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Healthcare Signage, Design and How it’s Changed to Better Serve the Patient

Hospital Graphics

Jason Jellis, Sign Shop Specialist and HenkinSchultz partner remembers what healthcare signage used to be like.

“The norm for healthcare signage was much different 20 years ago than it is today,” says Jellis. “Basic framed photos of doctors and directional signage was about it.”

A lot has changed in signage, design, technology and thought-process since then. HS Sign Shop team discusses the exciting changes in how healthcare facilities approach design.

It’s Not Tan Walls and Placards Anymore

Most hospitals and clinics were very plain, even sterile, back in the day. The idea was that a hospital was a serious place of business. Today, healthcare facilities are taking a more creative approach, making lobbies and spaces fresh, welcoming and comfortable.

HS Sign Shop Specialist Eric Van Beek is quick to highlight how much things have changed.

“It used to be really plain and uninviting,” says Van Beek. “Today, people are doing anything they can to make their spaces modern, calming and beautiful.”

This includes everything from full wall wraps of landscape scenes or elaborately designed wall displays, lighting, interior design and environmental design.

“It’s about differentiating yourselves from your competition and making a place where people feel relaxed,” says Van Beek.

Van Beek notes that healthcare spaces aren’t merely exam and waiting rooms anymore. They have cafes and coffee shops, spa and therapy spaces, even resting and relaxation spaces. Every space requires a different look and feel. That’s where the HS Sign Shop team comes in.

Signs and Design Options are Limitless

HS Sign Shop has been tasked with a fair share of challenges in its day. From wrapping a semi-trailer to objects of all shapes and sizes, there is rarely any challenge they do not rise up to meet–and exceed expectations.

For example, HS has even wrapped linear accelerators–radiation treatment machines similar to MRIs. The device can be intimidating to patients, so HS’s job was to make it less so and create a warm and welcoming environment that promotes relaxation.

Yes, HS Sign Shop designs and installs using all sorts of vinyl, aluminum and sign material. But their real skill is leaving an impression. Does your healthcare facility or other business want to make a better impression? Contact the HS Sign Shop team today.

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