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In Good Times & Bad, HS Sign Shop Services Answer the Call

By July 15, 2020August 10th, 2020Business Signage

HS Sign Shop has always been proud of our ability to do what is needed for our customers. Big or small. Simple or complex. This doesn’t change with a crisis. It adapts.

We still pride ourselves in meeting our customer’s needs. Even when a pandemic changes those needs dramatically.

Safety Materials for Businesses

HS Sign Shop never really thought sneeze guards would be a big part of our business plan, but here we are. We’ve always dealt in multiple materials for signage, dividers, wall-mounted art and more.

Today, we have all the materials to help make a safer office or retail division. And our designers are always striving to find tasteful and pleasant designs to fit a space.

Floor graphics have always been a fun part of the business — as a creative way to advertise. Today, floor decals for businesses provide necessary reminders of social distancing, especially in retail businesses. You’ll likely notice some are more prominent than others. HS Sign Shop’s job is to do what is right and appropriate for your business.

Instructional signage and safety signage are important too. Directional signs and safety reminders also make up a big chunk of our work.

Signs to Celebrate the Good Things Too

It’s not all reminders, warnings or instructions. HS Sign Shop is proud to have been involved in some fun and inspirational projects, as well. When Avera approached us about hero signage for their front line workers, we were thrilled to help.

When ESPN’s College Gameday came to South Dakota State University, we were there, too. In a very short amount of time, we completed massive scale football graphics that were seen around the world.

Custom signage can help celebrate your business, too. We’ve done a lot of education with customers on the value of vehicle wraps. It’s not only a way to show your pride in your business. It’s a driving advertisement everywhere you go.

Surprising Signage Challenges We’ve Tackled

The HS Sign Shop is a lot more than its name. The dedicated team is committed to not only solving problems, but doing good design. There are very few creative challenges or obstacles they haven’t seen.

Some of the more unique sign projects we’ve tackled include:

  • RVs
  • Farm Fuel Tank
  • Monument Signs
  • Boats
  • Stairsteps

You can see the full scope of HS Sign Shop work — and better yet, reach out to us in person to discuss any idea or challenge — big or small.

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