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A Few Creative Ways to Use Vinyl Wraps and Custom Signage

If you’re looking to transform a space, small steps can go a long way..

A blank wall. Your vehicle. A store front.  There are many creative ways to use whatever area you have available.

Some clients come to us with a specific idea in mind.  Others just show up with a space. An area that just “needs something”.  Either way, with our experience, we know the steps to take. Check out some of our favorite creative projects!

Vinyl Signs, Dimensional Displays and More.  Whatever It Takes To Be Transformational.

It’s amazing how design elements big or small can catch the eye or build a brand. All needs, budgets and spaces are different. We work with what you’ve got.

Avera McKennan Foundation Donor Wall

1. Donor Wall Display

A donor wall is a great way to give a special thank you message to donors. With an original display, you’re able to pay a kind tribute to the donors who have given so much.

A boring list of names really doesn’t do the trick. The best donor displays weave in a story about your philanthropic mission, while promoting continued giving in the future. Sometimes a donor will be so moved to see their name as part of a passionate display that they will feel inspired to donate even more.

RV wrap - Winnebago make over after

2. Family RV Motorhome Wrap

Traveling on your next road trip gets even better with a one-of-a-kind camper. With a pop of color and playful design, your RV motorhome is bound to stand out at the campsite.

Life’s a journey. Might as well make the most out of your motorhome away from home. See our vehicle wrap FAQ to get answers on frequently asked questions like how the vinyl wrap process begins, what to do to take care of an RV wrap, and more.

ArtVision Wall Display

3. Reception / Lobby Wall Mural

Our opthamologist client, ArtVision, has a custom wall display that forms to the curved wall seamlessly. This distinctive piece not only functions as a work of art but also portrays their superior vision services.

Give your clientele something to cast their eyes on as soon as they walk into your business. What better way to make a solid first impression than with an exclusive sign true to your brand?

Break Room After

4. Break Room Vinyl Graphics

As a subtle escape from the daily grind, this client has a quote display placed right in the break room.

Team building doesn’t just happen on it’s own. A message like “We rise by lifting others” speaks directly to employees while they’re in a relaxed setting. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Small design elements can make a big impact. This one is proof.

pontoon after vinyl wrap

5. Pontoon Vinyl Wrap

The sturdy yet non-intrusive nature of vinyl makes it a great solution for personalizing your boat! This patriotic pontoon wrap makes exploring the open waters even more fun.

Plus, what better decoration could there be for a 4th of July party?

HS Sign Shop Makes Ideas Come to Life

As you can see, the HS Sign Shop has put together custom signage for a variety of purposes. From concept to design to the installation itself, we can make any vinyl wrap or display work for your needs.

Get started by requesting a fast, free quote! We’ll give you information on the process, cost, and anything else you have questions on. Reach out today!


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