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Sign Shop Welcomes Aluminum to the Sign Party

Aluminum Banners

If you’ve been lucky enough to work with the HS Sign Shop crew, you know they’re pretty fun to work with and also great at what they do. Yes, they know signage, design, sign materials and creativity, but they know so much more.

They are in the business of solving problems.

A new way to deliver better signage

The HS Sign Shop crew has designed, delivered and installed every size, shape and color of signage and display imaginable. This includes, in part:

  • Customs displays and wall wraps
  • Donor displays
  • Event planners and staging
  • Customs signage and more

But occasionally, they have to reimagine how they do things. For example, outdoor signage and banners are great. But it does get a bit windy in South Dakota from time to time and our extreme seasons can take their toll on even the highest quality of signs.

When faced with this fact, Eric, Jason and crew put their heads together on how to best workaround this challenge.

“Aluminum banner signs are just a great way to have a more permanent art installation,” said HS Sign Shop Specialist Eric Van Beek.

Eric and the HS Sign Shop team set out, as they often do, to seek a better solution to the several outdoor installations they were faced with. There are countless fabrics and materials that can be printed on, but the key is finding the right material for the right application.

When they discovered an aluminum solution, they knew they had a great new product in their arsenal.

“It prints beautifully, is resistant to the elements, and looks great when installed,” Eric said.

The banners are also a good option for indoor as the material can fade less in the sunlight than some fabrics.

Putting Aluminum and Other Banners to Work

When Augustana College of Sioux Falls made the conversion to Augustana University, the HS Sign Shop team had a massive challenge.

The task was to change over the dozens of various campus signs to “University,” quickly and discreetly. Augustana wanted to announce the news of the change and have all the signage already in place.

This was no small feat, not only in printing and design, but in coordination, time and installation. But HS Sign Shop got it done. This included a beautiful custom-designed wall mural for the Augustana University music department.

It also included our newly designed aluminum banners outside the Elmen Center, the sports complex that is a centerpiece of campus life.

It’s Not Just About the Materials, It’s About Solutions

While aluminum signs are a great new option for campuses and other businesses with permanent signage needs, it’s not just about the material. HS always looks to be on the cutting edge of what is new and impactful.

HS Sign Shop works with schools, companies and individuals to find solutions–whatever they may be. There is rarely a task too big or too small for HS Sign Shop.

Want to learn more? Schedule a site survey today and let HS Sign Shop put their imagination to work.

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