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Vehicle Graphics: 6 Reasons to Advertise on 4 Wheels

Vehicle Graphics: 6 Reasons to Advertise on 4 Wheels

Vehicle Graphics:

HS Sign Shop has talked a lot about the value of vehicle wraps and vehicle signage. Besides branding your company, there are a lot of reasons to consider vehicle graphics for your four-wheel fleet.

1. Eyeballs at every turn

When you see a branded vehicle at an intersection, parking lot or out and about town, you can’t click off it. Traffic volume in your area is likely higher than you think. Your vehicle becomes a form of advertising, a driving commercial, and there’s no way to fast forward through it. The more you drive, the more you’re advertising. You can have virtually unlimited exposure around your community.

2. It’s easy to stand out

Car wraps can range from simple window decals to full vinyl wraps. The opportunities are endless. But more importantly, they are a way to stand out. Most consumer or fleet vehicles look a lot alike, a lot of them are plain white in color or similar in model. When you brand your vehicle, you’re already standing out in the crowd. The human eye is always attracted to something different.

3. Use the assets you already have

With vehicle signage and branding, you are using the assets you already have, like putting a sign on the side of your building. Except, this is a building that drives. The only additional investment you’re making is the signage itself and today’s technology makes that much more affordable than you might think.

4. It’s easy to update

In the past, you perhaps painted vehicles or had sticky decals that are hard to remove. That’s just not the case anymore. Today’s vinyl applications can be easily removed should you wish to update your look. Change out your messaging on one area of the vehicle or update an entire vehicle if you’re rebranding.

5. Wraps Protect Your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps and decals actually protect your vehicle’s finish. There is no harm to the exterior of the vehicle should you remove them. And those little dings, chips and scrapes on your paint are a lot less likely.

6. It Doesn’t Matter How Many Wheels You Have

Sure, we’re mostly talking about four wheels, but that isn’t all HS Sign Shop does. We’ve wrapped about any object or vehicle you can imagine: boats, RV’s, semi trailers, motorcycles and more. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

For a gallery of inspiration, check out HS Sign Shop and talk to one of our vehicle specialists today.

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