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Impressions matter. Here’s how to make the right ones.

impressions matter. Here's how to make the right ones.

When you pull into your parking space at work or glance up from your computer, you’re probably not thinking about design. You likely see the same thing each day. HS Sign Shop looks at those same spaces and sees opportunities to make impressions, beyond just signage and vehicle wraps.

Your Space is an Advertisement for You

HenkinSchultz’s building on 69th and Western has stood in its current location for about 20 years. Founder Kirby Schultz has long maintained the building itself is an advertisement for the work we do. It’s the same philosophy our HS Sign Shop team takes into every project.

“We really try to look at a client’s space and see where there is opportunity to make an impression,” said Eric Van Beek. “Any space is a blank canvas that can be used to communicate.” Van Beek is a Large Format Specialist for HS Sign Shop and values talking to clients about their vision and helping make it a reality.

Imagine What You Can Do

At HS Sign Shop, we enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor come to life in signage, donor walls, environmental art, monument signs, vehicle graphics and more. In many cases, it seems our team makes something out of nothing. But the truth is, all design projects and installations start with conversations and imagination.

We have in-depth discussions with clients, discussing goals, ideas, and collaborating on aspirations for design and the spaces.

A site visit is key to this process. Walking through a business’s space, both inside and out, identifies opportunities for design and placement.

For example, a waiting room in an office is an excellent opportunity to communicate to a captive audience. This design can take many forms. It could be a wall art mural of your company history, an artistic recreation of your company mission, or a photographic canvas of work you’ve done and people you’ve served.

Envisioning these spaces is in the blood of the HS Sign Shop crew. When they see a grassy berm on the corner of a building lot, they envision branding that matches the tone and decor of your building.

And when a fleet of vehicles is parked in your lot, the HS Sign Shop team envisions new ways to brand your company and advertise your products or services. But it’s not just about that.

Tasteful Design from People Who Get It

It’s no secret that we can be overwhelmed with advertising and messaging every day. HS Sign Shop is keen to that reality.

Kirby Schultz has long had his passions intermingle. From interior design to photography to architectural design, Schultz and our team feel a deep responsibility to respect the space of any place we design.

Design is an advertisement for what you do and who you are, but it must also fit your space and tastefully represent you. That’s why site visits and conversations are so important. The HS Sign Shop team makes signs, sure, but what we really do is design spaces. We help envision ways for you to maximize the space you already have.

Impressions Matter

Any business person knows that impressions matter, be it a hand shake, an employee’s personal appearance or the general manner in which they interact with people.

With HS Sign Shop and our skilled team, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Make sure you are giving not just impressions, but the right impression that matches your personality, brand and space.

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