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Strategic Branding of a Facility

Strategic Branding of a Facility

When you’re building a new facility, you start with a blueprint. Strategic branding and facility branding work the same way. At HS Sign Shop, we don’t pour foundations or erect buildings, but we do have a blueprint for how we approach branding them.

Form and Function of Business Signage and Branding

We’ve discussed it before in previous blogs, but the HS Sign Shop team always starts with a site visit. In that visit, we snap photography, take measurements and hear your thoughts on your space. It’s the beginning of our blueprint and our strategy.

When you’re thinking in terms of branding your facility with signage or art, it’s good to think in terms of both form and function. Examples of form execution include:

  • Logo or illustrative elements
  • Wall murals or photography
  • And basically anything that serves as design or branding enhancement

But we also look at a building in terms of function, too. Functional elements can include:

  • Exterior signage or monument signs
  • Window decals
  • Indoor wayfinding or directional signage
  • Donor or history walls
  • And anything that serves a specific informational function

Your Space Helps Shape Our Strategy

This is where the HS Sign Shop strategy comes into play. Form and function should work together. Finding the right balance of design and information is what can really take your building or facility to the next level.

We don’t look to cover every natural space with design, but rather explore the best opportunities to add brand elements tastefully. Our team works with you to develop your space into an advertisement for your business and a place that is comfortable and welcoming to visitors and staff.

So Don’t Just Decorate, Strategize

Our designers at HS Sign Shop love to strategize how a space will both look and function great. When HS worked with Luverne Aquatics and Fitness Center, we made intentional choices on where to put what, and which areas of their new facility would experience the most customer traffic.

That’s where the beauty of working with us comes into play. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to branding a facility, which is why we sit down with you, tour your space, and make recommendations based on your budget, goals, and vision.

Looking for a blueprint and strategy on designing your space? Talk to the HS Sign Shop today.

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