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School Signage in Big Spaces: Big Thinking and Big Impact

College and High School Signage in Big Spaces Big Thinking and Big Impact

As schools look to open up in some form in this unique year, HS Sign Shop is busy creating graphics, signage, sign design and more for high schools and colleges.

We’re helping schools kick off the year in a big way.

More than Just Banners or Posters

When you think of signs, you may think of something that’s flat on a surface. For example, it could be a Tigers mascot vinyl sign hanging on the wall. Or it could be a fabric banner outside the entrance to your school.

College Signage at Mount Marty UniversityHS has installed countless shapes and sizes for area schools and colleges, many of which make a big impact in a unique way.

Mount Marty University’s Benedict’s Cafe is a great campus location for students to gather, have a coffee, study or hang out. HS was challenged with branding this fun common location in an impactful way.

Two central pillars sat in the middle of the common space. They, of course served architectural function, but were otherwise plain beige structures. The HS Sign Shop team seamlessly wrapped the pillars in Lancer blue and yellow with the Mount Marty name.

The two columns now serve as artistic centerpieces and a point of pride for their growing student body.

Big Signage Makes Big Impact in Other Ways

Branding a school and showing your pride is important, but school signage, especially on the college level, makes an impact in other ways, too.

  • Makes students and staff feel at home
  • Impresses visitors, alumni and donors
  • And can even intimidate that sports team rival

Our team has gotten very familiar with these large glass windows on the campus of South Dakota State University.

When ESPN’s College GameDay came to town, we installed massive football player graphics as a showcase background element to their broadcast production. More recently we installed a “Welcome Back Jackrabbits” design to the windows.

SDSU College Banner Signs Game DayThe space will serve as a welcome area and great photo opportunity for when students are back on campus.

Not Just for Universities, High Schools Benefit from Signage Too

When we talk about big, we’re talking about impressions, not necessarily budget. An impactful sign doesn’t have to be out of reach for a high school or middle school either.

Harrisburg High School challenged our team with branding their football stadium — and yes — intimidating their rivals some, too. As visitors enter from the west, they are greeted by the eyes of the prized Harrisburg Tiger.

Harrisburg High School Graphics Signage at StadiumFinishing the massive 24’ x 10’ structure not only took a bit of creativity, it took some legwork, too. The installation required three people to hang, an 86-foot boom lift, and a lot of patience with the wind. But the Sign Shop was up to the challenge.

Challenge Us to See What We Can Do for Your School

Whether it’s banners or signs for college events or school events, or something more permanent, challenge us.

Remember, you don’t have to come to HS Sign Shop with a completely finished idea. Our team loves to meet with you, explore your space, discuss your goals and build a vision together.

As you look around your school space and look ahead to the school year, let HS Sign Shop help you make the most of it. Contact us today for a no obligation site visit!


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