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Ideas for Interior Signs for Business Signage

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Do you know what “successories” are?

If the term doesn’t ring a bell initially, we’re willing to bet you’ve seen one. Successories are posters commonly found in office spaces with phrases like “Make It Happen” or Perseverance” underneath a stunning landscape backdrop.

While successories are intended to inspire, this type of office art ends up not saying much about who your business is.

That’s where custom interior signage plays a key role in distinguishing your company.

5 Types of Interior Displays for Your Office Space

Whether you’re looking to use a space as a canvas or for a specific purpose, here are just a few ideas.

Avera ecare wall graphics

Branding Elements

The Avera Ecare wall graphics add a distinctive flair to the office with brand colors and health icons. Design elements connect and center around the work of the department.

LSS donor display

Logo & Company Slogan

The LSS logo and slogan make a bold, heartwarming statement. Each panel of the sign contains one big, blue letter. When set up next to each other, the panels spell out the phrase “Together”.

Avera Pasque Display -Custom wall graphics in Sioux Falls, SD

Mission Statement

In the halls of Avera Health is the mission statement of the hospital. The mission statement expresses the overall goal of the regional health system in Sioux Falls, SD.

Interstates Awards Wall Display

Achievements Display

The Interstates awards display wall features their mission to understand needs and deliver results with trophies and awards of achievement.

Interstates Custom Wall Design

Wall Mural

In addition to their achievement wall, the Interstates company mural is custom made to express what the company is all about. Employee photos give the business character while backing up their values.

HS Sign Shop Can Make Your Interior Signage Successful

Installing interior signs isn’t nearly as easy as hanging up pictures.

Reach out to our HS Sign Shop team here in Sioux Falls, SD. Our signage experts, Jason Jellis and Eric Van Beek, have years of experience creating and installing custom displays.

Contact us today for ideas, designs and strategies on your signage.

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