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Make an Impression with Reception Signage

By November 18, 2020Business Signage

Everyone talks about customer service. It’s important to greet customers nicely, answer their questions and solve their problems. It’s also important to make a great first impression in your office lobby or waiting room.

One way to do this is with lobby signage or reception desk signage. It’s a simple, classy way to reinforce your brand and leave an impression in customers’ minds.

Your Office is Your Brand, Too

Horizon Lobby Sign

Sure. The office is the place where business happens. You do your work, have meetings and in many cases — have visitors. Customers, customer prospects, partners and vendors likely visit where you work.

Why wouldn’t you want to make the best impression on them?

Signage around key traffic areas in your office is one way to make an impression. Think of your greeting area as a blank canvas. There is no limit to the creativity you can use to impress customers.

kappenman Signage

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

HS Sign Shop has created just about every sign imaginable. For indoor office spaces we have created all kinds of variations of the following:

  • Dimensional logo signs
  • Reception desk signage
  • Company branding signage
  • Reception wall signage
  • Mission/Vision/Values signage

But your office signage doesn’t just have to be a big logo behind the receptionist desk.  (Although, we have made some pretty cool ones). Signage or vinyl applications can be used in just about any space imaginable.


The HS Sign Shop team always encourages businesses to think of their own building as an advertisement. Together, they work with our designers to make that artful, classy and design that fits a space.

It’s more than just letters and logos, your sign system reflects who you are as a business.

How to get Started

Most every challenge to the HS Sign Shop crew starts with a site visit. There, we get a real sense of the space and where the opportunities are. It also gives us ideas on how to create art for that space, whether its a logo application or something more elaborate.

If you’re curious about how you can get started, or have your own idea, let’s chat. We want your business to make every great impression it can.

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