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Custom Wall Displays Create Historical Legacy

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No matter where you go, every business seems to have the same thing when you go through the front door: a big, empty wall. Some business owners may choose to put a painting or the company’s logo in its place, but there’s more that can be done with such a large canvas.

By adding a custom wall display with the company’s history, you can enhance your company’s image while strengthening connections with your clients, visitors and employees.

The Importance of a Company’s History

Good Sam Cross Display

Every company has a story. Highlighting that history, short or long, is a surefire way to build a brand and create a lasting impression on anyone who comes through your door.

According to Forbes, building trust is becoming increasingly difficult for modern businesses, and maintaining that trust is key to improving your bottom line.

If your organization has been around for a while, detailing its history and business milestones through a timeline or logo evolution can emphasize experience and instill a feeling of trust and excitement in your clients and visitors.

If you’re part of a newer brand or startup, no worries. Many people are excited by new ventures and want to work with companies that are innovative and at the cutting edge of the industry. You can highlight this by showing what your brand’s accomplished in its short time and highlighting the founders’ vision for the future with a mission or purpose statement.

Besides reaching out to visitors and clients, historical wall displays can help boost employee morale by showing an appreciation for the company’s wayfinders and pioneers while inspiring them with a roadmap to the present and the future.

Historical Wall Signage Options

SDSU Daschle Library popup display #2

Printed displays can be done in almost any size, and using some creativity, the HS Sign Shop can come up with a unique historical display that includes features like lights, 3D art, picture frames and whatever else we can dream up.

However we decide to do it, having a museum-style display of your own ambitions and accomplishments will be inviting to newcomers to your business, and inspiring for your regulars.

Our team at the HS Sign Shop is ready to work with you and help you realize your vision for wall signage. We’ve worked on a wide variety of interior and exterior displays, and one of our sign techs would love to talk with you about your display aspirations.

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