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School Branding That Makes a Big Roar

Harrisburg stadium logo sign

Fall means football in South Dakota. And at Harrisburg High School, their prized Tigers are kicking off the season with brand new football stadium signage courtesy of HS Sign Shop.

Custom Signage Greets Incoming Fans

HS Sign Shop staff not only love their jobs, they love sports too. Sports signage installations are some of the most fulfilling projects we do.

Every installation begins with a thorough site visit. The site visit is an opportunity to scope out existing branding and signage, structural barriers or focal points and to take precise measurements. In the case of the Harrisburg High School Tigers, our task was a stadium.

Harrisburg stadium, football field, track and sporting facilities are a huge source of pride for the school and the community. The on field game experience is second to none. But the off-the-field entrance to the stadium presented a challenge, and an opportunity.

The large back side of the stadium bleachers and press box faced to the west. Most fans enter the stadium from the west, where the primary parking lot is located. Artistically, there is nothing particularly appealing about the back side structure of bleacher seating.

However, the center of that space is the backside of the press box facing the parking lot. It provided the perfect blank canvas for a show of school pride. Today, that blank canvas boasts a 24’ x 10’ display of the Harrisburg tiger’s intense eyes greeting football fans as they enter.

Design and Installation of Exterior Sign

Jason Jellis, HS Sign Shop specialist said the project was especially fun, “Any time we get to design and install something this large and visible, it’s very rewarding.” Jellis and Harrisburg staff worked together on the vision, design and installation of the eyes. “These projects are always a collaboration, bouncing around ideas and designs to make the final project even better.”

Here are a few fun facts about the install:

  • Final size is 24’ x 10’
  • Assembled in (4) 6’ x 10’ vinyl panels
  • Took (3) people to install
  • …and required an 86’ boom lift

Custom Signage and More

In many ways, there is a custom element to every school signage or other commercial install. Do you have a sports venue or business that has a space you want to put to work for you. Talk to HS Sign Shop and we can brainstorm solutions with signs and graphics. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery.

Photos of Different Angles/Viewpoints:


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