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Transform Empty Space with Custom Signage

By October 21, 2020Business Signage

Transforming a space doesn’t need to feel like a huge endeavor.

Our HS Sign Shop team has a process locked down to make creative signage happen easily for clients. Whether you have a certain idea in mind or just have a space to fill, we have the experience to help you along the way.

Let’s run through our custom signage installation process and share a case study from a real client example.

Custom Sign Shop Process in Six Steps

From concept to design to the installation itself, we make virtually any display of any size or color work for signage needs.

While each sign project is different, our approach is fairly similar. Here are the steps we take to bring interior and exterior displays to life — from the drawing board to execution!

  1. Initial Walkthrough
    Typically the process begins with an initial walkthrough of the empty space with the client — whether that be a full office, wall, floor, vehicle, etc. We consider the environment first to determine the boundaries and dimensions of the signage. We collaborate with the client to get an idea or what their goal is for the space.
  2. Design Ideas & Concepting
    After our team knows what we’re working with, we begin coming up with design ideas to match up with the needs of the sign or display. We conceptualize how the creative will compliment and work with the space.
  3. Estimate for Quote
    After we know the dimensions and the design, we’re able to compile an estimation. It’s our goal to be transparent about pricing and realistically estimate the cost of materials and labor.
  4. Sign Production
    This is the fun part. We produce all types of signs in-house at our sign shop in Sioux Falls. We’re experts at large format printing and rendering designs to the exact specifications of the empty space.
  5. Coordination with Vendors
    HS Sign Shop coordinates with third-party vendors like construction teams, electricians, carpenters — anyone involved in the process to make sure communication and execution are a success.
  6. Final Installation
    After we effectively follow each step of our process, we’re ready to install the custom display or wrap ourselves — with our client’s final approval!

Case Study: Horizon Health Care

To help you visualize how the process works, let’s look to a recent sign project we were excited to be a part of for Horizon Health Care.

Horizon Health Care opened a new clinic location in Yankton, SD. From interior to exterior signage, this client needed a way to have eye-catching signage on the street to catch attention as well as interior signage adding to the overall patient experience.

To kick off the process, the HS Sign Shop did an initial walkthrough on the site while it was still under construction. By witnessing the renovation process, our team was able to come up with better ideas to fit and fill the space available per the client’s vision.

With their bright color palette involving purple and yellow hues, Horizon Health Care’s brand made it easy to create fun, positive, and uplifting signs to support their mission of “Keeping communities well”.

Here’s what we designed and installed:

  • Exterior building signage
  • Exterior window graphics
  • Entrance signage
  • Reception desk signage
  • Children wall wrap mural
  • Waiting room wall graphics
  • And more…

Before the installation, we made sure the overall estimate and artwork design were approved by the client. It was crucial for us to make sure our custom designs matched up with their vision.

hhc mural

After we installed the signs, Horizon was ready to officially open their doors and welcome patients to their stunning new clinic!

Need Creative Signs for Your Business?

The HS Sign Shop team has a wide range of creative experiences working with custom signage for buildings and interior design. We’re passionate about expressing your brand identity and positioning your signs for success.

Whether your business needs a full wall display or logo sign, we can help!

Put our HS Sign Shop team, and we’ll design and install business signs and displays to your liking. Contact us today!

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