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Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

By December 23, 2021Vehicle Wraps
Two Sides to Every Story: Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps

It’s been said there are two sides to every story. But truthfully, there’s probably a lot more than that. At least that’s how we look at it at the HS Sign Shop. When it came time to wrap our own van, we took a two-sided approach.

Getting the Most Out of Our Own Motorized Billboard

HenkinSchultz has our own vehicle we use for a variety of delivery and sign-shop related duties. It’s a 2019 RAM Promaster. And like all vehicles, it has many sides. When it came time to update our own vehicle art, we decided to make the most of it.

Unlike a digital billboard or other more permanent signage, there really are no laws regulating the size of lettering or what you can display on your vehicle.

“That allows you a lot more creativity when designing for a vehicle,” says HS Sign Shop specialist, Jason Jellis. “You can use the entire space if you want.”

In the case of HS’s vehicle, our designers decided to use one side to promote the HS Sign Shop and the other side to promote the value of creativity and making an impression. In addition, because the van represents our work, we even included a photograph of our building on the rear latch doors.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped

A Lot of Impressions for Very Few Dollars

Making an impression is always the goal of good advertising. Depending on needs, our team will recommend a variety of platforms and locations for marketing, where we evaluate potential reach, audience, and cost.

When the situation calls for getting in front of as many people as possible, you can’t beat the bang for your buck you get from a vehicle wrap.

We are always on the move and visiting different cities and locations across the region, and our van consistently pulls in hundreds, if not thousands of impressions a day, even when it’s parked.

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, the impact of vehicle graphics grows exponentially. Consistent branding and a noticeable look of a vehicle will help the public recall brands.

After a few months, people often start recognizing vehicles from blocks away without having to read the copy. That level of brand recall is hard to match, and by implementing this strategy as part of your marketing mix, you can connect with people across multiple traditional and digital touchpoints.

Making a Vehicle Wrap Work for Your Business

Every business with a company vehicle, from plumbing businesses to healthcare organizations, can benefit from a vehicle wrap. Our specialists work individually with each client to make sure the wrap conveys the right message and achieves a visually appealing look that matches brand standards.

For a gallery of inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our experts today.

HS Sign Shop Van wrapped
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