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College & University Signage adds Beauty, Function & School Pride

By March 15, 2019Latest News
Campus Signage - show your pride

Most of us have a favorite team. It may be our own college or university or some far off Division I powerhouse. Either way, we love our school pride. And school branding with campus signage is one way a school truly demonstrates pride in itself.

All you have to do is walk across a campus. Is it well groomed and landscaped? Do you see evidence of the school colors? Mascot name or school logo? Does exterior signage direct you where you’re going? All of these elements combine to offer a place that feels like home, a place you can support.

The Benefits of Beautification and School Branding

HS Sign Shop designs and produces a lot of signage. Yes. But when it comes to working with schools, we do so much more than that.

We’ve collaborated with colleges and universities on about every scale imaginable. From replacing simple parking signs to rebranding entire campuses. We have a passion for it and enjoy these types of installations. But how does this really benefit your school? Let us count the ways.

1. It shows your pride.

If you’re a Viking or a Tiger and proud of it, you have to show it. Seeing your school name, brand or mascot boosts student morale.

2. It makes recruitment easier.

Juniors or seniors on a campus visit consider a college’s appearance. It’s their first impression.

3. Alumni and donors take notice.

Every school depends on alumni and donors for existence. Donations are more likely to continue when donors see the fruits of their contributions.

4. Eyesores can be reduced.

That big green transformer box serves a very critical function on-campus, so do those concrete parking slabs. Both can be covered tastefully.

5. We all need direction.

Looking for a building, a class, an administrative office? This is important stuff to the wide-eyed college freshman.

6. It’s more than signs. Displays tell stories.

Every institution has a story, a historic timeline or nod to its origin and faculty. Beautiful displays are central to campus life.

What to Consider When Branding a Campus

There are a lot of obvious ways to brand and beautify your campus –

Augustana newspaper machines


Monument Signs

SDSU sports wall

Athletic Signage

Mount Marty College bus wrap

Vehicle Wraps

alumni center


jensen room

Unique Displays

When picking a partner to do any campus signage, make sure you work with visionaries. You want an idea that comes to life. HS has a history collaborating on many levels. We can install and complete the exact vision of a university staffer. Or we can take a small idea and make it much bigger.

Another advantage of working with HS Sign Shop is that we are backed by the full creative resources of HenkinSchultz. That means the sky’s the limit on both materials and creative design. We’ve used water, steel, lights, acrylic, vinyl, fabric, photography and even recycling to create art that is so much more than signage.

“In short, we love the pride that staff and alumni take in a campus,” says HS Sign Shop Large Format Specialist Eric Van Beek. “We love to make it even easier to be proud.”

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