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Modern Signage with Classic Style

By February 22, 2022Business Signage
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There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a well-designed sign for a business. The character, the simple, well-thought out design, and the way it makes its mark on a city landscape is something that can be hard to replicate.

Many people wonder what their options are for exterior business signs, and they often don’t realize there are more possibilities than a basic backlit sign. In fact, there are seemingly endless opportunities to create a unique exterior display.

What you need is a business partner in your corner who will analyze your space and come up with a way to make an impactful impression.

Horizon Exterior Sign

What an Exterior Sign Can Do for You

The optimal exterior business sign catches people’s attention and sticks with them long after they’ve passed it.

Think about the signs you see on your daily commute. An iconic banking logo, golden arches, a bold religious symbol–exterior signs are the most practical way to get in front of people with your branding.


Most exterior signs the HS Sign Shop does fall into one of four categories:

  1. Monument Signs (Freestanding structures typically in front of a building or near a road)
  2. Dimensional Letter and Logo Building Signs (Custom machined displays installed on a building or storefront)
  3. Backlit Sign Panels (Acrylic sign faces within a lit sign frame)
  4. Vinyl Window Displays (Vinyl applied to storefront glass)

Often, these are lit up at night in some sort of way, so while your organization may not be open, it is certainly making an impact and sticking with people no matter the time of the day.

Simply put, there is no better way to leverage your existing real estate as an advertising opportunity than with exterior signage.

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How HS Sign Shop Can Exceed Your Expectations

Working with us is unique because we consider everything about your project, including your space, your audience, and your budget. This allows us to create extraordinary results.

Our in-house printing materials are durable and versatile, allowing us to create a sign that pushes your name out to every passerby in the area–combining it with your building’s design and lighting to seamlessly transition your space into a new look.

Further, creating a sign is not the unattainable specialty it used to be. The design principles and classic styling are still around, but now it can be done for any size of business without breaking the bank.

At the end of the day, it’s about leaving your visual mark on the community in the best way possible, and ideally, becoming an iconic structure that everyone remembers.

If you need to display your brand more proudly and effectively, trust the HS Sign Shop to help you stand out.

Simply put, there is no better way to leverage your existing real estate as an advertising opportunity than with exterior signage.

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