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Big Images, Big Impact

By November 16, 2021Business Signage
Big Images - Big impact

You’ll hear us talk a lot about using an interior office space as a canvas, where we find an area that will work great for a display and make it come to life. These come in all shapes and sizes, and one thing is for certain–we absolutely love going big when we can.

Some of our favorite projects we’ve done have been huge wrap displays on tall walls and in large halls. It’s always a huge challenge, but the reward is even bigger.

And really, it’s less about us filling walls chock full of imagery, but more about conveying a message to an organization’s audience that makes an impact.

Big Images Stand Out

Placards and small displays can certainly be effective, but when you go big, you are really putting your stake in the ground. It sends a message that you are willing to stand behind, and that message can be crafted to do whatever you need it to.

Oftentimes our clients assume interior murals and exterior displays are only the right option for a few select industries and businesses, but really, it can be applied to almost anything.

“Within sports, we can inspire and intimidate; within law, we can instill confidence and trust; and within auto repair shops, we can promote timeliness and accountability.” said Jason Jellis, the leader of our Sign Shop. “If your business is truly proud of what it does, why not make that stand out in the biggest way possible?”

The HS Sign Shop works directly with you and your space to come up with signage options customized to the “canvas” that is your building.

And in most cases, this can be scaled up. Thanks to our design and installation process, we can make murals that go up multiple stories and take up thousands of square feet.

“We have done a lot of office murals and wall wraps that are massive in scale,” said Eric Van Beek, our lead Sign Shop Specialist. “In most cases, the only limit is imagination, and we have plenty of it.”

If you think your business, organization, or office space would benefit from making a bold statement through a custom display, contact our team and start imagining the possibilities.


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