”

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Never Lose Track of Design

Thanking donors, of course, fulfills a couple goals: showing appreciation for those who give and recognizing their contributions publicly. However, doing so should also fulfill your desire for a well-designed, beautiful space.

There’s no reason a donor wall, donor space or memorial structure of any kind should be boring. With imagination, planning and thoughtful design, your donor space can not only be a place of recognition, but a beautifully designed destination. Done right, it can attract new donors, too!

Are you considering or reconsidering how you recognize your donors or dedicate a space to celebrate them? Talk to HS Sign Shop today.

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