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When a Blank Building Becomes Business Signage That Makes a Statement

The guys at the HS Sign Shop are used to tackling business signage challenges. They live for it, in fact. When Interstates Companies purchased a new office space in Omaha, they had a blank canvas for custom wall displays and turned to the HS Sign Shop.

HS Sign Shop Makes Ideas Real with Custom Wall Displays

Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek has a saying he uses a lot. “We take the abstract and make it real. Like, ‘hold it in your hands and hang it on the wall’ real.”

And it’s true. That’s how the HS Sign Shop team approaches every interior space. But in the case of there were A LOT of walls. Van Beek estimates business signage was created for over 70 surfaces.

“It really was just a large series of empty offices and spaces,” says Van Beek. “Interstates is a very forward-thinking and dynamic company. Our challenge was to reflect that.”

The Full Scope of Signage Wall Design

As with most design projects of this scope, there are both functional and inspirational elements.

Everything from the break room to the bathroom needed to be labeled, of course. But, there was also a need for photography, branding, mission and more. The installation took nearly three days and included:

  • Custom designed wall wraps
  • Room signage
  • Column wraps
  • Logo vinyl applications
  • Large format photography
  • Brushed aluminum  artwork
  • Custom dimensional room labels
  • Various other design elements

Design and Installation

It’s one thing to load approximately 2,000 square feet of material into the van and drive south to Omaha. It’s an entirely different thing to plan and design beforehand.

HS team spent weeks preparing for the installation. Their planning included a site visit to see and measure the various spaces. It also included several conceptual and creative meetings.

This is typical of how the HS Sign Shop approaches a job, no matter the scope. It all begins with a lot of conversations and truly working to discover and guide a client’s vision.

Do you need to have a conversation about improving your space and making it a brand showcase? We can do that. And we invite you to check out our other work for inspiration.

View the Full Gallery of the Interstates Project:


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